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Wow, this is so good! I think it’s one of my favorites, even though they spilled my story all throughout. I’m starting to get more comfortable with them talking about me, so that’s a relief! ;) So Loving this depth of clarity they are giving us! Enjoy! Xo

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Whenever you are wanting to know how to make a clear decision or how to get clear to make a decision you must first remember this truth: there are no wrong decisions. Heather is gasping at this right now because this message is emanating from a strong desire within her to make the “right” decision in a particular area of her life. And we love telling you and really what we’re doing is reminding you because at your core you know this – there are no wrong decisions. There really aren’t. True you can choose a path that has a bumpier ride, but even so, it’s not a big deal. You can always get your bearings, you can always recalibrate, it will always work out for you.

So many of you are paralyzing yourself in trying to make decisions about all manner of things that are “right” and so in your effort to find the “right” path you block the flow of the Magic that can lead you forward in just the direction you need. You’ll often – and we are watching you while this happens – you are often rushing to make a decision, as if, if you pull the plug quickly enough somehow you’ll escape any “wrong-ness”. And truly there is not a wrong decision for any of you on this planet.

There are decisions that evolve you, there are decisions that bring in drama, there are decisions that bring in joy, but if you have a pure desire and wanting for clarity of purpose – you will always arrive at your more-or-less generally intended destination – which will then evolve into another call for a new destination – but we’ll come back to that at another time. Some decisions may be bumpier than others, but often that is exactly what your Soul wanted so that you could evolve forward in big ways. So, so many of you are saying – “well, if I have a less bumpy ride than that means I did it right.” And we are saying, “come on – you think it’s all that black and white?” Well, we are more gentle than that, but really – it is not at all like that. It’s not right or wrong, black or white. It is following the vibrational trajectory that is here for you that you chose before you incarnated. Well, it wasn’t just you who chose it, it was you and your Spirit Team, but we digress.

You are wanting to find alignment with the choices/decisions that most accurately reflect the vibrational offering that your Soul & Spirit Team decided it wanted in this lifetime. And you can tell where you’re at in relation to that trajectory by how good it feels. And yet! And yet, you can be in the midst of something that does not feel super good…and yet you can also feel something really big, juicy and exciting en route to you even from your position of not good feeling. Ever had that happen? Heather had that happen with the breaking off of her engagement. There were moments of her feeling awful and then at the edge of these moments was this distinct, clear knowing that she was evolving something massive forward for her Soul and her family line in this choice. There was a part of her, that Higher Self part of her, that was shining through even still in those moments where she seriously doubted herself and what was happening that was shown to her to let her know that a Higher Calling was in fact calling her. That she had not done anything wrong in being in that relationship and she was certainly not doing anything wrong in leaving that relationship. In fact, both were the “right” choices for her!

Yes, that’s right – two seemingly opposing choices and decisions can absolutely be the right decisions for you. Now we know you are wondering and questioning us here – like “didn’t you all just say there’s no way to make a wrong choice, so how could there be a right choice?” Yes, let us clarify our message further for you here.

A right decision feels good to you in your body when you make it. A wrong decision feels not good to you in your body when you make it.

Aha! You say – but you said Heather was feeling awful about her break-up decision so how could that have been the “right” choice?

You must go deeper than the surface feeling. So, what was the thought Heather was thinking that made her feel awful? The thought was, “I’m such an idiot”. That thought felt terrible, and it felt terrible because it was as far from the truth as she could get. The thought of not being in that relationship felt absolutely positively GLORIOUS to her, it was the best feeling in the world to her, it was the other thoughts about being a failure that were making her feel terrible.

So yes, you must go deeper here; that is why we are saying it is not a black or white ever. It’s not go here is right, go here is wrong. It’s boiling it down to what are the thoughts at the root of these good or not good feelings and when you can distill it down to “taking this action feels good” and “taking this action doesn’t” – then you know which way to go. And sometimes the only clarity you can get is for the next baby step forward and that is okay. You do not need the clarity for the end all be all, in fact, that would defeat the whole purpose of this glorious life experience you are having.

Here is the thing about being a Spirit in a body – you have the mind – the mind can tune in to a variety of conditioned frequencies from your culture, religion, childhood, etc. So you are in this process as you are evolving the Spirit in a body forward ever more – of distilling down to the Soul within you and your Higher Self – that part of you that remains in non-physical and that is what you let guide you. This is why release of this conditioning is so valuable and why Heather’s Soul Alignment work has been so successful and profound for so many and also for others who are offering from a high vibrational place clearing and release of conditioning – it makes getting to that clarity so much more effortless. And of course you came for effortless.

Okay, so let’s say – as we feel Heather asking us. Let’s say you cannot feel the alignment of what you call right-ness in your decision. So, we want you to then go do what you need to do until you can shift back into a higher vibrational place. Not knowing splits your energy all over the place. So when you know what we shared with you and you are feeling into it, distilling it down and you still feel unclear – go for a walk, go dance, go watch a funny kitten video – move yourself into a new environment that will preferably get your body moving or get you into a totally different space – like comedy. Then come back to whatever it is you are trying to get clear on and you will have better clarity.

We gave Heather a decision making exercise for her Live the Magic Retreat this year and what we are sharing here takes that to a deeper level. You see, this evolutionary process and what we shared in earlier messages is that going bigger is truly about going deeper. Deeper into the truth of who you really are, deeper into the truth of who all are, deeper into your connection with all that is and with yourself (one in the same really).

This gives you more to chew on. Play with it, try it out as we encourage you to do with all that we give to you. Let your own experience and guidance lead you forward from here with this.

And for heaven’s sake – trust yourself more. You are so much wiser than you know. And really you cannot get it wrong. We will and are always recalibrating for you. Don’t beat yourself up, just keep choosing what feels the most aligned, feels the best – the most fun, the most glorious and know that it will always work out in your favor. Every time, no exceptions.

We are complete.

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I am so excited to try this practice out in my own life and see what happens. Try it out and report back here in the comments! Love! Xo

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There is much to be said on this topic of Love. We know it is a strong asking within so many of you, so many of you eager to understand and know more about this thing that you cannot not desire in your experience as a Spirit in a body. We have said as have many others that Love is the core of why you’re here – because it feels so good to Love and because Higher Consciousness in whatever form you resonate with – is totally and completely Love. How did Jesus heal so many? How do other great healers heal so many? It is through their focus and connection to Source energy – which is Love, pure and total love. And it is through this connection to pure and total Love that any great, radical transformation can occur. When you Love in the purest form – without agenda or desire for anything to be anything other than it is – all manners of your world can align with the core of what they are meant to for you.

