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Oh, this is soooooo good! This answers like 10 questions about “manifesting” in 1-shot. Enjoy every morsel of it. Love. You. Xo

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Hear this – almost always when you are trying to make anything happen, it simply cannot happen. Do you hear that? Do you understand what this means? What we are calling forth from you here is a way of holding and carrying energy that will allow you to experience that which you desire, and we want you to get this very, very clearly. When you want something so badly, when you are trying to make something happen, when you need this something to happen – it cannot, and will not come to you. The very act of needing and wanting repels that thing that you want.

We are asking of you, we are asking of you kindly but firmly – to stop doing that to yourselves. Instead what we are suggesting to you is this – have the presence of who you really are with you so firmly held that the minute you find yourself needily wanting something you stop what you’re doing and you acknowledge – this energy, this vibration will not allow me to experience that which I am wanting.

So we know you are asking – well how am I supposed to manifest anything if I can’t have anything I really, really want?

And we are saying – no – you did not hear us correctly then. You can absolutely have everything you want, but when you are trying or efforting to make something happen – it cannot come to you.

We are also clarifying here and this is something we shared with Heather a few moons ago – you are not manifesting anything. You do not manifest anything. You co-create everything. So even if you are not aware or not conscious, everything that has manifested in your experience was a co-creative process because you have a team that is working with you whether you know it or not. And you can disavow that team and ignore it and push it aside but your team will do whatever it can to support you whenever it can. And when you consciously begin working with your team, when you are actively co-creating together that is when the magic happens. That is when things flow to you. That is when life just keeps getting more and more and more and more of what you truly desire and will continue to do so for as long as you will allow it to.

So let’s say – you want something. And we know you do and you cannot help but want it because after all you incarnated here in this lifetime because you had things you wanted to experience. You had a plan of sorts, a vibrational trajectory that was and is carrying you forward. So you didn’t come here to stay inside all day and watch TV. No, you came here to live fully your purpose and experience the magnificence of every moment. And yes, we know there are occasionally those moments on TV, we are not saying TV is wrong but we are saying that if that’s all you’re doing – you are missing so so so much of what is here for you.

So, to continue, let’s say this thing that you want does not seem to be coming to you. All of you have something like this because you were not meant to experience everything you desire by now. Because you cannot. Because everything you desire continues to shift and change and expand and unfold in new and surprising ways. We did not want you to get bored after all. We are kidding here, for anyone who is bored is simply unconscious to the light within them and is simply avoiding the power of what is all around them and within them.

So if it is not coming and you are trying to decide how to make it come, you are already off track.

Here is what you do instead;

You say to your Spirit Team, very clearly – Heather does this with us all of the time and it works so very beautifully, “You know that I want this thing. You know I desire it from a deep and powerful place (and if you do not desire it from a deep and powerful place it’s most likely not actually yours to have, so let it go as soon as you identify this truth). And I am now surrendering this thing to you my guides and angles of the Highest Light. If it is Divine Will and if it serves my Highest Good to have this thing – then please bring it to me with ease and grace. If it is simply not the Divinely inspired perfect time for me to experience said thing – please send me a sign by tomorrow night at ___ (name your time here) to let me know you hear me, you understand and to let me know that it is en route to me. If it is not in my Highest Good to have this thing, please release my desire for it with ease and grace. And so it is. Amen.”

And there you have it. You will then receive communication if this thing is part of your path and if you are open to receiving from us – which if you are making this prayer, then you certainly are – that will let you know that this thing is en route you.

For example, Heather loves the radio. She loves it so much. We gave this to her early on, in fact it has been with her since she was a teen. She wanted to go to Mt. Hood Community College’s radio broadcasting school program, but her religion would not allow her. She married a radio morning show host. She has been on the radio in so many different formats and ways and she absolutely loves it. And so we have been giving this to her throughout her life in varying manners and again we are bringing it back around – she has been doing all sorts of interviews and just loving loving loving it. And she says to us as we have been nudge her “maybe I should have my own show?” This is actually not something she has ever considered before until now. And we of course know that this is in her destiny that this will happen for her. And so…it starts showing up in her dreams, opportunities flow to her, and recently an opportunity came in that felt like it might be it. And she really felt alignment in many ways but not completely. And she asked our permission to investigate it more and we gave her the yes, which gave her a lot of excitement because we hadn’t given that before when she had asked. So now she is thinking – this is it – this is possibly the opportunity to allow me to expand in this way that I have been desiring since I was a teen but didn’t even really know or understand that I was desiring. And she investigates and talks with some people and does her research only to find – no it was not the opportunity for her.

