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For more about WTF is going on with these channeled messages from my Spirit team “The JOGs”, read here.
For those called to dive in – the JOGs went off on a very big topic, and had me in tears when I read it. Wow you all, WOW.

# # #

We want to talk about this topic of money because it’s an important one. There is so much misunderstanding around it and so much made up about it that does not serve you. In fact it harms you, it hinders you, it keeps you from the amazing being-ness that you are. It’s like you have used money as yet another reason not to be in awe of the divinity of who you really are.

And we can’t bear to see you do it. It’s excruciating to watch you struggle with something that is here for joy. Well, excruciating is a bit dramatic – how did you like it? We know humans love a good drama so we want to cater to your senses, cater to your mental abilities to process and understand what we are sharing with you here today.

Money is for you.

It was created as a vehicle for you to experience your worthiness, your Source self, your pleasure, your joy, your abundant awesomeness. If it wasn’t money it would have been something else, some other form of something to symbolize worth and be used for exchange.

So many spend so much time hating money, trying to create alternative economies, trying to avoid it in various different manners. But why? It all comes down to worth. It all comes down to value. And if you valued and loved yourself with the richness that we do, that Source does, you would not for a minute stand in any sort of judgment about money or about those that have it. You would know with absolute certainty that you are here – that just by being here – it is a symbol of your worthiness. When you know your worthiness there is no question.

So, you ask – how do I know my worthiness? So many of you struggle here.

How do you know your worthiness? You sit with yourself every day for as many times as you can during the day and you place both hands on your heart and you breathe, deep breaths, belly breaths, consciously connecting to your body-mind and at the same time activating the energetic field all around you with which we are right there with you in whispering in your ears, telling you how divinely amazing and luxuriously fabulous – we cannot fit in all of the qualifying adjectives here – but we want you to know that if you would just BE with yourself more regularly you would know. You would know that every aspect of you is divine. That you are beyond worthy. That asking the question about your worthiness is the most ridiculous question, preposterous really – we wouldn’t even think of it – Source wouldn’t even think of it.

You spend so much time avoiding yourself – in front of the TV, on the Internet, keeping yourself busy, busy, busy. When all you really need to do is sit with yourself. Feel your heart, feel your breath, feel your divine body. And over time you will remember more and more why you came and more and more that you are worthy. Look at yourself in the mirrors that you have, look straight into your beautiful eyes, look straight into the glory that is you. See, see, see how gorgeous you are? See how divine you are? We do, we see it nonstop, we can’t stop seeing it. And we want the same for you.

Because when you love yourself in that way, even just a taste of it, a taste of the love that we and Source have for you – once that begins – you don’t need to judge anyone else’s relationship with money or your own relationship with money. You can see what money is – a fun tool to support you in living the life you came here to live.

The better you feel about yourself, the less you ever need to judge or criticize another and their choices.

So, money, money, money – what is it here for? It’s a form of exchange, there must always be an exchange; rather there always is an exchange. You cannot take without there needing to be an exchange for that energy. You cannot give without there needing to be an exchange for that energy.

And how cool that you humans came up with a way to exchange that gives you the opportunity to be more free, to have more fun, to take care of yourselves and others.

Really, you just make way, way, way too much of it. It’s money, it’s here for your pleasure. How good you feel about yourself will be directly reflected in the flow of abundance and money in your life. How good you feel about yourself is directly related to your level of worthiness, your level of worthiness is directly related to your ability to know yourself on a deep Soul level. Your ability to know yourself on a deep Soul level is directly related to the amount of time you spend with yourself, being and appreciating who you are. Just for being alive.

Now we aren’t saying you have to spend days and hours upon hours sitting with yourself quietly, what some of you would call meditation and which we simply call part of your alignment “work”. But you must spend time every day like this. Anytime you feel “off” – go sit and be with yourself. Sometimes it will take 1 minute, other times 100 minutes. You will know. Your eyes will pop open and you’ll be ready for what is next.

Just be so much more easy about this than you are. Just appreciate yourself so much more than you do. Just bow to money in respect of knowing that there is a physical manifestation that you can gauge your alignment by. It’s not much more complicated than that. It’s really not.

We love you so very much and we so believe in you. Many of you are making this leap – you are seeing that money is energy and for play and that the better you feel about yourself, the better your relationship with money. And we are so so so so happy for you in that discovery. And we want you to keep on because you are so close to an even greater discovery about all of this…a discovery we cannot spoil for you just yet, but we look forward to continuing the conversation on…

Until next time.
All our love,
XoThe JOGs

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A friend of mine said to me one random Thursday as we sat out on my deck overlooking the water, sipping champagne, “You always live like you’re on vacation. And when I spend time with you, I feel like I’m on vacation.”