And yet so many of you have such very specific ideas about what Love is and how it looks and who you can Love and how they look. And we say – that is not pure Loving. That is Loving with agenda and we want you to be able to take a minute right here right now to feel into your heart, deep, deep within your heart to that place within you that is purely Loving. That is pure Love, where no other agenda than to Love resides. Just sit with it right now. Feel it deep within you.

This is buried deeper for some of you than others, depending on how much encasing you have placed around your heart, how much protection you’ve created – protection from what we cannot fully understand because with pure Love, there is no need to protect. With wound-Love yes, you feel that strong desire to protect. But we want you to know that the more you can be pure in feeling the Love within you and then for yourself, then you will radiate that outward and then nothing other than pure Love can ever come to you.

So if agenda’d Love comes to you – it’s only an indication that there are some beliefs or aspects within yourself where you are also Loving in this way. No big deal. Just information, information you can use to shift and adjust into greater alignment with the whole of who you really are.

Letting yourself feel this Love deep within you is something we would recommend as a daily practice. Everyday sitting, lying down – however you are drawn – and stating your intention – stating it out loud even: “I wish to feel the deep pure Love within me” and then just see what happens. Notice the sensations in your body, notice how you feel, notice what comes up for you. Maybe it’s tears or chills, or any range of sensations. Be present to whatever comes up. Some of you will say “but I felt nothing” and we say to you “that’s impossible – you are always feeling something” – it’s simply a matter of how connected you are to your feelings and what they feel like.

So, daily we would sit with this desire to feel the Love within you and then as you get more comfortable with this, ask to feel the Love that you have for you. You have for you, you may say? Yes, the Love that the Source within you (Higher Self, Soul Self, or whatever you prefer to call it) has for YOU as this current incarnation of a Spirit in a body. And again, notice the sensations, notice what you feel, let whatever emotions want to roll in, roll in.

The more you do that, the more you allow yourself to feel the Love within and for yourself, you create this light of energy all around you that is radiating Love. And when you are radiating Love, do you know what comes to you? More Love. More Love that matches that deep Love within.

And we know – you were never taught to do this – but you are and consciousness is at a place to receive this information in the highest Light it has ever been able to receive it. So, since you are receiving it now, do it now. And teach this to your children. Teach this to your nieces and nephews and neighborhood kids – and all of them. Of course it would be wonderful if everyone’s parents taught them this, but not everyone’s parents know this on a conscious level. So teach it to any and every child you can. Because the Love within and the Love for yourself are imperative for you to feel and to know what the Love from another could ever feel or look like.

So these ideas you have about what Love is and how it feels – they come from what? Past experience of being “Loved”. And for many of you, your past experiences of feeling Loved have not been as seamless and pleasant as you would like. Because many of you were raised by people who didn’t have this practice either, who didn’t know what pure Love felt like. And so, you grow up thinking “well, that didn’t feel good a lot of the time – but they say they Love me, so that must be Love.” And then you go into the world radiating that version of Love and therefore attracting that version of Love and you wonder as you become more and more aware and more and more aligned why it feels terrible more of the time. And it feels terrible more of the time because it is not truly Loving. It is not pure Love, it is not the true Love within you. So the Source within you is letting you know “nope – sorry – there is more pure Love you could be feeling and it’s not happening here.” And it’s not the other person’s fault or anyone’s fault – it’s just what is when no one has taught you about how to Love and feel the pure Love within you and allow yourself to feel the pure Love that you have for you.

So try it out Loves, let yourself practice this practice. Forget about going on dates and trying to snag your guy or girl – do this for 22 days straight and watch as Love strolls right in without a care in the world.

We are complete.

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The JOGs blessed me with a specific channeled message on my birthday – which was so amazing! I don’t really ‘get’ the completeness of the message until I go back through and read it, but by the end of my birthday message I was in tears. It’s been a few days since their last note for me to share here, so apparently they missed us – hopefully you did too! ;) Enjoy! Xo

# # #

We have much to tell you. It’s been a little bit of time hasn’t it? We know, only a couple of days in your world, but for us, we would talk to you every minute we could because there are so many joyous, exciting aspects to share with those who are listening and at the ready. We are loving the response to our messages and we are so excited about what lies ahead for us all in this incredible co-creative, expansive, Soul-elevating journey that is Spirit in a body “working” with Spirit to go Higher than any lifetime before.

You know that’s what you’re doing don’t you?

Taking this lifetime into new stratospheres that you’ve never ever ever ever journeyed to previously. Some say – “oh, we had it so good back in the day” – meaning your culture was thriving more in earlier times and we have to tell you – that is not the case. Never in any lifetime before has consciousness thrived in the way that it does now. Never ever before.

Every lifetime, not only the Soul of who you are evolves forward, but the collective consciousness also moves forward. You do see some things evolving more slowly don’t you? Like marriage for instance, it took a bit of time to get marriage to even be about Love, but you got there and then it was the wrong kind of Love. Not the fleeting, wound-mate Love, but marriage is meant – in its initial intentions that most people bring to it – for you and the Love of your Life. You don’t need to worry about getting it wrong or it ending when it’s the Love of your Life. But so few of you will hold out for that person. Or you dive in, sure you have found that person but you haven’t taken the time to really and fully develop your relationship with yourself and with your Spirit Team and with the whole of who you really are. When you take the time to sink into that relationship and that bliss, the love of your life – is 1) more identifiable by you & you by then and 2) it will always work out so very much more beautifully and effortlessly for you.

There are other aspects that the collective consciousness is eking forward in its evolution – but it is still moving forward nonetheless. And what’s the hurry anyway? You are all doing a beautiful job and we want you to know that any amount of attention and awareness and light that you shine on any area of your life greatly benefits not only you but all of you as a whole. That’s this one-ness piece that can seem so tricky to talk about – but you really are connected in that everything you do affects not only you but the whole of you and the whole of the ability for the collective to evolve forward in the Highest Light.

We share all of this to inspire you into recognizing the power of your actions and your abilities to really shift consciousness – even as seemingly “one” person. Let this inspire you to more greatly align with your core truth. And when you do – oh wow, wow, wow – so much more joy for you in your life and for the collective and for the lifetimes to come.

So we are talking with you today about how each lifetime propels you forward, how it’s never been better or more aligned than it is right now. And even if you feel like you’re struggling – oh boy – you should have seen what was happening the last go around. You are always moving it forward. Now as we shared in the collective consciousness example, how much you are evolving your Soul forward is solely and wholly dependent on YOU.