And she was a little irritated with us. “Don’t send me on wild goose chases” she said to us. And we said to her – that opportunity coming in was the most closely matched to any opportunity that has come your way. And we gave you the all clear to move forward with it because we wanted you to feel the joy of that and the delight of it and we also wanted you to see what made it not right for you so that when it is the Divine timing for this – you will know it so clearly there will be not one shred of doubt in your body-mind-Spirit.

So sometimes dear ones you get the all clear and you are delighted and excited and you are like, “this is it!” and it IS it, but not in the way you always think it is. You do this with relationships and jobs and all manners of opportunities.

Relax. Everything that is coming to you is coming to you for a reason, it is giving you information that will serve you very very well. And some of the opportunities will last a lifetime and other opportunities will not and both are perfectly okay.

Now Heather could have efforted, she could have tried to make this opportunity that came in work for her because she wants and desires this experience. But that would have put her down a road that she eventually would have had to bail on because it was not fully aligned with her Highest Good and it would have been really bumpy and not the joyful experience that is really here for her. So just don’t do that. Just wait it out for the full and complete alignment. It is so much better for you when you do. You feel so much better when you do. Your life is filled with joy after joy after joy when you do.

We are complete.

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Oh, I love this message so very much. They are giving it to us so straight, so aligned, so YES. I can feel it in every cell of my body. Can you? I can’t believe how I spent most of my life making it all so ridiculously dramatic – unnecessarily so. Wow. Love this & Love you! Xo

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When you’re in the world that you’re in you are often trying so hard to manage so many different aspects of your existence that you forget about what truly matters. You get caught up in things going wrong or potentially going wrong or what this one said or what the other one said and we want you to know that we can understand how it catches your attention and yet we want you to know this very truth – it does not matter.

Here is actually what does matter:

  • 1- How do you feel in your body right now in this here and now moment?
  • 2- What would make you feel more joyful than you feel right now?
  • 3- What thoughts do you need to focus on right now to align with this joy?

That is what matters.

Without a connection to the truth and core of who you really are – there is no way to really know the answer to any of those questions. There are so many people and they want to tell you what to do and which way to go and what program to take and what tips and tricks will make you perfect and fabulous and then others who are closer to you who want you to make this choice or that choice because they believe it will serve you (and them).

And so, so many of you are running yourselves right into the ground doing doing, doing, doing for everyone but yourself. And we want to encourage you, to ask of you, to entreat you to really take this time and take time every day to connect with what your true desires truly are.

And we know and we hear you as you say “but there are new tires to get and kids to pick up and this deadline, and they demand that I do that which I do not desire to do”. And we say – that is your work. Right there. Your work is to create a life that does not demand of you aspects that are not in full alignment and full harmony with your Soul and the path for which you are here for. Your job if there truly was one is to identify and know and create all that lights you up and takes you higher.

But some of you – some of you – just let yourself get so taken out by the things you perceive are going wrong or not taking you Higher. And we get it and yet – it is not meant to take you out. It is meant to incite you to powerful, creative, joyous action.

“Oh, I’m sick”, you say .
“Yes”, says the doctor.

“Oh, okay now this is really something else. Think of all of the trouble my body has gone to to get this message to me. Think of what it must be trying to tell me. Think of the joyous-ness that must be on the other side of THIS.”

That is the response we are desiring from you.

And when your lover leaves.

“Oh wow, would you look at that. Look at what must be in store for me if this Lover had to leave like THAT. Oh wow, it must be something really amazing because I know that it and all is always working out in my Highest Good. So this – this apparent, alleged drama is only an indicator that I am one step closer to the all that I so desire from the very core and heart and Soul of me.”

