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Yet Another Reason to Eat Wheat-Free…

06 Jan, by admin in Uncategorized

While we already know we feel better when we don’t consume wheat, we can now take comfort knowing that we’re also saving ourselves some serious cash. That’s right, eating wheat-free will save you money in 2008. The USDA recently reported that food prices are expected…

Eating Wheat-Free, Dairy-Free & Low Sugar at a Diner

30 Dec, by admin in Uncategorized

I love going out to eat for breakfast. Not only is it a really easy meal to adjust to the wheat-free, dairy-free and low sugar lifestyle (oatmeal, anyone?) it’s just fun. Especially on Sunday mornings. With the Sunday paper in tow, breakfast out is the…

Best Lunch EVER

18 Dec, by admin in Uncategorized

I’m the kind of person who finds a meal/dish I love and then I eat it incessantly until I can’t eat it anymore. Can you relate? If so, you will be hooked on my new found favorite lunch. Ezekiel English Muffin, toasted2T Tofutti cream cheese,…

Suncakes Rock the Wheat-Free, Dairy-Free and Low Sugar World!

02 Dec, by admin in Uncategorized

Recently, I went to visit Java Nation in Beaverton, Ore. – the newest no-Starbucks alternative for those in favor of supporting small businesses (and besides, Starbucks has zero food offerings for us wheat-free, dairy-free, low sugar folks!) – for some peppermint tea, free wi-fi and…

Dairy-Free Pumpkin Pie & More!

19 Nov, by admin in Uncategorized

Happy early Thanksgiving! Hope you’re all prepared (as I am not) for the upcoming holidays. We’re spending this year with the boyfriend’s fam, which means, I’ll be bringing along my own food. One of my specialties is my wheat-free, dairy-free and low sugar pumpkin pie….

Wheat-Free & Dairy-Free Dinner with Dessert

11 Nov, by admin in Uncategorized

Whenever I prepare something absolutely fabulous (defined as such by how much of it my boyfriend eats!), I have to share. Especially when it’s easy and fits my wheat-free and dairy-free requirements. Check it out and let me know what you think:Pad Thai -Trader Joe’s…