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“When you are taking action to create abundance, you are really limited. When you are leveraging through thought and energy flow – now it is unlimited for you.”

“It is the hard work and the belief that you have to work hard that keeps your abundance from you.” -Abraham-Hicks


prosperity-treeHere in the Western world, we have an opportunity to support shifting the entire world into these absolute truths:

  • You are a spirit being in human form. You have the power to co-create anything you desire.
  • You came here to remember the above and let go of the shackles of poverty consciousness and thrive.
  • When you are living in wealth and abundance, you are truly connected to who-you-really-are.
  • Any version of you that is not living in wealth and abundance is not the fullest expression of what you came to experience.
  • Money is an energetic tool that allows us to experience more fully who-we-really-are and what we came to do.
  • Abundance comes in a variety of forms – you get to choose how you want to co-create this.
  • You have a team of non-physical and physical support to allow anything your soul desires to come into your life experience.

In this Soul Alignment Online Course we are letting go of whatever is holding us back from living in our natural state of abundance and wealth. We will come together to fine-tune our vibrations into a higher frequency so that we can receive and allow wealth and abundance to flow to us. Thus, our life can return to it’s natural state of joy, ease, and thriving. For over a year now, my guidance has been telling me “less is more” and I was led to drastically reduce how much I “worked” and even guided to stop “trying” to make a love relationship flourish. I was instructed to let Spirit lead the way 100% and with it I have been gifted with more wealth than I have ever experienced in every area of my life!

A.H., 38

Seriously, I feel like I got a personality transplant after the last group session.  I am like bad ass shining my light (and PR/interview requests pouring in suddenly) and I went from struggling to make $5k/month to having $10k/month just falling from the sky.  It’s unreal, and we’ve only just started.  Wowza, thank you.

The fact is – living in wealth and abundance comes from soul alignment, focus and intention, followed by inspired action. The question is – are you ready to truly allow this natural birthright of yours into your life now? Are you ready to make this the best  season of your life yet? Read on to see if this Soul Alignment Online Course is for you.

K.H., 44

Ho-ho-ho-lee-shit! Heather, you were not lying when you said that our money story and our sexy sex story go together! My husband has been signed up for the course (Spirit-Led Money: Live in Wealth & Abundance) and we listened to the module 1 session a couple of nights ago…let’s just say that there was not much direct listening going on while the recording was playing. Instead it was the backdrop of 2 hours of being very much connected to our passion and our bliss – Yowzah! And the passion/connection train has not stopped since! Phew! I tell ya, girls and guys, Heather is speaking the truth when she says that if you want a hotter, stronger, sexier connection with your partner, she can help you achieve it! I didn’t even sign up for this course for that particular purpose, because I was under the impression that we were already pretty okay in that area. Well folks, there’s a big difference between “okay” and where we are now! I didn’t know what I was missing before! And, I can feel very strongly how all this sexy hotness is connected to our wealth and abundance healing process and evolving, quantum-leaping story! I know we’re all here to experience different stories, but boy has mine ever developed an exciting chapter that I was not expecting! I’m lovin’ it – thank you Heather! XOXXXOXO

This online course is for you if:

  • You are truly ready to surrender any stories within you of lack, scarcity and “making” things happen.
  • You agree that money is a tool to use for the creation of fun, thriving and life awesome-ness!
  • You know that love, wealth, health and joy are yours to receive – it’s simply a matter of aligning with your soul and working with your vibration to do so.
  • You are willing to release old beliefs, traumas and fears around receiving abundance in all forms by shining a light on these sensitive areas and celebrating their departure.
  • You believe you deserve a life of flow and abundance and are ready for the support to get there! You will follow the practices – no matter how far they stretch you and allow yourself to try on a new way of be-ing for the entire course.
  • You know that everything is energy and that we live in a vibrational Universe that we can powerfully affect through quantum physics alignment, positive use of the mind, the power of group focus and intention.


  • You’ve already shifted a lot of your abundance story and are ready to take yourself to 6-7-8 figures and beyond (or your version of what next level abundance looks like for you)!


A.L., 37

I took every program Heather offered over the past year as well as received regular 1:1 sessions – in that time, my entire life transformed. I am on my way to being a multi-millionaire after securing the perfect investor for my business, which is now turning into an empire, I’m engaged to a man I deeply love and I’ve never experienced more overall joy and satisfaction in my life. I highly recommend Heather’s work to anyone who is truly serious about living their most amazing life ever. If you’re willing – it will happen with Heather’s powerful facilitation!


D.G., 58

Thank you Heather for the amazing healing series!  I now have a new job that pays more, feeling more confidence and have skills to soar. I am more spontaneous every day, and going with the flow. Doing things that I may have not considered but will try and know they are in my highest good to evolve to my true self.


T.K., 36

I love BodyTalk so much! It has made my entire life reset and start flourishing again! It’s ignited my soul to live and shine again. Something I had lost and now I feel I am allowing myself to live and love again and it feels amazing!! Thank you so much Heather!! Xo


In this fully online, 4-module course, you’ll receive:

  • 4 group Soul Alignment BodyTalk sessions on mp3 that will align you to wealth and abundance.
    • Module 1: Clear out long-held, old stories from your connective tissue, cellular structure, and energy systems. Also learn about becoming a Master of energy as it pertains to money, wealth, and abundance!
    • Module 2: Step into the next phase of Wealth Consciousness that you are ready for! Learn more tools for keeping yourself aligned and connected to your support team.
    • Module 3: Learn what it means to make a Soul Purchase. Learn what do when –ish comes up, and what fine-tuning techniques to help you step back into alignment.
    • Module 4: Tap into your wealthy alter-ego, take Soul Purchases to the next level, and receive on-going practices to use for the rest of your life to keep up-leveling your intentional wealth story!
  • Daily and weekly inspired coaching practices to support your Wealth & Abundance Soul Alignment process.

 All for $197 (Value $400+) Click here to register.

And please be advised, this dynamic Soul Alignment has a ripple effect. As you become more aligned to who-you-really-are, people/places/things in your life will shift into a higher frequency. Couples who each register to embark on this journey together have easily stepped into 6-figure living (& beyond!). And those around you will have the opportunity to shift into a higher frequency of wealth and abundance as well and this ripple effect can shift whole families, neighborhoods, communities, and in its most expansive form whole nations and the world. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you that a life of wealth, abundance and awesome-ness is on its way to you once you register and join this powerful wealth and abundance matrix…