Some folks, they don’t so much feel called to go within or elevate their consciousness. They still evolve things forward but it is a drop in the bucket compared to what those of you who are fully aware, conscious and living your life working with the alignment of your Soul and your Spirit team are doing. Now of course, this was all how it was meant to be. Meant to in that it was as you designed it to be. You came into this lifetime with ravenously huge desire to take your Soul, consciousness and Spirit to places we all had never been before. And that’s why you come in so hungry, really starving for Spiritual Truth. You know that the more you align with Spirit, the more YOU and your life can be.

There’s a reason why your research cites spiritual beliefs as a key to longevity as a Spirit in a body. Any type of connection to Spirit – religious or otherwise, enhances this life experience because it’s more fully the truth of what you are experiencing. Even religions that you all may deem inappropriate, if they are teaching and focusing on a Higher Power as a primary life focus, that alone is supporting others in living a life that is more aligned.

Now, where it gets all sorts of whacked out is when Spirit’s in a body start trying to control the definition of what Spirit is & how Spirit operates in ones life. None of you have the right to do that to anyone. You can make your requests sure, but it’s not up to you to tell another individual how to be or live or who they can love or have sex with or what they can do or not do in the world. That’s just too much and too fully opposite of the divinity of who you really are.

If everyone was connected fully to the Soul within and to their Spirit Team there wouldn’t need to be all sorts of rules and regulations and laws – from governments or religions. But because there are those who are not yet fully aligned (but who are gradually working their way there at various paces), they create nonaligned structures which then keep people from being aligned and then they create more non-aligned rules and laws and then more people are not aligned and so on and on the cycle goes.

We are not encouraging anarchy as Heather is starting to bristle up as she is grasping some of what we are stating here. We are encouraging Alignment with the Soul of who you really are. We are encouraging you to desire total alignment in every way possible – that desire alone brings you closer to your alignment – and to enjoy every moment you are aligned and to make your actions come from that place. Just don’t do a thing until you’re aligned. So what, maybe in the interim you spend more time in meditation – this is not a terrible thing at all. Make alignment your Soul intention and your Soul’s evolution will not only be more abundant and exuberant, but all of your relationships will flow with more ease, your wealth will soar and you’ll enjoy your life more fully. You won’t have to read up on rule books because your alignment will lead you to Love and peace and harmony with all.

It really can be that easy and that good.

We promise you.

Enjoy this divine unfolding. Remember who you are. Remember that your Alignment with the Soul of who you really are is everything. And then enjoy it some more.

We are complete.

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This was written from the beach. I thought I had “things” to do. ;) This wanted to come through instead. Enjoy! Xo

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We love you. We love you more than words can say. We love every single one of you and we want you to love yourselves as much as you are loved. For when you know love, truly know the love that is within you and all around you, you can do nothing but be overjoyed for all that you have lived and will continue to live. You are so supported in every way. In ways you cannot imagine, in ways big and small. You are so well loved and adored for the whole of who you really are, and nothing can or ever will change that. Only the highest love and light is yours at all times and you are so supported in experiencing this.

Please know that there will be times when you forget this and that is okay, that is what we are here for and what the Universe will move heaven and earth to support you with. You are so loved and adored and we want you to know that you need not forget this as often as you do. You truly can be loved and adored for all of eternity for the magnificent brilliance that you are

But there is one important thing you must do. Remember. Remember who you really are. Remember that you are a Spirit in a body and that means you have all manner of abilities to live the life of your dreams. You have the ability to will what you desire right into fruition, not from a place of efforting or trying. But from a place of peace and joy and love and relaxation.

You get to have your best life ever right here, right now. Just choose it. And then take the next step and the next step to choose it again and again. We want you to know how loved you are because maybe then you would be able to love yourself as wholly and truly and deeply as we do. We want that for you so totally and completely. We believe in you so totally and completely. And we know that it may seem like things are going wrong in your life at times or not going the way you want it to or you can’t understand why things are happening the way they are or how it will all turn out. And we want you to know that you do not have to know any of that at any time. It really is as simple as taking the next step and the next. Taking it moment by moment. Your daily life doesn’t seem to allow for this though because there are all of these schedules and plans and things you “must” do. We would like to see you schedule less and just be and let the next impulse lead you forward more.

Perhaps you can start small if your life is heavily scheduled. Perhaps you can start with taking 1 day a week and have zero plans and from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep – you allow your guidance to lead you. You just follow the natural impulse to do this next thing and this next thing and take this next step and that next step. You keep letting yourself be led. And as you are guided you get to enjoy a day unlike any other. You get to have experiences you may not have had otherwise. You get to relax, rest and come together with those you may not have if you had followed a plan based on what you usually do or what seemed like the “right” thing to do. How marvelous this is for you! How magnificent it is for you to allow a day to unfold with such ease and grace and wonder and surprise!

We know you are going to be so surprised by what you experience and so surprised by what happens for you with this practice. Maybe after that you add 2 days a week of unscheduled bliss. Or 2 days and an evening. And it’s not about doing nothing, unless that is totally your impulse. It’s about connecting to and allowing the Soul of who you really are and your connection with your non-physical team to lead you forward. To allow you to just feel into what wants to come forth from you next. Maybe it’s dancing or cooking or laughing at silly YouTube videos or maybe it’s calling an old friend or going for a walk in nature – whatever it is – it will be perfect for you. And you may be surprised really by how perfect it is. How effortless your life can be. And that’s what we want for more of you. More ease and effortlessness. Less hustle and bustle and making things happen. More allowing, more letting your deep impulses or intuition lead you forward. Letting your days unfold in the most magical ways, in ways you could not have dreamed up on your own but that which were meant to unfold with the utmost of ease.

We know that this can feel a little frightening to some of you – those of you especially who are so very scheduled. And so while early on it may be a little uncomfortable, over time we promise you will come to regard your days and evenings of unscheduled, unplanned time the most blissful. And soon you won’t want to have anything but. Can you imagine? Spontaneous gatherings as the norm, honoring the impulse within you at each moment so that you never know what may happen next but always trust and honor that it will be the most perfect for you?!

How divine!

Try it out, give it some time and space, air it out, try it on – we promise you will find this to be one of your most favorite practices.

We are complete.