I had never thought of my life that way, but he was right. I do live most of the time like I’m on vacation. In fact, right now I’m writing this article looking out at the sparkling Pacific Ocean at my favorite luxury hotel and in a few minutes I’ll head out to an evening wine tasting reception followed by dinner with two of my favorite people in the world at one of my favorite restaurants. And it’s only a Wednesday.

The truth is though, it wasn’t always like this for me.

I was raised to believe that the only honor in life came from struggle and sacrifice which meant working hard and barely getting by. I thought doing a job you loathed was just how people lived, and that living paycheck to paycheck was simply par for the course.

Over time though I began to hate living focused on when my next vacation would be to get through the day, while sucking it up around bosses and co-workers I would never choose to be around full-time and working my ass off for meager wages.

So, I did something radical. Or a continuous series of radical acts, that is.

I stopped playing the work-life-money game I had been raised with and decided that since this was my one life, I was not going to spend it working or living for the future. And over the course of the last seven years, I have been able to create a life that truly feels like I’m on vacation every day.

The great news is everyone who desires this can have it too.

Below are my top tips for how to live and work like you’re always on vacation:

1. Commit to it. This is your life and you have the right to live it exactly as your heart and soul desire. Make a commitment to stop working to live and embrace that you get to live the life of your dreams and your work can work around that. Besides we should only ever be doing work that we love. It’s a core soul desire as a human being.

2. Take inventory.
What forms of “work” do you love? What forms of work make the time fly by? What people in your life do you absolutely adore being around? Where are your favorite places to vacation? Where do you feel most at home in the world? Journal your responses to all of these questions. Next, look at how you can live in the city/town that most lights you up, doing what you most love, surrounded by people you adore. Let yourself think big and far outside of the box. You have the ability to create your new normal which means letting go of limiting thoughts, beliefs and fears.

3. Which brings us to… let go of those limiting beliefs and fears that say you can’t live the life of your dreams and that make you stay in homes, relationships and work environments that don’t serve you. Find a practitioner you have a deep soul resonance with who can permanently release those limiting beliefs, fears and bullshit stories with you. As you evolve into more and more versions of your dream life, new limitations will emerge and that’s okay. At every new stage of my dream life, new limitations arise. I remind myself that this is an evolutionary journey and I won’t stop, cuz I can’t stop (there’s some old-school P-Diddy/112 for you). That means I receive regular (two to three times a month) soul alignment sessions and my spiritual “work” is my first priority. This allows me to be clearly tuned in to my soul’s desires (there’s a difference between a soul and mind desire) so that I stay on track in living the life my soul is here to live.

4. Take inspired action.
You can stay languishing for years in what doesn’t work for you or pull the plug and take immediate action to live your dreams. Want to be a successful entrepreneur? Get a fun part-time job, hire an incredible business coach and/or take a spiritual business course and begin to build your business. Want to leave your current relationship? Find a cute studio in a part of town you’ve always wanted to live in, get weekly sessions set up with your therapist and then leave the relationship. Be balanced about the actions you take so that you set yourself up for success. Make sure it’s a full “yes” everywhere in your body and then go for it.

5. Stop doing things you don’t want to do. You know that obligatory girls lunch or happy hour? Or time with that one person who shall go unnamed that sucks the life force from your very body? Stop hanging out with them. Say no. Only spend time with people who uplift you. And if you’re anything like I was when I shifted my obligatory life into dream life mode — it may not leave you with anyone. That’s okay. Start attending events that do light you up and watch as you attract individuals who are more aligned to you.

6. Celebrate every moment that brings you joy. Every step along the way of crafting the life of your dreams should be honored and celebrated. Take yourself out for a mani/pedi, toast with a glass of champagne, go out to your favorite restaurant — every time you release something or someone that no longer serves you and step into living the next chapter of the life of your dreams in a new way — celebrate. What we focus on expands and when we place our focus on all of the good we are intentionally creating in our lives, more good will flow to us.

7. Create a dream team.
You know how athletes and celebrities have a team of people dedicated to their awesome-ness? Yeah, well, you need that too. Have a team of people committed to supporting you in creating your dream life — your energy healer, your coach, your best friend, your lover — all on board to hold you to and support you in taking your life to new heights.


Make your life about what it is truly about, YOU having the best life ever. Treat every day as though it were the only day like it (it is), and watch as every day begins to feel like you’re on vacation. Soon, you won’t be taking vacations, you’ll be living one.

For more from Heather Strang, visit here.

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To get the “scoop” on why my Love Blog now features channeled messages from the JOGs (I was as surprised as anyone!), read here.

