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“Your presence in my life is a true blessing. Thank you so much for being born and for doing the work you do...And, I could visually SEE your aura in your recent video! You are glowing with white light all around you. At first I wasn't sure if I was really catching it because it is video, I can only see them sometimes live, so this took me by surprise, but then not. Of course you would be beaming and sharing your light through and beyond technology. No words to describe your essence.”
by M.M., 36

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“If you listen closely you’ll hear a small voice hidden in the dim shade of all your fears that whispers, ‘this isn’t real.’”
-Jackson Kiddard

If you’ve already read my story, you know it’s been a fascinating journey filled with a passion to write, a bizarre illness and a psychic healing in the Amazon. I’ve now taken what I’ve learned to create a life that supports my strengths of writing and healing and in some simple ways also makes the world a bit better than when I found it.

If you’re ready to embark on your own healing journey, you’ll want to spend some time exploring BodyTalk. It is quite possibly one of the most incredibly Divine ways to clear ones “stuff” and tap into living an abundant, magical life.

Check out any one of my retreats and alignment circles or series here.

If you have a wedding approaching and would love the power of energy, magic and Divine Will embedded precisely into it, please learn more about my officiating offerings.

And no matter what – follow where your soul leads you…you might be surprised where you end up.