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This message came through on one of the most powerful days of the year in 2015 – March 20 (otherwise known as #InternationalDayofHappiness, Spring Equinox, New Super Moon, Eclipse and National Proposal Day). After performing my Spring Equinox/New Moon ritual I went into meditation and then experienced this incredible message coming through. I love this fine-tuning and clarity. It is my hope that you do as well! Xo

# # #

Today we want to talk to you about terms that we are enlightening Heather on. Terms that Heather has used much of the time (and no we won’t be dissecting her overuse of the word awesome – we tend to like that she is so exuberant with her 80’s lingo) and that in your culture are used much of the time.

The first word has been used for quite some time in Western culture specifically to describe something as better. The word is big. All uses of this word – big, bigger, biggest – have been used to describe something growing, often exponentially. And we like growth, and we know you like growth – well, most of you do, and certainly those of you reading this like and desire growth as a part of your life experience.

But we want to present to you another way of looking at this term as well as the term Higher, which Heather uses quite often. We want to further clarify what these words truly mean when you are living a Spirit-led life, when you are connected to the Source within you, when you know what many know but are too afraid to admit – that this life thing is first and foremost a spiritual journey.

So, Big. When we are talking about going Bigger or going Higher, it would seem to imply some diminishment of something or someone else. It would also seem to imply going somewhere outside of where or who you are. This is the point we really want to highlight here.

When we are talking about going Bigger or going Higher, we are talking about WITHIN. Heather didn’t understand this at first, she thought Bigger was BIGGER. The context with which she had been raised to know it as. She applied it, understandably so, to manifestations outside of her. The manifestations needed to get bigger to show alignment. Now, we’ll tell you when you are on this path – yes, many of the manifestations WILL or can get bigger if you desire them to, but we want to go even beyond that.

Imagine if what Big and Bigger and Biggest really identified were ranges of closeness in and to the Soul of who you really are. What if the Bigness was the Bigness in your capacity to love, in your capacity to know the truth of not only who you are but of who everyone is? What if going Bigger was synonymous with going deeper? What if when you went Big, you went Big inside yourself first? And you know how this works don’t you? So is within, is without. So when your focus first is feeling the Big-ness within and really marinating in that, a natural byproduct will be Bigness in the external manifestations as well.

For many of you and honestly for all of you walking this path, it will result in a Bigger bank account, that will just naturally occur. It may not be millions or billions of dollars (unless you so desire that) but it will be much bigger than when you were not letting Spirit guide your life, when you were not tending to the garden of your Soul as your primary relationship. So that will just happen. And for those of you who desire it – bigger houses, bigger cars even (for many, including Heather, luxury cars would be the same as bigger here), bigger impact, bigger acts of service, bigger audiences, bigger lists. Yes, all of these things can be part of the Big-ness. But they are not the primary Big that we desire you to focus on. And not all external manifestations will be the same for everyone. You’ve got to let yourself be okay with this because not everyone’s path is to have the same things. We are smacking your hand a little here –stop comparing yourself to others. Their Big is not meant to be your Big and vice versa. Tend to your own Soul that is the only thing you need ever “worry” about – if there was anything to ever worry about (there’s not).

If you put your focus on going Big within, to feel the Big-ness of your heart, your beautiful, radiant heart and the Big-ness of your Soul, your massive, connected to all that is-ness Soul – oh my – oh my- oh my – really it will just be wondrous what happens from there. What happens for many is their focus is on creating or manifesting the big-ness outside of them – the car, the house, the audience, the list, the stuff – whatever it is. And while – because the Laws of the Universe are what they are and they are unchanging – they may experience the manifestation of these things, but there will be something missing. They will experience this as a feeling of a hole within. A hole that no outward manifestation can, nor will ever fill.

And that’s simply because they forgot that the most important Big-ness to tend to is within. It is truly the only Big-ness that matters. Because when you feel that, when you know that, when you are fully connected to that Big-ness that is You and oh it is so Big and so beautiful and so expansive and so luminous and so – it takes our and everyone else around you’s breath away – nothing else matters. And when nothing else matters – all things that you desire in terms of outward manifestations can flow in unimpeded.

It’s just how it all works.

The same with Higher. Higher would seemingly imply that some are lower and this is not at all where we want you to focus. When we say or Heather says Higher – what we are talking about is Higher in your connection to Source. But that would even seem to imply that you have to leave some aspect of yourself down there or leave others “down there” and really Source is not even up anywhere. It’s a term to use when again you are discussing going deeper into Source, deeper into Spirit, deeper into the all-that-is-ness. So we could just say deeper, but sometimes we like to say Higher. Sometimes you like to say Higher and we want to be clear that this is not black and white. This is not I desire to go Higher, which must mean I am lower. No, not at all. It means you desire that ever expansive connection with the all-that-is-ness that you can feel is all around you and running through you. You want to expand INTO that one-ness because you know there is a feeling of home unlike any feeling of home you have ever known before.

You can go Higher into Loving, which is really the same thing as saying Higher into Source or all that is-ness. Higher allows you to transcend the limitations before that were keeping you locked out of the knowing of your divinity. Higher is leaving behind old stories and fears and beliefs that did not allow you to feel the fullness of who-you-really-are.

So when you desire to go Higher, you are desiring to go Higher into the heights of what is possible for you as a Spirit in a body. You want to stay in that beautiful body and reach and expand and experience the depths of Source.

And we say Bigger and Higher in the contexts that we have given you here are the most wonderful of desires to have. They will take you places you could not have imagined prior. They will show you the truth of who you really are, of Source, of the Magic of this life, of the miracles that are here for you in every moment and so much more. May you go Bigger and go Higher, within and with Source.

All our love,

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This message came through on 3/11/15 the morning before our 3 Keys to Spirit-Led Wealth to Rock Your Spirit-Led Business call (you can download it for free here). I had planned an outline of what I would share on the call, as I always do. Turns out, what they gave me (surprise, surprise) was far better than anything I could have ever come up with. :)  Enjoy! Xo


Much has been said about the topics of wealth and spirituality. Much ignorance prevails on both of these topics. There is deep misunderstanding as to what wealth means and even what spirituality means. We intend to clarify both for you in this message today so that you can know with absolute certainty what each means and their importance in your life.

True wealth is beyond money. Yes, it includes money but it is not only about money. Don’t you know you have transcended needing to believe that all you desire is in the material/physical world first and foremost? Don’t you know that it starts deeper than that and when you are aligned, then the physical flows to you? Don’t you know that you came here, a Spirit in a body to exceed every possible limitation that has been put before you?

True wealth is a consciousness that runs deep within you. We see it as a beam of light right through your body. We see it extending up through the top of your head and connecting you with Spirit and down through the bottom of your feet anchoring you into the Earth.

