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Run a Spirit-Led Business

Run a Spirit-Led Business (& Thrive!)

For inspiration, check out my recent article on the Huffington Post on this very topic.
And watch my latest video about this powerful, business-altering series.

It’s an amazing 4 weeks! It will change your life in so many good ways. I cannot recommend it highly enough! Go for it!
-Health care practitioner participant

mybenchIn May 2013, as I sat in meditation on my favorite bench at the John of God casa  in Brazil (see photo), an e-course downloaded into my consciousness. I couldn’t grab my pen and paper fast enough to write down the instructions for the course flow and offerings.

Since my business exponentially expanded over the past year, people have been asking me with increased frequency – how do you run a successful practice? How do you complete your novels and get them out there (so that one is even optioned as a film!)? They want to know how I tripled my income and my practice in a little over a  year. They want to know about my marketing plans, business plans and technology.

In this 4-module online course I’m going to share with you all of that (and then some). But from a perspective you might not have imagined. I’m going to give you tools, techniques and recommendations for the best way to guide your business into an abundant state of thriving (and you’re going to love it, I promise!). Everything from daily spiritual practice creation to social media tools to payment and finance.

You’re going to have the support you need to rock your business (and your life). And further, you’re going to be aligning in a way that will allow your Spirit (soul, higher self, inner guide – whatever you want to call it)  and non-physical supports (your Higher Power, Spirit Guides, Angels – whatever resonates with you) guide you and allow you to recognize and follow the signs that appear before you.

When you experience the above, success is your only outcome.

In this 4-module course you’ll receive the tools you need, the alignment your Spirit longs for and the practices that can allow you to thrive in your Spirit-led business.

I am learning so many lessons about charging for my time, what I’m “worth” etc from this course! Under different circumstances, without this course, I would be so upset/mad/frustrated. But now, I’m able to hold my head up high and say, “no I’m worth that”, and thank the universe that one more difficult client might be on her way out the door to make room for more of my perfect clients! This course has come with such perfect timing for me!!! -Graphic designer participant

This course is for you if:

  • You know what you’re here to do, or have a pretty good idea anyway.
  • You are a business owner and are passionate about the work you do.
  • You manage a business and believe it to be part of your soul’s purpose.
  • You are ready to thrive in your business.
  • You are willing and ready to take action – to be an empowered participant in allowing your business to thrive.
  • You can create a sacred 4-week container in your life for doing the exercises, receive profound aligning with your soul, watching inspiring instructional videos and sharing with a group of other Spirit-minded souls.

Heather’s unbridled enthusiasm, her excellent skills as a BodyTalk Practitioner and her steadfast commitment to walking her talk made this series both powerful and enjoyable. I am still integrating the work we did and know that my own business will grow as I continue to implement the suggested sacred practices and practical tasks. -S.W., 48

Run a Spirit-Led Biz (& Thrive!) is FULL in the biggest sense of the word. Full of light, love, inspiration, creativity, support, connection and transformations. It will continue to ripple out through my life, my business and the cosmos for years to come. Heather’s trust in her higher self is the life force and heart of her invaluable wisdom. Thank you sweet woman!
-F.M., 40

My experience with Heather and her Run a Spirit-led Business (& Thrive!) course has been inspirational. I got not only a variety of ways of tapping into Spirit but also down-to-earth “logical” steps to get my life coaching business started. I found that the Facebook page that Heather setup for our group to share our questions, our experiences, our triumphs and our support was invaluable. I valued her focused and heart-centered feedback, clarification, and encouragement. I have no doubt that my business will thrive because of the tools that I learned from her class, from the incredible support from her and from my classmates. -M.H., 51

In this fully online course, you’ll receive:

  • 4 inspirational videos to support you in creating a thriving business.
  • 4 coaching worksheets with detailed exercises and practices to support you in living a Spirit-led life – from daily spiritual practice creation to practical tools like social media and finance.
  • 4 group BodyTalk alignment sessions on mp3 that will release the limiting belief systems, fears and traumas that are keeping you from thriving in your business.
  • Entrance into a private FB group forum where you can connect with other Spirit-minded biz owners for support throughout the course.

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