Now, on to today’s message, written for all who are called to read it. Xo

# # #

We want you to understand and feel and know the beauty of who you really are. There is not one iota of anything that is wrong about or with you. Your cells are vibrating in perfect harmony with exactly what and where they and you need to be. And really, all of it – all of life is happening for your awakening, for your unfolding, for you to discover who you really are. For you to discover that that which you came to experience is unlike anything you’ve experienced before in any other lifetime. That you are here to shift not only your paradigm but the paradigm of the collective. And you do this only by being fully you and by following every piece of guidance your Soul and your non-physical team leads you to.

You are so amazing. You really are. We wish you could feel at the core what we feel for you and what Source feels for you. Some of you are there already and you feel this heart-bursting worthiness more of the time. Others of you must join us, must join the Source within you that knows your magnificence. There has never been anyone like you in this lifetime nor will there ever be.

You are a divine being on a divine journey and you came specifically for each awakening that you experience along this path of your existence. Awakenings are not always big, momentous events either. No, they are in the subtleties too. They are in the experiencing a new flower and really being present with it, awakening you to a deeper sense of beauty and focus. They are also in the what you call “falling apart” of your relationships, jobs, homes or even the alleged “losses” of your loved ones. Each alleged “loss” is only ever occurring for your and the other Soul’s ultimate gain.

You are beautiful. You are beautiful in body – and oh boy – the joy of having a body! You do not know how before you arrived, your Soul craved nothing more than to have a body. And here you are in this miraculous body and so many of you spend so much time beating your body up. But you needn’t do that. It is your divine vehicle, treat it like the all-star that it is.

We want you to understand that your very presence on this planet is an indicator of your magnificence. No one like you has ever come before nor will anyone like you be here again. In each new lifetime you become more evolved and this more evolved you steps into the next lifetime with bounteous joy for what lies ahead.

We want you to feel deep within the true grandeur that you are. We want you to look in the mirror every day and see yourself as the righteous, always right, always perfect YOU. Because there is no perfect and there is no right – there is only the meaning you assign to each. But if you could just see yourself as that – if you could just witness the perfection that you are that you came here to be, you would relax more. You would have more fun. You would feel more light-hearted. And in those feelings you would find greater and greater alignment to the path of your Destiny.

Your destiny is what you came here for. No, it is not all already decided, but there is a trail that has been laid out, a trail that you feel and know when you feel those shivers up and down your body. Those shivers are letting you know that you have picked up another piece of your trail. That you are one step closer to … to recognizing your magnificence, to experiencing more joy and bliss than you have ever experienced before.

Believe us when we tell you – you are the most beautiful being we have EVER laid eyes on. All of heaven and Earth celebrates when you walk – anywhere – down your hallway, a grocery aisle, your driveway or a runway. We KNOW who you really are and we are inviting you to make this knowing of who you truly are your primary aim. And when you do, you will not believe all that unfolds for you. You will not believe how good you feel and how good it feels to be in your body living this life that you came to live.

We know you have many questions and we want you to know that we have many answers, but you must ask. We cannot answer or support you without your asking, without you giving us the go ahead, the approval, the green light. We need you just as you need us. So call on your non-physical team, call on the highest light, call on your helpers – it is the most magnificent way for you to live and it’s how you intended to live. Did you really think you came to do this all on your own? That the best you could hope for was an angry or judgmental God and the “help” of the humans around you? Oh, there is so much more! You have the help of those around you, sure, AND when you combine that with us – watch out. Your life will never be the same. And you don’t want it to be the same. You want it to be unlike anything your Soul has ever lived before.

But take heart – we can feel some of you feeling uneasy about all of these grand proclamations – you don’t have to do it all TODAY and the easiest way to be on this path is to ask, listen, follow the guidance, ask, listen, follow the guidance, ask, listen, follow the guidance. And step by step by step your life will be far grander than your wildest dreams.

You spend way too much time looking way too far ahead into the future. Be here now. Those Buddhists were right about THAT. Just be right here and soak in every delicious second of right now. And then, the next and the next and the next and the next. Combined with the ask, listen, follow the guidance flow you will be blessed beyond words.

We love you so very much and we are thrilled more than we can express here to be conversing with you in this way.

Until next time,
XoThe JOGs

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…so, this is new.

Tonight in my meditation, it was revealed to me that I could and had been channeling messages from the 5 JOG entities that have been working with me in my practice (and on me!) since May 2013 when I “met” them at the John of God casa in Brazil. There I was told they would be working with me in my practice and that we needn’t travel to Brazil every time we needed that high-powered and high-vibrational level of support. Shortly after, many of my clients began receiving psychic surgeries from the JOGs during the sessions that I facilitated.  I myself just received such a surgery over a month ago, at a very auspicious time and in a very interesting manner – but I digress and will no doubt share more about that in future writings.

