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“Working with Heather and BodyTalk to address all areas of my life has been a year of reconnecting with self. Our work has healed deep wounds that were beyond the reach of traditional cognitive therapy. Heather helped target and reprogram patterns that were disabling yet persistent. I feel more grounded, intuitive, and self connected. The journey has been restorative and cleansing of old behaviors and beliefs that are not aligned with my true self.”
by M.E., 35

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I listened to my distance session recording and WOW! I can't even believe how spot on you were with every little thing! I am astonished...I'm a total believer in BodyTalk after this, and can't wait to start feeling better! I can't thank you enough for your expertise and kindness in this, Heather...You really have a gift. -K.S., 32

I love the MP3 format! I can listen and take notes and focus on everything that came out of the session. Thank you! -K.M., 44

I love our distance sessions! My back pain has reduced from crippling to an occasional twinge and all evidence of disease has disappeared. Plus, I've saved thousands of dollars compared to traditional treatment options. -K.D., 35

Wow. I am really at a loss for words, regarding our distance session yesterday. Everything was spot on...I thank you deeply for your wisdom and dedication to this work. What a blessing to have you in my life. -R.R., 45

Wow. And first of all - THANK YOU! Everything that came up in my distance session were things that I had been thinking about or had shown up in the past week!!! The fact that you had no conscious awareness of this and that it all came out in the session and resulted in healing - is incredible. I'm in complete awe of how quickly things shift with BodyTalk. WOW. Thank you!!! I can't say that enough - I am deeply grateful. -S.N., 38

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When the hands are further away, the Morphogenetic Field is being accessed. This field uses extremely high frequency energy to replace and regenerate all tissues. This is how non-local healing is accomplished. –Dr. James Oschman

Here's how it works: Register and pay for your distance session by choosing from one of the options below.* Sessions are fully remote and do not need to be scheduled.
  • Remote distance sessions are $85. Register here.  Or purchase a package of 3-remote distance sessions for $240 here. (Sessions #2 & #3 take place on the day your Higher Self indicates, at the end of each session we receive this information.)
  • Money and Romance Matrix 3-session packages also available remotely for $345. Register for a remote Romance Matrix here, a remote Money Matrix package here.
  • Relationship and family dynamic sessions are available remotely. Remote relationship dynamic sessions (healing the relationship between 2 people) are $165  and remote family matrix sessions (to harmonize the family dynamics at play) are $205.
  • Once registered for the session of your choice, email your intention and a recent (selfie is preferred) .jpg photo here.
  • Your session then takes place anywhere from one to three weeks from your request - depending on the priority that your higher self indicates. Please advise if you have an upcoming sporting event, performance or exam. BodyTalk sessions during those times could possibly interfere with response times and mental quickness.
  • After your session takes place remotely, an Mp3 audio file is emailed to you containing your entire session, including any intuitive guidance and specific requests regarding next steps.
  • Feel free to listen to the healing session as many times as you need to, until you feel the healing has fully integrated for you. It is not recommended to go back and listen to your healing after a long period of time, as you do not want to re-activate the healing priorities that have already been released. However, every path is sacred, so always follow your own intuitive guidance above all else.
Questions? Email here. *All purchases are final.