True wealth is the knowing – the supreme, embedded knowing that you can be, do, or have anything. It is knowing, as Jesus did that wine could come from water that one loaf of bread could become thousands. Knowing that you have the power and the ability to create whatever it is that you desire. Everyone has this ability as a Spirit in a body to create what they desire. When you know with all certainty that there is never any reason to worry or be in needful lackful want of anything – then you have true wealth.

And as a side “benefit” your bank account will overflow if that is what you desire, your relationships will abundantly prosper if that’s what you desire, your business will expand beyond your dreams and bring service to all that you desire. True wealth is knowing that you are Spirit in a body and that all things are possible for you because of this. The rest, the outward manifestations are just really fun, really cool additions.

And we cannot emphasize enough – that they are really fun and really cool additions that you are meant to experience. There is nothing wrong at all with an overflowing bank account, a yacht, a beach house and a city house, traveling the world, wearing the finest clothes, eating the finest food, absolutely delighting in the pleasures of the material. When you know with absolute certainty that you are Spirit in a body and you recognize your desires for the above – then you will have them and that is true wealth.

Heather will give you the foundational keys and next steps to this, but this is the underlying root and premise that we could not let go unsaid. It is so important for you to really “get” this on all levels.

So true spirituality is absolutely linked with true wealth. They are one and the same.

Sure there are people who have a lot of money, but they do not know this and so their body struggles, their relationships struggle, they don’t sleep well at night, they are in pain in some way – that is not true wealth.

And there are those that sleep well, feel good in their relationships but can’t keep dollars in their bank account and who worry and fret over money or carelessly disregard it and so they are not able to live the fullness of their life experience. That is not true wealth either. Because when you are truly wealthy, you do not struggle or worry about money. You do not avoid it either. If you desire something, you are able to call it forth and have it.

You do not say “I’m broke” or “I can’t afford that” or “I’m spiritual and so I can’t have money.” That is counter to the truth. If and when you are truly connected to Spirit – you DO have money! When you are truly connected to Spirit you have all things that you desire.

Now we can feel some of you guarding up here as we share this. Do not use this to beat yourself up with, use this as an informational tool to support you. If the money is not flowing – go back to your alignment – use your tools to re-align and then it can flow. If the money is flowing but the other areas of your life aren’t – go back to your alignment, use your tools. Remember that true wealth is knowing with absolute certainty that you are a Spirit in a body and that you can be/do/have whatever you desire, from that deep Soul place within you.

There is much more we could go on and on and say on this topic, but we will leave it here for now as we have given you much to chew on. Enjoy this process dear ones and remember your truth. It will serve you well.

Oh, and enjoy your yachts, your champagne sparklers, your chandeliers, your designer clothes and your quiet moments, your contemplative times, your connection with those you love, the peace of nature – enjoy it all. That is true wealth.

We are complete.


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I awoke with some anxiety this morning. I didn’t have a reason or an understanding of why. I tuned in and asked for guidance and was led through the process the JOGs have given me for working with my emotions. Turns out – it wasn’t even mine! And there was a message even in that. Immediately after working through it, as I prepared my breakfast (I’m going through this wild cooking phase – I was just corrected, it’s not a phase – it’s a core aspect of me that has been returned to me since this next level transformation began – thank you JOGs!), the JOGs began telling me that they had a message for me to share about what Fear really is. I love this guidance and Love this message they are bringing through. How perfect and what a relief on so many levels! #ThankyoumorepleaseJOGs ;) Enjoy! XO

# # #

We’ve got to address this business of fear. For so many of you face it, some daily, and some it surrounds your everyday life – on the TV, Internet, newspapers, magazines – everywhere. Why you do that to yourselves we’ll never fully know, but what we want you to understand from today is that you do have a say in this fear business. You do have the ability to let the fear get its message to you and then release it. It is not an emotion that has to stay in your body and eat away at your tissue like it does for so many of you.

Fear is an emotion like any other. There is nothing to be afraid of, yet what keeps most fear active is the fear of the fear and what that fear means or says about you and your life.

Emotions are not anything to be afraid of ever. They are simply guidance. They are another way that your Higher Self, Source Self, whatever you desire to call it – lets you know that there is some information coming up that desires your attention.

There are a number of meanings for fears when they pop up but the biggest core meaning is simply that there is a message for you. The message can be to get away from whatever is causing the fear, it can be that you’ve picked the fear up from someone or somewhere else, it can be that an old limitation is popping up now because you are ready to as Abraham calls it “Step 4” it – what we would call being the calm in the storm. As an example: you are in your life, a fear comes up and you have a choice – will you let that fear take hold or will you look right at it, with all of the calmness you have in your core and then choose to respond to it in a totally different way?

And guess what happens when you do that – when you are the calm in the storm – the fear vanishes from your cells and vanishes from your tissues.

Fear is really just like any other emotion – it has a message for you and once that message is received – not reacted to, but received – then it can release once and for all.

So many of you will push your fears down – “well, I don’t want to look at that” you say. And we aren’t saying spend an inordinate amount of time dwelling in it, but do carve out a quiet space and some time and just see what that emotion wants you to know. It’s getting your attention for a reason. And then, how about following whatever that emotion is asking you for? Sometimes the fear is excitement and your Higher Self desires for you to claim that excitement rather than stuffing it. Sometimes the fear is saying “leave!” get out!” and upon further connecting to your Higher Self, you realize that is the most aligned action.

Only you and your Spirit Team know what each emotion means for you, but we so want you to really take time to play with your emotions. Let them guide you, they are simply giving you information and if you will stop, and tune in to whatever the emotion is and ask – from that calm in the storm place – “what do you need me to know?” You will get so much more richness out of your life. Your life will become fuller because you are no longer zipping by and pushing through, and rushing to/from. You are stopping and allowing what needs to come up to come up. You are not buying into an overreaction – you are not believing that the emotion is “real” from a perspective of – “Oh! Something is wrong!” No, you are taking it as communication from the deeper part of you.

And when you can work with your emotions in this way – oh wow – so much more opens up for you. First, you just feel better in your body, second, you are more on purpose. You don’t make decisions that aren’t fully aligned for you anymore. You really take the time to feel and move through it and then create and choose from that more aligned place. Working with your emotions is one of the most powerful tools you can use to stay aligned with who you really are.