And we say “yes! Now you’ve got it, now you get it. Now you understand. You understand that tuning in to YOU is the most important piece of this life journey. And sometimes there will be pieces of You that you are not so readily and easily tuned in to. Aspects that seem to be hidden from you. Others would call this your “shadow” self and all we would call it are the parts that still await your acknowledgment and attention and Light. That is all it is. And sometimes the ways these aspects get your attention is a sickness or a Lover leaving or a job leaving or a new person showing up.

But whatever way it happens you can be assured that if you are attuned to the core of you – the more you would know this truth we are giving to you now and so no matter how annoying or aggravating or saddening – you would know that those emotions were not necessary. You would stand in the middle of this said wrong thing happening – this is the calm in the storm that we have talked about previously – and you would know with absolute certainty – “well this must be happening so that my life can get even better. Something really fantastic is certainly in store for me now.”

It can be as “simple” as your electronics not working properly or a driver cutting you off in traffic. All of it, every single bit of it is just one step or a few short steps or maybe some long steps – it all depends on your trajectory – but either way – it’s on its way to your bliss. Every single time. But you miss this because you take yourself down so many tough roads with the stories that you tell. Stories that say you are less than or unworthy or somehow you have screwed things up. And you listen to experts tell you about diagnosis of what is wrong with you and what it means if you have what you have and if you act as you act and it’s just twisting you into a knot. And we say – it’s within you. Your Soul and your connection to your non-physical – what we are calling your Spirit Team – is what will anchor you into your truth, into your joy, into your bliss far more than anything else.

So for the love of us, for the love of Source, please ask yourselves the 3 questions we started with today. Remember that it’s all on the other side of wonderful. Even the wonderful things are just showing you that more wonderful is in store. Don’t worry – we’ll pick up the “other shoe dropping” topic soon (Heather is wanting us to go there now) but we will leave it here, in the perfect spot that it needed to be in. Soak this up and we will be with you again very soon.


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This message came in first thing this morning. However, I did not receive the “yes” to post it until just now. I am not entirely sure “why” in all detail of course but I do know that whatever the reason it’s being posted now so that those most aligned with this message will be able to receive it. Enjoy and I look forward to your comments & Love! Xo

# # #

There is an important message that we have for you today. And you may notice we say repeatedly that these are important messages. They are. Every single one of them has the ability to allow you to remember the core of who you really are, to remember your divinity, to remember why you came here at this time on this planet. You incarnated in this lifetime for a reason, for a purpose, for a divine unfolding. It was something you set into motion long ago – a strong desire to come forth and manifest in the physical. A strong desire to see what was possible as a Spirit in a body. A strong desire to support all of the energy that is here on this planet as well as others in becoming more aligned with Source while in a body. It’s not a test or a challenge or a school even as some have thought. It’s a strong desire. It’s a pull that you may not even be able to understand fully. But it is core within you. This desire to create. This desire to play with possibilities, the desire to experience deep emotions and to let them flood your body.

All of this lights you up, all of this is why you are here and why you came.

And you will notice, if you let yourself, that there are other individuals around you that you resonate with deeply. This again is part of this divine journey you are on. These are Souls that you have traveled with for many, many lifetimes and who many of you will continue to travel with in future lifetimes.

We have said this before and we most likely will say it again and again and again and again. You did not come here just for your trajectory, in fact, not one of you did. It is always to support all in becoming and embodying more of their Source self.

Some of you are holding particular strong anchors for a number of Spirit’s in a body. Some of you agreed before you came that you would be so fully focused, so fully focused on supporting the collective that your life would be a testament to this, that your life would showcase what is possible as a Spirit in a body. That you would with the support of Source, you would shine a light brighter than had been previously shown before and you would inspire those around you to remember their true path and their true divinity. And in doing so – all go higher, in doing so, all know more fully what it means to work with energy and to be in a body and to “work” with Spirit. And this is a path that lights up so many, including the Soul it is in. And many of you are carriers of this and you know who you are, you know it fully and you can feel it within you. You’ve had it within you from an early age, this knowing, this pull, this undeniable thirst for the why, for the healing, for the alignment, for the support of so many as you too rise to a new level of understanding of what it means to be a Spirit being and to have a body.

It’s is our wish, our desire, our deep hope for you – that you will heed these words. That you will take these words to heart and will allow them to imprint upon you the call that is deep within you. You have many distractions – you have people telling you what you should be doing in the media, on TV, on the Internet – oh wow – there are so many distractions there – your family and friends, magazines and movies.

