Heather Strang | Books


When I was 12, I used to pretend I was the head editor for Seventeen magazine.
I visualized a huge office overlooking some incredible city, surrounded by words and pretty people.

When my global studies teacher told me at 17 that I would never make it as a writer/reporter due to an overpopulation of jobless journalism graduates, I was crushed. But, not defeated.

I had to find a way to write.

And while I never anticipated that I would write books, I have been guided to – thus far – write three.

Anatomy of the Heart: Love Poems (Currently Out of Print) was written in 2008/2009 during my time living on the island of Kauai, Hi. I had recently almost gotten a book published (my co-author and I had an agent and Lion’s Press at the ready) but when the book was cut in the final review, I let go of the traditional publishing route and stepped into the world of self-publishing.

The Quest: A Tale of Desire & Magic was written in 2011 while living in Portland, Ore. The entire storyline downloaded into my consciousness after returning home from an Abraham-Hicks workshop.

Following Bliss was written in 2012 and is the second book in The Quest series. This book decided to write itself, and began on a long walk that I was on (without computer or pen and pencil – thanks text messaging!).

I am currently working on my third novel in The Quest series, which was delivered to me as I was walking back from a gorgeous sunset in Pacific City, Ore. (and right after I had submitted Following Bliss for publication). Stay tuned for more…

In the meantime, enjoy!
And please remember to follow your bliss. It’s the only way.