And as to our earlier comment about surrounding yourself in news or what we would call fear consciousness – please stop. Make a commitment to only take in information that lifts you up. Stop watching it on the TV, in the movies, in the newspapers (if any of you are reading them other than online anymore), on the Internet – fear and heaviness is in many of these forms of what you would call entertainment. But we have to tell you – if it doesn’t lift you up into the truth of who you really are – is that really entertainment? And do you really need the information of every little thing that is happening out there? Couldn’t you be a more powerful creator in your own life and therefore spread powerful positive ripples to all you encounter when you are in a state of upliftment more of the time than not?

We know, you cannot avoid it all entirely, but we would like to ask that you avoid it as much as possible. So many of you are feeling fear that isn’t even yours. It’s fear you’ve absorbed from those “entertainment” and “news” forms. Its fear you’ve absorbed from your religions, from other organizations you attend “meetings” at, from your parents, from people you’ve allowed to be close to you. And we are encouraging you to clear the clutter. Cut out the fear-based anything wherever it shows up. And then when you feel it in your body, it will be much easier to assess what is yours and what is another’s and it will allow you to release any fear in your body with greater ease.

Fear is really about communication. Just like any other emotion. And we want you to treat all of your emotions as divine guidance that is meant to lead you forward into the bliss that you came here for.

We love you, and we are complete.

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This is the foundation of the “work” I do in the world and who I strive and desire to be in this lifetime. I love the way the JOGs broke this down for us (they are so good making the intangible, tangible!) so we can literally go through and check-off where we are at on this Spirit-Led Business path. Originally I thought the message was to write an article about Spirit-Led Business for The Huffington Post. When I went to tune into this in meditation today the JOGs said, “let us write it!” and then post it on the Love Blog. So…here it is! And I agree – this was definitely the way to go. Go JOGs! ;) Enjoy! Xo

# #  #

Today we want to talk to you about what a Spirit-Led business is and why it’s important and why it’s something that many are now being called to as consciousness goes through a tremendous shift into greater alignment with the Soul of who they really are and Source energy.

A Spirit-led business is the byproduct of a Spirit-led Life. A Spirit-led Life is a byproduct of a strong call from within, a strong desire to be of service at the highest level possible and to truly embody being a Spirit in a body. Which is, to fully claim yourself as the powerful Spirit being that you are and to fully carry out all that your Soul desired to carry out in this lifetime – what many of you call your Soul’s Purpose.

Each of you has many, many specific aspects that you intended to experience when you came here in this lifetime. You are all each working your way into greater and greater alignment with these aspects. And when you fully align with one of the many intentions you placed in your vibrational trajectory before you incarnated in this lifetime, it feels sublime. You feel free. You feel elated. You feel good.

And so, a desire for a Spirit-Led business is simply another one of these desires that you put into your vibrational trajectory. It aligns closely with a desire to live a Spirit-Led Life and a Spirit-Led Life is the core desire every Soul has. How fully they embody this depends on their conscious and unconscious choices, among other factors which we will not get into at this time.

Those called now to lead a Spirit-led business are showcasing themselves as those who are finding more continuous alignment with Source and with the Soul of who they really are.

Below are the hallmarks of a Spirit-led business and really you can apply this as the hallmarks of a Spirit-led Life – but we are attempting to keep things as simplified as possible – giving you bits of information as we go here so that it can be a more ease-ful understanding and experience for you:

  • A Spirit-led business releases all hold on needing to control outcomes from a mind perspective.
  • A Spirit-led business allows the deeper call within to guide all decisions, all offerings, all pricing structures, all forms of energy and output.
  • A Spirit-led business can be any type of business. It does not matter what the offering is. Anyone called can set the intention and run a Spirit-led business. And when they do – all manners not in alignment with Spirit (what you call Higher Consciousness, and Source/Higher Power energy) will fall away and in replacement – glorious new, abundant offerings will come to the surface. It’s an ecstatically amazing process that we invite you all into!
  • A Spirit-led business is fully intentional. It is filled with ritual. It is founded on a cornerstone of Spirit. Daily spiritual practices are key. All aspects of the business are treated energetically and spiritually – working with the core level of what buoys a business. This is the way you intended to treat everything in life! We are so thrilled so many of you are desiring to treat your businesses in this manner and from there letting it expand further. For many of you, this is the perfect place to start for a Spirit-led Life – take it piece by piece. This is how it has unfolded for Heather and it has served her very, very well. Now, she is on to extending Spirit-Led into every nook and cranny in her life and WOW is all she has been able to say to us and to many of you over and over again.
  • A Spirit-led business does not defer to statistics, “experts” or “industry” – a Spirit-led business follows inner guidance wholly and fully. The only level of “experts” needed in a Spirit-led business are the 1-2, maximum 3 guides or members of your Dream Team – as Heather calls it -that you are led to, to keep you as the owner of this business clear and aligned with the Soul of who you really are or what we would call your Source Self. All of you pick up and have accumulated limitations in beliefs and fears that over time no longer serve you. Releasing these and aligning to your core self is essential in a thriving Spirit-Led business. If you make your spiritual “development” – which is really and truly the only development any one of you ever need focus on – your priority and you let your inner guidance from a clear place guide you, your business will thrive. In fact, every area of your life will thrive. There is no other way for it to be.

A Spirit-led business feels good in your body. It feels like peace. It feels like calm. It feels like a big “yes”. It does not scramble outside for clarity, it goes within for clarity. When it finds seeming roadblocks it uses practices and tools and supports to shift into the next highest frequency. Because you know what those seeming roadblocks really are – don’t you? They are a call to step into your magnificence further. As we described in an earlier message regarding your emotions, every manner of everything including your emotions are signs on your pathway, redirecting, guiding you, showing you a new something to uncover about yourself to release and re-align.

A Spirit-led business is the only kind of business we would ever run if we were in your shoes. We are beyond happy that so many of you are feeling the call for this. We know it will serve you and the desires you have for your life – for abundance and wealth, for greater health, for better relationships – for all of it tremendously well. In this tremendousness you will uncover aspects of yourself you never imagined and you will fly higher than you have ever flown as a Spirit in a body. You will discover more of your true power and this power will bring you so much freedom and joy and good energy that you will not be able to keep yourself from sharing all of the goodness with all those you encounter.

Trust us, it is really that good.

In eternal love,

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…we had so many responses from the last post about the “outline” of how “Love” works. The JOGs are going to keep giving us more and more it appears to allow it to integrate within us on new levels. I am SO enjoying this “learning” process and I hope you are too! Love! Xo

# # #

We have much more to say to you on this topic of Love. We suppose it’s an eternal topic as your thirst for this knowledge remains unquenchable. It’s like a desire to know the unknowable because words will never do it justice. Words can never convey the pure sublime nature of truly loving another, of truly coming together with the Love of your Life.