I did notice, of course, that their presence was also coming through in my online courses and in my 1:1 sessions since May 2013 due to the speed and ease with which words flew out of my mouth when speaking. I would open my mouth and would find myself observing what was coming out. Often – and this happened last week in a client session – I would be so excited about what I was “learning” as it came out of my mouth. Trip-py, to say the least!

So while this should not have been a surprise to me I found myself wide-eyed when it was revealed that these JOGs are my Abraham (see Abraham-Hicks for more on who Abraham is) and that they wish for me to write channeled messages from them as a way to get more comfortable with intentionally knowing what is happening, rather than my, “Wow, I wonder where that came from?!”remarks. I always knew something else was coming forth, but again, I did not have this level of clarity about what was occurring.

I immediately felt overwhelmed by the prospect of channeling a written message from the JOGs. They then reminded me that since December 2012 I had been translating messages from the other side in client sessions (this rarely occurs now unless it’s the end of the year interestingly so!) and in December 2014 they had given me an entire Divine Love Manifesto as part of the unfolding of my Spirit-Led Love online course (which is referenced here). They seemed to want to pick up that topic as it has been on the forefront of my personal journey as my recent relationship – which had resulted in an engagement or a promise of marriage – ended a month ago. The ending of this relationship was completely Spirit-led and while both my partner and I were saddened by this occurrence, we also could not deny how clearly Spirit had let us both know that our time together was complete.

So, below I share with you the first of – it would seem – many messages from my Spirit team which they are saying I can call “the JOGs” since I was first introduced to them at the John of God casa in Brazil. Okay, here goes! Enjoy and as always – take what resonates (I was covered in chills and had tears for most of this!) and leave the rest.


# # #

From the JOGs to all those called to read this
Topic: Love and marriage

We want you to know something very important about love and marriage – it is a gift. It is a divine gift that is here for each of you. True, the union of marriage has struggled in concept but it is time to take this union to a higher light, to a place of new understanding. To draw yourselves into clarity of purpose about why you partner, why you marry, why you love.

It is not for nothing. It is for everything.

It is not something that you make up, it is not something to be taken for granted. Love is the purest of all emotions and the Love you feel is beyond what humans have ever felt before. As you evolve, your capacity to Love and partner also evolves. This is why we are bringing this message to you. We want you to know how important this next piece of your journey is. We want you to know that you have the ability in this lifetime, in this very lifetime NOW to Love at a level unlike anything you have ever experienced before. But it will take your willingness and your openness to allow this to occur.

Your Soul already desires this and so that is not where the willingness comes. It is to strip away the limitations of previous generations and the limitations of this time space reality you are currently in that is holding you hostage to the old ways.

There is a new level of Love that you are capable of experiencing. All you must do is ask for it. Just ask. Ask for a greater Love than you have ever known for a divine union that will transcend any union you have ever experienced before in this lifetime or in previous lifetimes. We want you to know that this is possible. And asking lets us know that you are ready and then we can begin to bring the Magic to you, we can begin to show you the way. We can then begin to bring your divine partner to you – whether you are already in partnership with this person or not (yes, all manners of transformation are possible once you open yourself up to it!). Your asking opens floodgates of support and help unlike anything you can imagine. There are legions of angels and guides and helper spirits at your disposal at any given time. You simply call on them and they will be there for you.

So first ask, call it forth. Next allow yourself to receive. You do this by relaxing more, you do this by chilling out more, you do this by playing more, smiling more, doing all manner of things that bring you joy. When you do this, you are in a state of receiving. Joy is receiving. Then that is all for you to do. That is it. Then you will and can allow your divine Love partner to flow to you. It really is that easy. And then you are in the Divine Love union and it is time to go to work! Yes, work – work to evolve your Soul and the paradigm of relationship that you are now moving forward. When you ask in this way the partner that is brought to you is exactly as you need him/her to be. We will tell you a secret about this work though. It involves a commitment to fun, a commitment to having more fun in partnership than either of you have ever had before. Only one of you need make this commitment and it will begin to allow this relationship to be holier than anything you ever imagined.

A commitment to fun, lots of sexual intimacy of all varying degrees, holding your bodies close to one another, allowing a deep physical and sensual connection takes you both physically and energetically and spiritually to new heights as individuals and as a couple. You must laugh together, play together, you must show up for one another as your whole self and the combined energy of your partnership will be ease and flow. When challenges occur you will not try to hash it out or figure it out – you will go have fun. You will go back to what is at the core of Divine Love partnership – fun, joy, Love, ease, peace.