There are distractions a plenty but those who are listening to the call of their Soul finds a way amidst the distractions to stay connected with their Soul and with their Spirit Team. We aren’t suggesting you abandon all media (although we would like you to abandon anything that is not in the Highest Light, that is not uplifting), we are asking that you make your #1 focus living fully the trajectory, the path, the YOU that you are here to live fully. Each of you know deep within – some more deeply than others – what this is.

Check in with yourself regularly – are you living the life your Soul came here to live? Do you feel expanded and open and filled with joy most of the time? Do you feel guided? Do you experience magic daily? These are the questions to ask. Ask to know what your Soul truly desires and then begin to follow those steps. Doing so will open doors and open possibilities that you could not have imagined previously.

Until next time,

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I Love this so much & I Love you! I really and truly do. Enjoy this and I look forward to reading your comments about how this integrates for you! Xo

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One day soon we intend that you will know and feel with every cell in your body how divinely loved and honored and cared for that you are. It is our deepest desire or one of our deepest desires for you to know while in the body how loved you truly are. How perfect you truly are, how miraculous you truly are. We want you to know in every cell of your being-ness just how much reverence and love that all of us have for you. And by all of us we mean Source and your Spirit Team and all in the Highest Light in the non-physical realms. And if you let yourselves really sink into it and feel it you too would feel this love this bounteous, deep love for all of the beings around you.

At times you get irritated or annoyed or agitated with one another or you think you are anyway and really underneath those emotions is a deep love for each other. A deep love for the other simply because they exist. We would like you to tune more into this emotion than any other emotion. When you find yourself annoyed with another or responding in ways that perhaps you don’t even realize why you are responding in such a way (we would call that your unconscious or subconscious at work) we would like you to stop for a minute and place both hands on your heart and ask to be aligned with the deep love and reverence that your non-physical self has for this being. And sure enough if you call on us – call on your guides and angels of the Highest Light you will be able to feel this. And then whatever happened can be “dealt” with in a way that is far more easeful for everyone. Solutions instantly appear and sometimes the need to do anything releases as well.

We are not saying that you should never speak up when you feel tension or discord in your relating with others – it is important to speak up if you feel the full alignment – the full body yes from Spirit to do so. And it is important to share your feelings or make your requests – yes of course. And we need you to know that the step before all of this – before you reach out and share is to feel into and connect to that deep love for the other and then reach out from that connected place. And when you do that – the other can hear you and receive you in a new, more aligned way and can honor and align with a solution that honors you both. You are bound to bump around with each other in your environments because you have all agreed to help one another in this way. You help bring the unconscious to the conscious, you help to go deeper in to your connection with one another with these instances. What we are suggesting and saying is that before going to any of that, anchoring in to the tenderness and love that you truly feel for the other will serve you all far better. This can be more difficult we hear some of you feeling/saying when it comes to family relationships where what you call triggers may be rampant or in intimate, romantic relationship if there is a history or seemingly so a history of patterned triggers.

We understand. We know that it can seem challenging to you and yet we want to invite you to implore from you your also divine ability to connect to the divine love that you have for them first before approaching the situation.

At the heart of it all there is a deep love. Even those who are hurting or killing each other in this country or in other countries. If they could stop for a minute and feel into the heart of who they are, they would find there, maybe just a small spark of love at first, but upon further alignment with it they would feel a well of love for the other that they are “supposed” to hate or feel they must hurt to feel safe in who they are.

It is at the core of each and every one of you. This deep love, this love that knows no bounds. It is the love that binds us all together.

So yes, you may get on one another’s nerves. You may feel annoyed or angry or rageful even. But those feeling are just indicators of misalignment. And perhaps that individual is misaligned for you. Perhaps they do not need to be part of your intimate circle or experience. Or perhaps the emotion is letting you know that you are misaligned in the work you are doing or what you are offering or in the forum that this occurrence is even occurring. Whatever the message of the emotion is – trust that it is simply giving you information about your alignment and that you can easily shift that into a place of more alignment. Tuning in and allowing yourself to feel the love of your brother, sister, friend, lover, mother, father, daughter, son, coworker, loved one, stranger you “do not know” will serve you, and all manners of solutions will be made available to you.