Already so many of you are trying to figure out – “have I missed him/her” or “did I already meet the Love of my Life?” We want to tell you to not worry about it for one minute. We shared with you from a place of desiring to soothe your concern and worry and misinformation re: Love. That Twin Flame story really gets many of you all tied up in a knot and we just want you to know that there is no need. Your Love of your Life will know that you are their Love. There will be no question. There will not be battles, there will not be tumult and crazy-ness. That’s for you and your Wound Mates. And we know the Wound Mates often feel so “right” and we have to tell you – it’s because they are RIGHT. They are who you need to experience and vice versa to become more of who you really are. They bring in the wound to support you in healing it and re-aligning to your true nature. It is always a gift. So bless them, because they are gifts to you and you to them.

You must know something else as well – really and truly you could just not have this information and go about your business. But we know you so want this information. You want to understand how it all works. And because everyone’s vibrational trajectory is different and varied – the #1 thing you must do – is know yourself. Really make it your total commitment to know yourself at the deepest possible levels, make your relationship with yourself your first priority and as you know yourself, you begin to know other things too – like when you’ve met a Wound Mate vs the Love of your Life, like which modes of “work” are most aligned for you, like which “friends” truly are aligned for you – all of it. When you make your spiritual practice, when you make this path your #1 focus – all else comes to you with far more ease than when you do not. Sure, you’ll always get there…eventually – whether in this lifetime or the next, but how much more fun to have a more enjoyable journey, filled with more fun along the way and then come together with the perfect people, places, and opportunities. And we know you are wondering about our “getting there” comment – what we mean is – you will meet the Love of your Life, if you desire to, it will happen. Some of you will delay this because you will tie yourself in knots trying to make it work with a Wound Mate. And that’s okay, it’s not a super fun ride but that’s okay. We would love to see more of you with your divinely aligned partners, we believe Heather was calling them Divine Destined Partners for some time. This is the Love of your Life. We want more of you to be with that person. But the only way to be with that person is to do your “work” and to be really honest with yourself. Many of you are in a relationship that has reached its expiration date. You know this on a deep level. But there is a house and maybe children and other commitments and it seems too messy to leave. And we have to tell you – it is too messy to stay. It all sorts of messes with your vibration and with your ability to live the fullness of this experience when you stay when you know in your Soul that you need to go. And we know it’s tough at times for you, we are not suggesting otherwise. We just desire for more of you to really own your magnificence and align first with the Soul of who you really are and then allow the Love of your Life to flow to you with ease.

And this is where it gets really, really good. No matter if you are single or in relationship – if you will make the commitment right here, right now to your spiritual path being your #1 priority and that you know that part of that path is being with the Love of your life – things will begin to shift for you. Invoke us – call in your guides and angels of the highest light – ask for Heaven and Earth to be moved to support you in this. Ask for the right teachers, facilitators, supports – what Heather calls your Dream Team – to be fully known to you. Ask to be shown the way so that this can occur for you. Because when this is your aim and focus, and you invoke us to support you – it’s less messy and there is more ease.

You don’t have to fight or “figure out” if you’re with the Love of your Life (although if you’re asking – there’s your answer we must tell you – you will know with absolute certainty that you are when you are) – the relationship will either continue or it will not. It really can be that easy. And the coming apart, if that is the path, can be amicable and loving and beautiful. And then, then from there you must be aligned and committed to not falling into old patterns, to really showing up in your highest light so that you may magnetize to you the Love of your Life with ease.

For those of you with the Love of your Life already – we want to see you honoring the connection as such. There needs to be more love, more romance, more sex. Make the relationship a priority for you. Plan outings, plan fun, plan joy, plan sex – we don’t care – just make it happen. You do this by your intention, your focus, and your deep desire to take relationship where it has never gone before. You can do this and you absolutely have the power to do this, we assure you. And with ease.

You can be with the Love of your Life and it can be EASY most of the time!! Yes, easy! Make that commitment, ask to be shown the way – and again all of Heaven and Earth is here at your disposal to support you. Seriously and truly.

So this is the next piece we just had to give you because others were asking Heather and we could feel others of you asking in your minds and hearts. Enjoy sinking into this and offering your invocations.

We want you to remember that you came here for Divine love with the Love of your Life – nothing less will do! Now go forth and Love!

Until next time,

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This message came through on 3/12/15. And settle in – it’s a big one! Xo

# # #

We’re talking about Love again! Everyone’s favorite topic. And it’s your most favorite topic because you know – that’s where all the really, really good stuff is. When you feel that heart opening, when you feel that heart connection, when you feel the depth of the expansion and the magnificence of what it feels like to be loved and to love –there is simply no comparison. Some of your chocolate cakes come close in comparison, but not nearly. We’re just joking with you.

There really is no comparison at all in the world to that feeling of love. Of course in the non-physical we’re pretty much in that state all of the time, but when you’re in a body feeling those feelings and you focus your attention on another, your other, well, there’s nothing like it to be in a body and be in bliss. The feelings, the sensations of the body – the orgasms. It’s what you came here for you know, well part of what you came here for. Because you wanted to FEEL. Feelings in a body are much different than feelings in non-physical in that the feelings are radiating through a body and that brings with it a completely different experience because of your senses. You don’t realize how much you were really desiring to have that / this experience before you incarnated. You said, “Give me a body! Give me a body! I want to feel! I want to feel it all!”

And you did and you do. Really and truly. You want to feel it all. Which means, sometimes in Love, it doesn’t turn out the way you were originally hoping it would and so you don’t feel so good. But we have to tell you – you came even for that. You came to have that contrasting emotion so that when you re-aligned with Love again – you remembered and could feel so radically how good it feels to truly Love.

So, Love – most important feeling on the planet, the one everyone is after – whether they are running countries or are making movies or are sitting on a couch in the middle of the world pondering the state of their heart and what they desire. Love fills you up. It allows you to remember who you really are on many levels. And it just feels good on top of everything else. So many of you shame yourself for wanting it, feel guilty that you want it so and we say to you – what better thing could you possibly want? Others of you have it and wish you didn’t or have it and take it for granted. And we want you to really turn to look at that person and thank them, thank them right now for being here and being here with you. It’s a marvelous thing that is happening between you two – don’t you realize?

What keeps many of you from experiencing the fullness of this experience – either in not allowing yourself to be matched up with your Beloved, or being with your Beloved and wishing for something different or taking him/her for granted – is that you forget what a privilege it is to love another. You forget that you two decided, quite some time ago to come together like this for the purpose of co-creating at a more magnificent level. Yes, when two of you come together with a deep Love between you and a desire to create a home or a family or make the world a better place or a business or to create anything – a quiche even – it is more powerful than when only one of you does. It’s richer, more FULL. And you know this which is why you desire it so powerfully.