See the Divine Love Manifesto* for more details on how to walk the path of this thing you call triggers. However, we will tell you that triggers are humans way of trying to understand when flow is not present. And they are always the ones causing the lack of flow and disharmony. It is not your partner who does it to you, it is you who does it to you. Your blessed partner is simply reflecting what needs to be seen.

We want you to know that in all matters of things – nothing is ever going wrong. When you summon your partner in the manner we describe here – you will enjoy a new level of Loving. You are being asked to trust this and to speak of it only to those who “get” this level of living in the world. Share here, share with those you know who are on this divine path with you. Over time you will begin to create a building of momentum, a building of momentum of Divine Love unions. Slowly you will change the paradigm of what relationship and Divine Love union (which is our new title for marriage) means. You will understand Love within yourself and for your Source self and for Source and for your partner at a higher frequency than ever before. And you will radically alter the planet with this level of Loving. You will radically alter yourself and your future lifetimes with this new level of Loving

Your powerful desire for this level of Loving has summoned our response and our guidance to you. We know you are so very ready to experience Love and sexual intimacy and all manners of intimacy at a new level. We know you are tired and exhausted by the old ways but feel unable to know where to turn to next.

We are telling you – turn to us. Turn to your connection with your angels and guides of the highest light. Ask us, summon us and we are there for you. Your partner needn’t change anything. Through your connection to us, all can be transmuted and transformed.

You mustn’t forget that you are a Spirit being in human form. You mustn’t forget.

You are SPIRIT. You have the power to create all that you desire and then some. Follow this guidance, tell us about it here and watch in awe. We will continue to give you the next step and the next step on this divine path.

We Love you eternally and we are so proud of all that you have become in this lifetime and how far you have come. There is more and more and more for you and we are ecstatic in what lies before you and all of you. We are complete.



*The Divine Love Manifesto was downloaded to me in December 2014 as part of the Spirit-led Love online course.

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Conscious entrepreneurs are the guiding force in a new paradigm of business. We combine all of the aspects of what it means to be a human being – living our purpose, making a positive difference in the world, all while being connected to something larger than ourselves and living in wealth and abundance.

And as conscious entrepreneurs, we also know that we have an edge in business because we use our intuition. We let our intuitive guidance lead the way from everything to product launches, our services, marketing and promotions, and more.

But what is the conscious entrepreneur to do when a decision is unclear? When the ideas are not flowing? What does one do when the mind and intuition is split and a clear path is not, well, clear?

Read more at Conscious Millionaire.

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The Valentine’s Lovefest is in full effect. You can’t walk more than a few steps without running into candied hearts, chocolates, teddy bears, and diamonds (I happened to run into a whole case full of diamonds yesterday and could not stop batting my eyes at them, as though someone — anyone — might notice and gift them to me right then and there.)

You see, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the concept that Love is about someone else giving something to us. You know, like flowers (preferably red roses, just like on The Bachelor of course), diamonds, affection, and telling you that you’re “the one” (a la Big to Carrie on Sex & The City).

But that isn’t actually Love.

Those are merely expressions of Love from another to us, but it is not the core essence of Love.

The truth is, even those expressions of Love have to stem from a feeling that an individual has inside of him/herself. We actually already have all of the Love we could ever need or desire — inside of us. We get to experience Love with others as a way of remembering this Love that is inside of us already. Now, stay with me here, I can feel the eye rolls coming, but it’s true.

And I’m going to prove it to you.

If you want to experience feeling more Love in your life today, try out a couple or all of the following and notice what happens inside of you and all around you:

  • Go on, say it. Go to the nearest mirror, look yourself straight in the eyes and say out loud: “I love you _____ (insert your full name).” Watch what happens to your eyes, to your face, to your heart. Breathe into it and say it again, out loud.
  • Take a Love time-in. Instead of diving into the next project, phone call, FB message, or email – stop. Set aside your electronics. Sit on your couch or bed or a comfy chair. Close your eyes with both hands on your heart. Breathe into your heart. Sit there until you feel ready to get up again. Notice how you feel in your body and what happens when you do this.
  • Simple pleasures rock. What is the simplest pleasure that you Love but always seem to wait for someone else to get or do for you? For me, it’s flowers. I Love flowers, yet I would rarely buy them for myself. I was always thinking maybe “someone else” would surprise me with them (i.e. this is lame, so please do not do this to yourself — let my re-donk-u-lous-ness be an example for you). Finally I started buying them for myself. Now every time I walk by my fresh bouquet of flowers, I beam. They make me happier than happy, and for $10-20, who can beat that?
  • Put it in ink. Go to the store and buy the most romantic greeting card you can find. You know, the one that makes you sigh with Love. Then, go home, pour yourself a great glass of red (or champagne, or tea or kombucha — your choice), get cozy (soft music and fireplace kind of cozy) and write inside the card a love letter to yourself. Thank yourself for being the incredible woman you are. Thank yourself for your beauty, your brilliance, your light, your gifts. Go all out. Say everything our culture says you aren’t supposed to say for fear of “being in ego” (which is actually not true, so ignore that silly thought) or being “arrogant.” Applaud yourself for being the kick-ass woman that you are. Then re-read the card, slowly. Re-read it several times. Put it up somewhere where you can read it often
  • Tap it out. Anytime you find yourself thinking unloving or negative thoughts about yourself, stop. Tap Cortices with a focus on connecting to the deep Love within you and say out loud “I choose to Love myself even amidst this.” Take some deep breaths as you do this to clear the unloving energy. Re-focus yourself on the present moment and being kind to yourself.
  • Share your Love. Get some colored post-its. Write a Love message on each one. Make sure it’s a Love message that you would Love to receive. Examples: “I love you,” “You’re beautiful,” “You make the world a more special place,” “You glow with Love,” “The world needs you,” “Thank you for being here.” Create your own as well. Keep these with you — in your car, bag, etc. — and put them out at the gym, restaurants and cafes, events, etc.

And here’s the wow factor from all of this — as you connect to the Love that is already within you, you’ll find that you’ll want to share it with more people. The post-it notes will simply be the tip of the Love iceberg. Once we connect to the Love within us, the desire to share it with all we meet becomes profound. Then, guess what happens? People can’t stop sharing the Love that they are feeling with you! Before you know it, Love is pouring into you because you are now a magnet for it.

You see, we can’t attract or experience anything that we aren’t already tuned in to in some way. Remembering that we have all of the Love we need already and then sharing it from that abundant place, allows us to experience it at a level we never before could have imagined.

Have fun with this and use your Love practices daily to allow you and all those around you to go Higher into Loving.

For more from Heather Strang, visit here.

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I love life and love living it to the fullest. I want the richest life possible. — Richard Branson

We each have an amazing opportunity to make 2015 our “richest” year yet, a life not only filled with monetary abundance, but an abundance of love, joy, laughter, and experiences that allow us — like Sir Richard Branson — to live life to the fullest.

Here’s exactly how you can make 2015 your “richest” (in all senses of the word!) year yet.

Read more at Plum Deluxe.

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111GroupSessI love a New Year.
It’s full of fresh possibilities and opportunities. Can you feel it? Even the air is beginning to feel fresher. The slate has been wiped clean and we are ready to co-create more Magic than ever before!

And while it’s true that every day is a new beginning, the turning over of a New Year opens doors to possibilities on a grand scale. Energetically shifting into a New Year creates a powerful matrix for a higher level of co-creation with Spirit. And who doesn’t love that?! I know I do.

To support you during this time, below is one of my favorite rituals ever! It’s deeply cleansing and sets a new vibrational frequency to expand into.

Get ready for 2015 to be your most spectacular year yet!
Follow the New Year’s Day ritual below and it will be. Seriously. I do not mess around with this stuff – as you know. These rituals are downloaded from Higher Consciousness to support you in your expansion into whatever level of awesome you are ready for.

