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“Miracles occur every time I engage in your series. I'm so excited for what is to come! Profound gratitude.”
by M.M.,32

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Using a blend of the dynamic BodyTalk healing system, intuitive wisdom (which sometimes includes visits from departed loved ones, Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels) and the high-vibrating John of God energies - Heather supports individuals, couples, families, animals (& sometimes houses and pieces of land!) in being restored to their natural state of wholeness.  Learn more about Heather and her fascinating journey on the path to wholeness. What Is BodyTalk? BodyTalk is a fully integrative healing system that allows us to return to our natural state of well-being and wholeness. Experience profound shifts as your physical, mental and emotional pain releases and your mind-body-spirit are brought into a place of relaxation, balance, and love. Founded on the principles of quantum physics along with the belief that our bodies can heal themselves when properly aligned, BodyTalk utilizes neuromuscular feedback and light tapping on the head and sternum to re-establish the body’s channels of communication and to focus its self-healing. It is also one of the only modalities recommended by Bruce Lipton (quantum physicist and author) and Gregg Braden (scientist and new thought leader) as being the most effective way to release old patterns of thinking and limiting belief systems - which greatly compromise our health. Resources For You
  • Experience a taste of the power of BodyTalk with this video I created sharing the Cortices energy balancing tapping tool. Imagine that you are harmonizing both the left and right sides of your brain as you do this.
  • Also, get a detailed account of the methodology of BodyTalk along with how I use it my practice in this article.
  • And finally, you can learn more about the BodyTalk system from instructor Karen Atkins here.
Want to skip the wait for an in-person or phone session? Book a Distance Session, and receive an mp3 recording of your session in your inbox in half the time. Receive the same benefit of in-person/phone work with no wait and instant results! Learn more about distance sessions here.

"I can't recommend Body Talk sessions with Heather highly enough!  This is the only healing modality that has improved both my physical and emotional health. Working with Heather is a delight. She is a talented healer who genuinely cares about the health and happiness of her clients.  During each session she takes the time to talk with me, check on my progress and answer my questions. I am so thankful to have her in my life!" -Katie, 30