Yes, you knew you would come together. You knew it. We gave this news to Heather a few days ago, we gave her our “outline” of what and how this Love/partner thing works. She has been milling it over for a little bit of time now, trying to decide if she believes us. She is mentally going through the couples she knows, the celebrity couples she knows, the ancestral couples she has heard about in her family line and she is trying to match it up with what we’ve shared to see if she really believes us. You see, some part of her wonders if it could be this easy – receiving the messages from us, being in partnership. And we tell her and we will keep telling her as we tell you – yes it is! It really IS this easy. It really is this good.

So, here’s how it works, here is as linear as we could give it to you the way this Love thang (yes, we’re stealing some of Heather’s slang) works:

  • Spiritual Soul Mates – you all have Spiritual Soul Mates (we are Heather’s) – Soul’s you have journeyed with before in other lifetimes and who you often come together with, with one or more of you on the non-physical side and the other in the physical. And the Soul Mates on the non-physical side are specifically working with you to support you in living your purpose and having the most abundant, amazing life you can possibly have in this lifetime. So, you know these Souls from before. They are your Soul Family. And you “meet” them usually in the way Heather met us – you are open enough, you are doing your spiritual work, you are asking the bigger questions and we come to you and let you know who we are and that we are here to support you. Then, the more you engage us, the more we are able to support you – we cannot do so without your permission and once you start working with your Spiritual Soul Mates consciously – as Heather has discovered – Life just takes off with so much more magic. It’s like you simply ask, and it is! And that’s because when you are aligned and you ask us and ask us directly, we can respond with ease. We would say this is one of the most important pieces to tune in to as a Spirit in a body. Connect with your Spiritual Soul Mates! We really have the ability to support your life in miraculous ways. We will get you connected to the right opportunities, people, etc.

Which then leads us to…

  • The Love Of Your Life – Every single one of you has a Love of your Life. And yes, there is only ONE. We know this is going to flip some of you out, Heather certainly started asking about a million questions when we shared this with her. And we will tell you this. Yes, there is only one, but you CANNOT MISS this person. It’s not possible for you to be living in LA and they live in China and your paths will never cross or you have to go on Match.com International or something to “find” them. You never have to “find” them. They are in your vibrational trajectory and you are in theirs. There is NO CHANCE that you will miss each other. There is a chance that you will not meet them until…well, until you line up your energy to allow them in. This is all an alignment process after all. So you must be aligned to the Soul of who you really are. And you must have powerful desire without limitations clouding you to come together with the Love of your Life. We encourage you to use this term specifically. The other terms can send all sorts of confusing, label-ridden, conditioned vibrations into the ethers and we like for you to be very, very clear. You aren’t here for your boyfriend or girlfriend or partner (that is just too nebulous – we are bound to bring you a dog or a business partner (!) because we aren’t totally sure and your alignment is not necessarily “there” for the Love of your life to come in with this terminology) or even your husband or wife (gasp!). Heather really gasped at this one! For those of you who know her story – you know why! You will be most satisfied, most blissed out with the Love of Your Life – you just will. So this Love is like the best friend you never had but always wanted, the Lover that you always desired. They will feel like a “yes”, it will be easeful to come together with them, it will feel so good, but not in a mind way, in a deep, Soul-centered, clear way. And you two, if you will allow it, will journey on together for as long as your vibrational trajectory dictates.

Which brings up an important question that Heather had for us – can you meet the Love of your Life and then “mess” it up? Well, first know that you can’t ever really mess anything up. The Universe is always recalibrating for you, we are always taking care of things for you. The Love of Your Life is in your vibrational trajectory so it is done – you WILL meet him/her. Now, we have seen some of you, push this relationship away. You hit a point of expansive growth and you fly the coop. And if your desire is powerful enough and if you have enough momentum going in that direction, yes, you can push that person away. But, eventually he/she will come back, once you return to your alignment. Why? They are the Love of your Life – there is no other option for either of you. There will not be anything more satisfying than for you two to return to one another.

It is also possible that one of you may transition into the non-physical before the other and that is how the relationship comes to an “end”. Of course it is really just another beginning, not an ending. When this happens, the Love of your Life will begin working with you from the other side like your Spiritual Soul Mate team. And it is possible that you will enjoy Great Love after the passing on of the Love of your Life to the non-physical. Sometimes that is how it works for some of you and it is divinely guided as such.

Now, we have to go even deeper to be clear about what you all call Soul Mates in the physical…

  • We’re afraid to tell you there has been a little confusion – these are not actually Soul Mates. These are Wound Mates. They feel so “familiar” because they have a gift for you. They are about to show you a wound that is unhealed within you that is ready to be released and re-aligned. And so yes, there is often this big coming together and you both feel sure that you have found your “one” – but over time it becomes clear that the relationship is showing you and reflecting back to you some very discordant aspects of your vibration that perhaps you didn’t even know were there. This is a good thing! That is what they are there for, for you and you for them. They are preparing you for the Love of your Life. These wounds must be released before you can truly enjoy and benefit fully from the relationship with the Love of Your Life. Celebrate this discovery! Then, as the wound becomes clear, allow yourself to see it and release it. Then when that occurs and you realize the relationship no longer fits or feels right (the Wound Mate has done their “job” so to speak) – celebrate and release one another! Allow the parting to be as beautiful as the coming together! There is no need for drama, or for resistance – it is futile. Celebrate and thank one another for the contribution to your Soul’s evolution that they have made. In that way, yes, you could call them a Soul Mate, but it is not the same as the concept you think is Soul Mate which says “forever love”. No, these individuals are here to support the evolution of your Soul and their Soul. It is never one just “helping” the other either – both Soul’s are supporting one another in Wound healing and evolution in these relationships.

You may have 100’s of these – well, we’re teasing you, most likely not hundreds – but depending on your vibrational trajectory and what you felt inspired to evolve and remember and enjoy in this lifetime, you may have many of these. And that is okay. Please know that that is absolutely okay. You may spend years with these individuals if that’s what it takes, you may marry them, you may have children with them, you may buy homes with them – whatever it takes to allow you both to slough off those wounds and become better acquainted with the Soul of who-you-really-are so that you can fully enjoy being with the Love of your Life.

So there you have it. Now you have as linear of an outline as we could ever give you about this Love thang.

Until next time,

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