  • Create a sacred space of 40-60 minutes (depends on how deeply you go into the journaling portion) for this powerful ritual. Light some candles, put soft music on, have your favorite crystals out – anything to do to set the energetic frequency of this being a sacred ritual.
  • If you are feeling out of balance in any way, do this 8 minute general balancing session to bring yourself into greater alignment with who you really are.
  • Then, tap Cortices with the focused intention of balancing your entire brain and connecting to your Higher Power.
  • Take out your 2014 calendar – whether you use an online calendar or a paper one.
  • Take out your journal and write “January 2014″ and write the highlights of what occurred for you in that month. Then write anything that occurred during that month that you would like to leave in 2014 and not take with you into 2015. Do this for each month. For those who did an intention ritual last year, now is the time to pull out that list, read the items – noting what items manifested for you in 2014 and when.
  • Once you’re complete with this, review by re-reading to see if anything else pops in for you.
  • Then, burn what you have written. As you burn the papers, bless 2014 and feel yourself opening up to new creations in 2015. For those with a ritual from last year, you’ll also want to burn that paper as well.
  • Tap Cortices again – this time with a focus on connecting to your Divine Destiny for 2015.
  • Call in your guides and angels of the Highest Light to support you in being connected to your Divine Destiny in 2015.
  • Sit quietly for several minutes in a meditative position, breathing deep – inhaling through the nose to gather up whatever does not serve you and exhaling out your mouth to release it from your body-mind.
  • Place one hand on your heart and one hand on your pelvis and continue breathing deeply for several more minutes. Imagine that you are sinking in deeper and deeper into your connection with your passion and purpose.
  • Then, slowly open your eyes and bring your attention back to the room you are in.
  • Take out your journal and write your top 11 desires for 2015 – what are you calling forth into this New Year? Connect to all areas of your life – abundance, Soul Purpose, relationships, romance, home, wealth consciousness, etc.
  • Re-read silently once you are done.
  • Then re-read out loud saying, “I now call forth into my life in 2015 the following with ease and grace…” and then state each item out loud. Once you are finished reading say, “So be it. And so it is. It is done.”
  • Place this list in a special envelope and place it underneath your mattress for the year (I like to put mine right under my side of the bed where I sleep for optimal activation during sleeping hours).
  • Close your ritual by thanking your guides & angels of the Highest Light and by blowing out your candle(s).
  • To anchor in the ritual, go for a walk out in nature, imagining that as you walk you are rooted your intentions into the Earth. Bonus: walk barefoot in the grass to root yourself and your intentions into the Earth.

Be sure to leave a comment below with how this ritual unfolded for you or drop me a note on the FB!

And if you want to super-charge your intentions for 2015, join us via phone or remotely for our Divine Alignment 1/11 group Soul Alignment session “Let 2015 Be Your Most Abundant & Kick-Ass Year Yet”.

AND/OR spend a weekend with me at one of the top luxury hotels on the West Coast to be attuned and aligned to your fully expanded Soul’s Purpose in 2015 for our Live the Magic in 2015 Luxury Weekend Retreat.

Whatever path you choose, I wish you an abundant, joyful and amazing 2015!
With Love & Magic,

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You know that time is coming, right? When you load up the car and make your way… back home. Maybe it’s down the street or an hour’s drive or just a Skype session away.

Whatever the stitch, the holidays often mean returning back to old dynamics, to people who knew us way back when – you know, before we were as aware, conscious and amazing as we are now. And often walking back into these old dynamics can unleash a shit storm within ourselves — as well as externally — that can make the holidays the least wonderful time of year.

Well, not anymore.

There are three ways you can make this year the year it all goes differently. The year you have a genuine smile on your face as you walk through that door, pick up the phone or open Skype. This is the year the holidays and home aren’t a struggle, but a welcome experience.

Think I’m dreaming? Try out the three tips below and see for yourself!

  1. Set your intention.
    As cheesy as it might sound, expectation and intention is everything. We literally get what we expect. So prior to your holiday interactions, get really clear about the kind of holiday experience you desire. It can be as simple as “I desire to have the best holiday I’ve ever had!” In fact, sometimes just keeping the intention that simple can allow the Universe to surprise you with an amazing holiday that you previously could not even fathom. If you have serious negative expectations about what is possible for the holidays, do some journaling about your negative expectations and then write out what would be ideal for you. Let yourself feel how good it would feel to enjoy every minute of your holiday time. Simmer in those feel-good emotions and then let yourself return to them before and during your holiday. In serious negative expectation cases, it’s highly advisable to have some kind of balancing session – counseling, energy medicine, etc. prior to the interaction so that you are clear and grounded and less likely to be in a state of stress.
  2. Have tools you can use handy.
    YouTube access during the holidays could inevitably be your saving grace (thank god yet again for smartphones). Check out the Cortices tapping here and use it to stay balanced en route to or before seeing/talking with family. Triggered? Tap Cortices several times in a row with a focus on connecting to your Higher Power and staying balanced. Really, super, freakin’ triggered? Try this general balancing session (it’s only eight minutes long — so go lock yourself in the family bathroom and use it!). Taking deep breaths anytime you feel irritated or annoyed will help move the energy through. Breathe deeply by inhaling through the nose and exhaling out the mouth to move and release tension. In fact, deep breathing contributes to 70 percent of our body’s ability to heal itself! Keep some Calms Forte handy for natural anxiety relief and drink three to four liters of water each day to keep your system moving, grounded and balanced.
  3. Limit alcohol and refined sugar intake.
    I know, I know — isn’t that exactly what the holidays are all about — indulgence? Well, not if you want to have an enjoyable time in dynamics that are typically highly charged. It doesn’t mean you can’t imbibe or snack at all — but keep it moderate. Both alcohol and sugar can elevate tensions and bring old wounds to the surface that are unnecessary to discuss while in the midst of the holidays. If you really want to talk to your mom about why she dressed you in floral prints for most of your childhood and gave you a bowl haircut which resulted in a hideous stage that lasted all the way through your teen years (don’t worry mom – I’m saving that conversation for the New Year), save that for a private, sacred time when both of you are stimulant-free and can discuss more thoroughly your demands for therapy reimbursement for said traumas.