We hear some of you saying it’s just not that easy and again we hear you and we encourage you to begin to work with this. It is of course a practice that builds on itself, for as you open up to your deep heart love for all beings, it begins to expand and expand so that you can feel it at greater and greater depths. You were born this way, you were wired this way, you were made this way, you all incarnated onto this planet with a deep ability to love each other. You all came in knowing that you are love and that you love all beings. You all have that within you. Over time, conditions and experiences may guard up or clog up this ability to feel this deep love inside of you – but it is still there. So as you crack it open more and more, more and more of it can be illuminated into your consciousness and therefore bring solutions and flow and ease to all manner of friction or tension in your world.

We promise you, it is within you.

And we promise you that you can love another very, very much and also choose to be far, far away from them. You can love another so much and also know they are not the Highest Light for you. And that is okay. What is important is that you allow yourself to feel the love and then from that place you can choose – in or out? Do I want this person in my sphere or swirl as Heather likes to call it, or do I want them far away? And you can choose. But when you are choosing to push them away from an angry place or a “triggered” place as you call it – more and more of them will come to you, either that person or more like them. When you can feel the love that is within you and bless them from that place and then feel the misalignment of having them in your world then they go and stay gone and it is all easeful and good for you and for them. Then each of you can live out what you’re here to experience separately without ever needing to or having to or ever seeing or connecting with one another again.

Really, it works like this and is so easy. But if you do not take the time to do your personal alignment first, then it creates far more bumps, far more potholes even if we’re using the road analogy. And you just don’t need that. You have far more important things to do than hang out in pothole-ville.

Trust us on this one.

Go forth and enjoy, and know that you are loved so deeply and so truly by all –whether or not they can express this to you.


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This one took me a bit to “get”, but by the end of reading it – I felt such peace and integration of what the JOGs are sharing with us here. This is a deep fine-tuning that is making a huge difference in my life’s unfolding! My mind is still working with it :) and this message most definitely helped me. It’s my intention it does the same in aligning you to the core awesome that YOU are too. Love! Xo

# # #

We entreat you, kindly to lean in and listen closely to what we are about to share with you. It is something that will shift every area of your life if you will follow it and take this guidance, this divine guidance to heart. We know that many of you are desiring, really yearning for a feeling, a feeling that exceeds all other feelings. It is the feeling of Love. Of true Love, of true alignment with the Love that you are. The whole of who you really are, of your essential self, of your Source self. There are many names of this divinity within because it is so difficult to use words that accurately convey the Highest Light that is within you and that of which you are made of. So we try here in this way and sometimes the words really land and you feel it. We will keep doing our best here because we so want you to feel in every cell of your body that which we are desiring for you to fully feel.

This feeling of Love, this feeling that is YOU the true you is the feeling that you are searching for. It’s the feeling you are searching for in almost everything you do. Slow it down, take a breath, and allow yourself to feel this truth. What is the feeling you are going after when you eat that food, when you go to that beach, when you take that walk, when you go to that restaurant, when you call up that friend? What it is that you at the core of you are wanting to feel?

You are wanting to feel you. You are wanting to feel the truth of who you really are.

And the action sometimes can get you there. And sometimes the action doesn’t get you there and you feel disappointed. And sometimes it does and you notice it doesn’t last as long as you would like, so you perhaps take another action again in hopes of feeling or aligning with that Love within.

And we say you can just cut to the chase here, and fast-forward to get to the Love within you.

But how do you do it you may ask? And again, you are wanting an action to get you there.

And we understand because how else canit happen? It is a fine-tuning that is happening here, an uplifting of your frequency into greater alignment with the core of Spirit that you know at a very deep level and that is accessible by all of you. So we will give you a new expanded understanding now on how to feel the Love within you.

You first must ask to know and feel the Love within you from your Spirit Team aka your guides and angels of the Highest Light, and you ask to carry this Love with you wherever you go and in whatever you are guided to do.

And then you meditate, every single day you meditate. And perhaps your focus is to feel the love that is within but we would like it better if there was not agenda of achievement for this. You meditate because you know deep within that it is most in alignment for you.

