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HeartLightTake your relationship to new heights & co-create more magic with a 6-month focused expansion package!

Relationships are a spiritual container for growth, expansion and being your most true-to-you aligned self. Challenges, struggles and tension may occur as both parties grow, but it is unnecessary for any challenge to take your relationship off track. With consistent and regular Soul Alignment, you and your partner can grow into deeper Loving and co-create a life of your dreams!

Our couples are experiencing deeper connection, more profound sexual intimacy (we get plenty of “we’re having the best sex of our lives” emails!) and a stronger commitment to Love & partnership than ever before. We’ve had couples on the verge of divorce, completely reclaim their deep, passionate love for one another and create a relationship that takes them both to new heights. We’ve had couples in “blah” relationships reignite the spark. And we’ve had couples who were deeply in love, connect more fully on their path and purpose together to bring them both greater joy and Soul Alignment – as individuals and as a couple.

J.O., 44

I want to thank you for your willingness to talk about sex. I can’t tell you how many couples therapists I tried to discuss sex with and the standard answer was, “I don’t cover sex. You’d need to see a sex therapist.” It was astoundingly ridiculous. So, THANK YOU!

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In this 6-month package, you receive:

  • 1 coaching & Soul Alignment phone session per month (6 total). 1-1.5 hours in length. This is customized specifically for you and partner. Some month’s we’ll dive right into a huge session, others will be an integration of coaching and Soul Alignment as your Higher Self guides us to what is perfect for you. You’ll receive Soul Alignment for the  Relationship Dynamic, as well as individual Soul Alignments to support you both in having a sexy, loving, conscious and pleasurable relationship. Only one party need be present on the phone for the sessions and then the couple must listen to the session together at least 1 more time
  • 1 remote Soul Alignment session per month (6 total). This allows you to receive additional monthly Soul Alignment without the presence of your conscious mind, which can catapult you and your relationship to new heights. Remote sessions can have some of the most powerful/quantum leap results because your conscious mind is not present and I am solely in the Zone with you and your partner’s Higher Self. The session is facilitated at the time your Higher Selves indicates and then you are sent an mp3 recording of the session to listen to at your convenience. These sessions are usually a combination of Soul Alignment in the relationship dynamic, as well as for each individual.
  • 3 email exchanges per month (18 total) for intuitive guidance and support as you integrate your sessions. You have first priority in my inbox and will have a powerful guide right alongside you and your relationship.
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly practices and tools to take your relationship higher than ever before.

You’ll have a guide to support you in your relationship expansion and you’ll receive regular and consistent Soul Alignment to release any limiting belief systems, fears and traumas that may be holding you back from having a more harmonious relationship. This package also supports you as individuals, addressing what may be coming up for you personally and releasing and harmonizing what is needed to allow you to go Higher into the path of your Destiny as individual’s and as a couple.

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