The best part in all of this is remembering that you get to choose how you experience your life. It’s true you can’t control crazy Aunt Laura or your cousin Larry’s inability to hold an intelligent conversation — but you can control how you react to what happens around you.

The tools above will set you up for massive success this holiday season and who knows, you just might find yourself humming the tune to “it’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

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We’re sliding into the darkest day of the year, Sunday December 21.
And with it comes an opportunity to release, manifest and create the start of a truly mind-blowingly fantastic New Year.

Ritual is a powerful way to commemorate and harness powerful energy to align more fully with the life of your dreams, and that’s why I LOVE tuning in and creating rituals for my community.

WinterSolsticeAltarFollow the Winter Solstice Ritual below to set the stage for your release, your peace and your ultimate magnificence!

  • Set aside 30-40 minutes of peaceful space for yourself. First, read through the ritual so you know what you’ll need to make it flow with ease.
  • Tap Cortices with the focused intention of connecting to your Source and aligning with the perfect release & manifestation for your Winter Solstice Ritual.
  • Create a Winter Solstice altar. This can be on your dining room table, a small stand, or an existing altar converted for this seasonal ritual – follow your intuition on what feels right for you!
  • The most important component of the altar is fire (for winter – bringing in the light!), so be sure to have a candle or two or three as part of your altar space.
  • Once you have your altar set-up with what you’d like – ideas include winter plants, holiday cards, meaningful items, candles, meaningful jewelry – sage the space. As you sage say, “I now call in the Highest Light for this Winter Solstice.” Feel free to add anything else that comes through you!
  • Take out your journal and write down whatever you would like to release as you saunter into 2015. If you get “stuck” or feel like you need help remembering what to release – tap Cortices and call on your angels and guides of the Highest Light to support you in being fully aligned in your release.
  • Once you feel complete, review the list one final time, saying “good-bye” to each item on your list. I like to blow each one a kiss and wish it well as it is released once and for all. Remove the piece of paper from your journal.
  • Then, take one of the candles on your altar and light this paper on fire. Be sure to do this near a sink, fireplace, etc. – somewhere safe to burn paper.
  • Bless the paper as it burns and smile – knowing you are releasing the ‘dark’ within and around to open up space for more Light in your life.
  • Dance! Dance for 11 minutes. I recommend putting Pandora on – a station that moves you – and invoke Spirit to set your 11-minute playlist. Say out loud, “Guides & Angels of the Highest Light – please bring me the perfect songs to accompany my Winter Solstice dance as I shake off the old and connect to the New.” And then don’t be surprised when Taylor’s Swift’s “Shake It Off” comes on. ;) Oh! And keep a piece of paper handy – I am always blown away by the messages that come through for me via the songs.
  • Once your dancing is complete, tap Cortices with a focused intention of connecting to the Light that wants to come through for you in 2015.
  • Write in your Journal the Light you are calling forth in your life – in your “career” (I add quotes because long gone are the days of compartmentalizing giving our Soul’s gifts to the world. Learn more here.), personal relationships, romance/Love, health, wealth, home, car/transport, experiences/travel and anything else that flows in for you.
  • Re-read and as you do Bless each item, imagining that you are making space in your heart and in your life for these new waves of Light to be brought forth.
  • Place your Light list for 2015 in a special envelope and place it on your altar.
  • Tap Cortices with a focused intention of moving forward into your Solstice day with ease and grace. If you feel called, sage the space again to bring completion to the ritual.
  • Keep the candle burning at all times when you are home (in a safe, protected way of course).
  • Keep your altar up through 1/1/15. After that, place your envelope under your mattress or in a sacred spot to be opened and released during the Spring Equinox. I do rituals of this magnitude on the Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox – each one unique in its own way. And I promise to share these rituals with you during every season so we can do this together! When I open my Winter Solstice Light manifestations on the Spring Equinox, I’ll often take anything yet unmanifested that I still desire (a lot of times the desire is complete too!) and add it to my Spring Equinox Birth intentions. It’s up to you! Follow the flow that feels most in alignment for you.

Enjoy this incredible time of going within and then celebration with family and friends.
I am so grateful that you are part of my swirl!

Be sure to ask any questions in the comments below and/or post your altar pic’s!


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