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“I feel blessed to have found Heather. From our very first session she highlighted exactly where I was headed, and without knowing any details about my life, at all! She picked up on a new direction my life was taking me and her insights helped provide me the courage to move forward without the tremendous amount of anxiety that I have previously experienced when trying to make changes. I really appreciate how Heather's sessions always tell it like it is. Sometimes I wonder if she is an angel incarnate who has come here to help us all find and experience our life's true purpose with joy and laughter. Thanks Heather!”
by S.P., 38

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Anatomy of the Heart: Love Poems


What people are saying

“Beautifully written poems. They touched my heart, were funny and poignant and oh so true. I keep my book by my bedside. If you want your heart to be uplifted purchase this collection.” -Margaret, reader in the U.K.

“I loved this collection of poems. They were realistic and touching and had a fresh down to earth voice too. I felt like my girl friend put her thoughts on the page conveying her deepest feelings. I would recomend these highly!” -Mary, reader in NYC

Book synopsis

Anatomy of the Heart features more than 45 poems chronicling one woman’s journey with love. Walk with her through the beginning stages of love, sink into the depths of the experience, reminisce over lost love and join in the heartache of desiring a former lover. You’ll also uncover the surprising similarities between the physical heart and the emotional one. The two work together like mirrors, showing us all we need to know about love and ourselves. Ultimately, Anatomy of the Heart brings us back to one core truth: true love is a process occurring within each one of us. Love is not an experience happening out there but rather it is an experience we’re having inside of ourselves, in our bodies and in our hearts. To have loved – for even a moment – is a beautiful process regardless of the outcome.

Who is Anatomy of the Heart written for?

Lovers, poets, poetry lovers, and oh – did we mention lovers??

Who is Heather Strang?

Heather Strang is the author of Anatomy of the Heart: Love Poems, and writes and edits for a host of publications, books and websites. She is also a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and Shambhala Multidimensional Reiki healer, and became interested in holistic healthcare after utilizing energy medicine to heal herself. Heather holds a BS in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in English and Women’s Studies from Portland State University, and graduated Summa Cum Laude. When she’s not engaged in some form of work-play, you’ll find her meditating on the Oregon Coast, creating new recipes, and exploring the possibilities of the Universe. Learn more right here at:

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