And then from this place you take any actions that feel good to you.

When you now know with this new knowing that the whole emotion you are after, what you really want to feel is the Love of yourself the Love Source has for you, the Love all of Spirit has for you – then you’ve now shifted your frequency. Yes, this seemingly slightest of tweaks in your understanding, this actual expansion in your understanding is what can make all of the difference.

What you’ll find as Heather is finding as we are guiding her day by day sometimes moment by moment with this is that you do not need to “do” as much as you did before. In fact, you may find as Heather does that there is not much that you even want to do other than simmer in the enjoyment and the pure pleasure of feeling the Love within and all around you.

And that in itself shifts you and your life into a frequency that aligns more fully with your vibrational trajectory and allows more of what you desire to flow to you.

Then when you do take any action, you are feeling so in that place of Love that you just get to enjoy whatever it is – whether it’s going to the gas station or sitting on your deck staring at the trees blowing in the wind or it’s going to the grocery store. And you will find as Heather has that so much just comes to you when you live from this place, so that somehow the details of life sort themselves out in new and surprising ways making merely a fraction of the action you use to take needed to bring in “bigger”, more aligned manifestations than when you took a whole bunch of action with little results.

We want you to prepare every day like this. To set this new focused intention, to tune in to the frequency of Love that is at your core.

Often you will make another person – romantic or friend – as your way to feel love and let yourself feel Love and we understand that because it can seem easier but then it is just like the chocolate cake or the other actions you might be taking to feel love – it won’t and can’t last.

It is far better to feel it already within you and let that emanate from you in your life.

Even better to know is that this Love is not somewhere outside of you – even in the ethers of what you may call “heaven”. It is all within you. Earlier on in our messages to you we asked you to feel this Love for yourself. And now we are guiding you in a fine-tuning of that that is really about.

Because we see you, we so many of you doing doing doing doing doing. And you know the principles of Law of Attraction, you know how this stuff works. And yet still you are overly focused on this achievement/doing wheel, a hamster wheel really that is not allowing you to really and truly feel the bliss that is you.

The other day, Heather was in meditation and we in concert with her, supported her in going deeper than maybe she has ever gone before, her meditations are becoming more and more like that now that she is at this place in her unfolding – and she was in such a state of pure bliss in this meditation she could not even fathom moving out of it ever again and when she noticed it – she was just so astounded but then almost immediately in her noticing this Love Bliss she began to pull herself out as she noticed her mind wondering how long it would last to feel this good and contemplating how she had meditated before without feeling this good.

We share this with you because we want you to know that this is a process. This is a process of remembering the core of who you really are and what you’re here to do/be/have in this life from a place of not having to do but from a place of alignment. Ah, we hear you worried about not taking action and what that would mean for you. You can’t help but take action we are just asking you to tune your frequency to a higher level so that the action you do take can be more aligned. Which makes it all so effortless.

It makes it as such in that you’ll think you are going to go “do’ something and then you sit with this knowing of Love in meditation and then you come out of it and you no longer need to go do whatever it was you thought you needed to do because you realize that the whole reason you were even going to do that thing was because you hoped you could feel like this. And now since you feel like this, you can marinate here in this bliss and love and then see what wants to be called forth from you from this fully and wholly aligned place. And maybe as that happens the phone rings, a letter arrives, a knock is heard on the door, your phone chimes and the next beautiful unfolding is delivered to you.

That’s how we would like more of you to live.

Not meditating your life away, but aligning your life into further and more expanded bliss.

We know that there is no better way that you could or can live that this.

We are complete.

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This is so beautiful and contains a powerful message for YOU. They were coming through fierce today. Love these reminders about how our path is “set” up (and all of the examples from my journey – wow – so wild!). Enjoy! Xo

# # #

Beloved one. We’re here with you today for a great purpose and for a great reason. There is much we wish to tell you, so many things we desire for you to know. And yet we must carefully lay out the pieces, giving you piece by piece wisdom that you have access to with your connection to your Higher Self and your Spirit Team but with which it can be so much easier to hear and digest when it comes from another.

