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“BodyTalk with Heather has been one of the most important and life-changing steps I have taken to live my greatest and fullest life and to heal my body. Heather has a wonderful and accepting presence, and sharing BodyTalk with her seems to unlock unhealthy aspects of my thinking that I did not even know were there and that were causing disharmony in my body. I noticed a drastic positive change after only one session! Through the BodyTalk process, my life seems to be falling perfectly and effortlessly into place, and I am now the most healthy, confident, and peaceful that I can ever remember being – thank you to Heather!”
by S.N., 38

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Soul Alignment circles are a powerful way to experience BodyTalk, activate your body's natural alignment (and therefore healing) abilities, support the shifting of our collective consciousness and be more connected to who-you-really-are than ever before. Come together in the collective higher wisdom of us all to align with other love-minded souls. Walk away from the hour and a half with new tools, practices, a re-harmonized body/mind/Spirit, a powerful releasing of what no longer serves you and a deeper Soul connection. Every month we focus on a different topic and groups are held on alternating  Tuesday evenings.  Feel free to email me with any questions. Details are emailed to you upon RSVP. Events are held via phone, remotely and a limited number of spots available in-person in SE Portland for select events.

"Do you know or are you feeling the amount of gratitude and appreciation for the magnitude of the work you're channeling? Seriously. This is earth/universe altering work!  You are helping people to shift consciousness, raise the vibration and step into their soul purpose AND more and more!!! I have so much love for you Heather." -M.M, 38

"I recently attended your Circle around "Letting Go."  My intention was to let go of feeling not good enough which was intense! Last week at a workshop I was chosen to be the example for muscle testing and the presenter asked me to give her an example of a negative feeling that I want to replace.  I said I wanted to replace "I am not good enough" with "I am more than enough."  She tested this and I was extremely strong in "I am more than enough"!!!  This is something I've dealt with for 30-plus years and one group session with Heather resolved it.  I knew I was feeling better but didn't pinpoint it until I realized I AM more than enough. Thank you for all you do!" -N.C., 37

April 29 – Release Lack/Scarcity Thinking & Live in Abundance - 7pm - $30 - Register here 

  • Do you frequently feel like you don’t have enough money, time, or energy?
  • Have you caught yourself rushing or feeling a state of urgency in your day-to-day activities?
  • Do you look at life in terms of either/or, win or lose, or black and white ?
  • Are you ready to connect to the abundance that is all around you?
If so, then this Soul Alignment Session is for you. During the session, you will gather online (via phone) or remotely with other love-minded individuals to align with who-you-really-are like never before. Using the power of group dynamics (where two or more are gathered with a specific focus - miracles occur!), BodyTalk, the John of God energies, Law of Attraction and connection to Divine Source energy, we'll come together to release whatever is holding us (collectively and individually) back. Let's create massive alignment with our path and purpose for ourselves and one another during this powerful alignment session! Below are all the deets:
  • Soul Alignment Circle available via phone or remote at 7pmPST. Call-in information provided upon registration.
  • Begins at 7pmPST, please be on the line on time.
  • Be somewhere quiet, where you can lie down with ear buds in. Have a glass of water and a journal/notebook near you for after the healing.
  • If you cannot be with us LIVE, you will receive the soul alignment at the day/time above, along with a mp3 recording for your conscious mind to listen to at your convenience.
BodyTalk is a fully integrative healing system that allows us to return to our natural state of well-being and wholeness. Experience profound shifts as your physical and emotional pain subsides (or evaporates as the case may be!) and your mind and spirit are brought into a place of relaxation, balance, and love. Learn more about BodyTalk here. Registration Options:
  • To join us via phone or remotely, register here.
  • For remote folks (when you can’t be LIVE on the call), email a recent photo here (selfie is preferred) and receive an Mp3 of the session on the above date after the  completes.