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Soul Alignment Circles

Soul Alignment circles are a powerful way to experience BodyTalk, activate your body’s natural alignment (and therefore healing) abilities, support the shifting of our collective consciousness and be more connected to who-you-really-are than ever before. Come together in the collective higher wisdom of us all to align with other love-minded souls. Walk away from the hour and a half with new tools, practices, a re-harmonized body/mind/Spirit, a powerful releasing of what no longer serves you and a deeper Soul connection.

Every session we focus on a different topic.  Feel free to email with any questions. Details are emailed to you upon RSVP. Events are held via phone and remotely.

M.L., 44

One group soul alignment session with Heather blew my quiet & boring life all to hell and sent me soaring into a life of Magic. No turning back now! I am committed to living this new life as fully and freely as I possibly can 

M.M., 38

 Do you know or are you feeling the amount of gratitude and appreciation for the magnitude of the work you’re channeling? Seriously. This is earth/universe altering work!  You are helping people to shift consciousness, raise the vibration and step into their soul purpose AND more and more!!! I have so much love for you Heather. 

A.B., 28

 Last summer I went through a break up that shook my life to the core. I thought, screw men…I’m just going to focus on loving myself. I took Heather’s Valentine’s Day Love Session (because what else was I going to do that day?) after some persistence from a fellow Body Talker. About 2 months later I met the man of my dreams. It is completely ironic how we met and we still talk about how the stars just lined up. We have an amazing connection, amazing sex and our communication is just wow.  Oh man! Words can’t even sum it up! Heather’s group sessions are unbelievable. Thank you Heather!

N.C., 37

I recently attended your Circle around “Letting Go.”  My intention was to let go of feeling not good enough which was intense! Last week at a workshop I was chosen to be the example for muscle testing and the presenter asked me to give her an example of a negative feeling that I want to replace.  I said I wanted to replace “I am not good enough” with “I am more than enough.”  She tested this and I was extremely strong in “I am more than enough”!!!  This is something I’ve dealt with for 30-plus years and one group session with Heather resolved it.  I knew I was feeling better but didn’t pinpoint it until I realized I AM more than enough. Thank you for all you do!

Sunday, January 11, 4PM Pacific Time – Let 2015 Be Your Most Abundant, Kick-Ass Year Yet Soul Alignment Session -$50

Click here to register for phone/remote spots.

Are you ready to let go of what no longer serves you from 2014 to make way for your best year yet in 2015?
Would you like 2015 to be your most abundant, magical year thus far?
Can you imagine a year of your dreams manifesting with ease?

If so, then register for our Let 2015 Be Your Most Abundant, Kick-Ass Year Yet Soul Alignment Session!

For this event, you will be aligned to your most abundant self as well as be attuned to an increased ability to create magic in the world. We’ll experience a meditation, inspired coaching practices and a group Soul Alignment session (as well as anything else Spirit sends our way!) Using the power of group Soul Alignment, BodyTalk, the John of God energies, positive psychology and the intention and manifestation processes, we’ll come together to release whatever is holding us (collectively and individually) back and step forward into our true truth. AND we will close with a champagne toast to ring in the abundant, kick-ass-ness!

Fully remote means that you will receive the Soul Alignment on 1/11 around 4pmPacific Time and will receive a recording of the meditation and Soul Alignment in an mp3 format to listen to at your convenience. Phone and remote participants will submit a selfie and their intention of what their most abundant, kick-ass 2015 will look like.

Below are more deets:

  • Upon registration, you will receive call-in details.
  • Phone participants, please arrive a few minutes early so that we can get to Magic on time.
  • Remote participants, feel free to mentally tune in from 4p-6pmPacific Time. Meditating for some time during this time is extremely powerful.
  • All participants receive an mp3 audio of the meditation & Soul Alignment to listen or re-listen to at their convenience for full Soul integration.
  • When on-call or listening to your mp3, make sure you are wearing something comfortable, and able to lie down. Have a water, and a journal/notebook near you during the alignment to record observations, insights, epiphanies, and intuitions. All of this and more is common during Soul Alignments!
  • Also, have champagne on-hand for our toast to ring in the abundant, kick-ass-ness!
  • All Soul Alignment sessions include specific, inspired coaching action steps to support the full integration of the attunement.
  • Email your intention what a most abundant,kick-ass 2015 looks like with a recent selfie here.