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When Life Teaches Us What We Need To Know

01 Jul, by Heather Strang in Uncategorized

I keep having the same experience over and over again the past couple of weeks. I’ll be in some kind of hurry – heading out the door and grabbing my water bottle, leaving the gym and mindlessly rehashing a conversation that didn’t go well, running…

JOG Unplugged: The Real Reason I Went to Brazil

04 Jun, by Heather Strang in Uncategorized

It was on day five in Brazil at my pousada at Luz Divinia, a few days after I had gone before John of God (JOG), when I awoke with an important knowing. I had originally thought my trek to see JOG after my first dramatic…

April Reflections: When Inner Guidance Leads The Way

01 Apr, by Heather Strang in Uncategorized

Turns out, my hair was just the beginning… Actually, rearranging my whole home healing space and being told I was no longer allowed to have a desk to work at came before any of this. I received a BodyTalk session from a fabulous practitioner in…

Return to Wholeness Weekend Retreat – October 4-6, 2013

24 Mar, by Heather Strang in Uncategorized

It is my extreme pleasure to announce an exciting mystical weekend retreat that I am co-facilitating October 4-6, 2013! This event is designed especially for healers, therapists and clergy to learn how to use BodyTalk to inform their work in congregational, chaplaincy, therapy, healing and…

March Reflections: When Guidance Counters What We Want

07 Mar, by Heather Strang in Uncategorized

March is one of my favorite months of the year. Most notably because it’s my birthday. And since I wasn’t allowed to celebrate birthday’s growing up (yes, I was that kid sitting in the library during all the holiday and birthday parties, courtesy of being…

You Should Probably Know…I Love You

31 Jan, by Heather Strang in Uncategorized

It’s true. The more I walk this path of healing and love, the more I feel the truth that we are all connected – our healing circles and series’ are a huge reminder of this truth as well. I also realize that I can only…

New Year, New Opportunities to Shine

02 Jan, by Heather Strang in Uncategorized

With the new year comes new opportunities to shine our brightest light. I absolutely believe 2013 is all about “claiming” the big-ness of who we really are and to move forward in carrying out our mission. In my client BodyTalk sessions that message is coming…

May Cause Miracles May Actually Cause Miracles

01 Jan, by Heather Strang in Uncategorized

Happy New Year! The launch into 2013 has my mind and soul connecting, working together to map out my best year yet. I’m positively giddy with excitement around what the future holds (novel #2 being released, bringing healing to as many people as possible and…

Happy Holidays Love!

09 Dec, by Heather Strang in Uncategorized

Are you enjoying this wild and crazy ride? Things are certainly heating up… “In a single moment – all that we know can be stripped away – the death of a loved one, a divorce, the loss of a job – and suddenly we’re left…