You see all are like that. You can know something in the core of your being but your mind may doubt it or people you consider important people in your life may doubt it and so it causes you to doubt it. And then, you ask or we hope you are asking and then your Spirit Team and Higher Self – who work together on your behalf – will send you a sign – some kind of nudge or tug or pull to let you know “you got it – you know this thing that is being said to you right now is true.”

And that’s what these messages are for you. They are reminders of the deep wisdom that is available to all. That is why so many are able to do this kind of “work” in various ways – because their perspective will allow a specific group of people to hear their message clearly. That is Heather’s role here too – there is a group of people that Heather can reach in a way that no one else can – a way that will shift them into a higher frequency of alignment with the Soul of who they really are and so that is why she is doing this “work”. And there are others who are the same. They are contracted to reach a certain group of people that only can hear the message from them in the way that they bring it through.

That is why there is no competition ever our loves. There is no need to worry about will this one get it or that one get it or if I don’t hurry and do this or that someone else will take it. No, no no, no, no. It’s not like that at all.

And we can feel the desire to know more about this term contracted that we use. You see, before you came into this body that you are currently in there was an outline if you will of specific experiences and specific people that would be important for you in order for you to experience what you desire to experience in this lifetime that you agreed upon. And often, part of this outline would include key “contracts” or agreements if you will of experiences/people that you are here to support or come together with in some way. And so that is what we mean. It is not like you can get this wrong either. You can’t miss a contract just like you can’t miss the Love of your life. (Note: See earlier posts on this.)

It is set up so that you will in fact come together with these people, it can’t not happen. Now the timing of it and the exact manner in which it happens is up to you and your ability to follow the signs and honor them and trust your gut as you call it or your intuition. You cannot get this wrong of course, as we’ve assured you many times. Spirit will always recalibrate for you – it will always shuffle things around if you “miss” the message or aren’t able to align your energy is the more accurate way to frame it to take the next step on your path.

For instance, Heather was told by an intuitive before she even became a BodyTalk practitioner that she did not need BodyTalk – she could do it if she wanted to, but that she already had what she needed to serve large groups of people and support their shifting into a Higher Frequency. Heather could not believe this. The woman told her she was going to lead large groups and would be part of supporting the collective in raising to a Higher Frequency of Consciousness. Heather thought she had just wasted her money! But really that was us trying to let her know this was part of her path. Only she did not have any conscious desire (her Higher Self sure did!) to lead groups and she certainly didn’t believe she had anything to offer a group of people without at least knowing BodyTalk. So, she pushed ahead and all worked out really, really well for her (we wanted her to know she was on the right track and getting closer to where her Higher Self deeply desired to be). But we are telling you right now – one way or the other she was going to end up here like this, translating these messages bringing them to all of you. She was going to be guided to bring massive alignment to massive amounts of people whether it was BodyTalk or not.

This still stuns her as she feels she did not have any of this capacity without BodyTalk and we assure her and you she did – only she had not and did not know how to line up the energy so that she could. This was always inside of her, this was always part of her path.

And so it is with you. There are certain technologies or modalities you can choose to study and learn and expand into – if it lights you up – by all means – do it. But know that the modalities and their power are their power based on your trajectory and what you are here on this path to do. Some are studying things that are of no use to them. They are only doing it because others have told them that it will have the best return on investment and that it will allow them to be this or that level of successful. And we say – that isn’t so. The only way you will know the right path for you is that it will feel like the most natural thing in the world once you lock into it. Now that Heather is here she is wondering how she was never not here. But prior to that she thought it was ridiculous to believe she would or could guide anyone anywhere or translate messages from Spirit or have anything to do with non-physical energy.

And that just shows you how misaligned she was with her true truth. And that’s okay, because she found her alignment and you always do. We are nudging you, we are guiding you and so every moment of your life is not some random occurrence and certainly the big things that happen to you are not random occurrences – they are all happening – believe us when we say this – they are all happening to support you in becoming more of who you really are.

Heather’s conscious mind and personality needed the framework of BodyTalk to have the confidence to see what was possible for her and the impact she could have. Fine, we acquiesced to that. We were there with her watching her go through the coursework and cheering her on. But always she was going to be here.

