Heather Strang | Magic


M.L., 46

Heather, you are brilliant and I love you. I am so grateful that you’re in my life. Thank you. This is all so fabulous. Everything is changing. As we speak.  Working with you is one of the very best choices I’ve made. Ever.

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  • Exciting new update! Heather is now translating messages from her Spirit Team – 5 of the non-physical entities that work with John of God in Brazil. Read their messages here.
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C.M., 64

Thank you for the life changing, supportive, loving, powerful work you do, Heather.  You do make a difference.  A HUGE one.  I am grateful for you in my life and for you being in the world.

M.J., 33

Wow, wow, and more wow! So amazing! Thank you so much for the wonderful session!  I felt so many emotions during that session unlike any before. Crying a few times, smiling, laughing. And I felt so much movement during the whole session.  Intense!  Oh and I totally felt my past life in China…Thanks again so so much Heather! I so appreciate you and am so happy to have you on my team!