And always you were going to be here, right where you are now, reading this message. You – it was sanctioned as such long ago, you are one of the ones that is ready for this message You are one of the ones that said – I want to have big experiences in this lifetime, I want to go where no one has gone prior to this lifetime, I want to be right there on the edge uncovering the deepest and most exciting facets of this existence and not only that but I want to be creating new experiences and objects and subjects and topics and joys and laughter – things that have never been known before.

And that’s why you are here.


We are so happy you are here and we are overjoyed at your desire to know more and live more and expand more and love more and really do all that is available to you as a Spirit in a body. Because there is so much. And sometimes these things happen in your quiet moments in solitude or in quiet moments with those you love or in big wins in your life experience – this knowing, this alignment, this bliss is available to you in any and every moment.

So what will you do with this?

How will you allow yourself to expand from these knowings that we are bringing to you? Will you take the action that your Soul is asking for? Will you slide deeper into the core of who you really are and enjoy the absolute glory of it? Will you make new choices and will you summon the power that is around you to have a life that is one you may have or never have been able to dream of?

It is our intention that you will.

It is our intention that you will remember this call within and you will allow these messages to inspire you to the greatness that is you. That you will remember that there is plenty available for everyone – really there is – there is no shortage of anything on your planet even though it may be told to you that there is. You are powerful creators and so the minute you decide and align the energy for your full alignment and the full abundance for you, your family, your community, your state, your country, your planet – it is so.

Follow these words and prosper, we promise you this. There is no shortage. There is only abundance.

We are complete.

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Okay, no – THIS is my favorite post yet. It’s so good! I did my tax payment ritual, got into a super High vibe, kissed my checks, blessed them and everyone involved and then went about my evening. I was not expecting a JOG message tonight. But as I was folding laundry (as good of time as any, eh?!), I felt them and they said it was time – they had an important message about Money to bring through. And this, well this is just fantastically, awesomely, amazing. Enjoy! Love! Xo

# # #

Tonight we have a message for you regarding money. Money this thing that so many clamor for, so many desire, so many feel desperate with or without. The process of money and acquiring money is so simple and yet it can evade so many and rule so many others. The trick with this Money piece is to first stop giving it so much power over you. It’s so important to recognize that it is just a thing, another thing just like anything else. And because so many place it in a state of high value and because it is how you transfer energy for output and input – it has risen it’s desirability by all or most.

We are not in criticism of money or the system of exchange. Exchange is a natural law of the Universe. You see it in everything. There is always some aspect being exchanged for another – rain leaves the clouds and the flowers blossom. The flowers blossom and the bees thrive – and on and on it goes in ways big and small. So exchange is an important component of anything in the Universe. Not in a transactional way mind you, but rather in a way that allows each participating member to thrive. That is why the big component or trick as we are calling it tonight is that all money must be connected to allowing another to thrive in an expanded way.

So that when you are giving or receiving money you are inherently connected to the knowing that this organization or person or company or system is going to thrive at a newly expanded level because of the abundance you are giving to it. And you, you in your receiving of said service or item or aspect will also thrive in a newly expanded way because of it.

We felt this message was most appropriate as so many of you in the United Statas are making your tax payments – something that culturally is looked down upon with much disdain. Much negativity is directed at these organizations or governments as you call them. Heather just finished her tax payment blessing ritual and she called us in exuberantly and with much insistence to support her in feeling fully aligned as she wrote – some of the biggest checks she’s ever written – to these organizations. She wanted to be flying high as she wrote them, she wanted blessings and light to surround the payments so that she felt so aligned and so High and so good about what she was giving to these organizations as well as what she was also receiving. She began to connect with – out loud – all of the benefits that she receives as a member of her state and of her country. And as she talked out loud about all of the benefits she could feel herself going higher and higher in her appreciation for these organizations. She felt her appreciation for her wealth grow Higher and Higher as she did this as well.

And we guided her to this ritual and have guided her to share this ritual with others (in Spirit-Led Money) because it is a primary & necessary component of money and wealth. There is always an exchange and the exchange must be in service to both. And if you cannot directly feel or know the service that is occurring or the exchange of benefit to you, you must stop yourself and get yourself into that feeling place of gratitude and connection with the benefit to you of what you are paying for. Just as you shall get into alignment with the benefit as you are receiving.

For those of you in businesses as you call forth your wealth you will receive it at a higher rate and level if you take the time to connect to the service you are providing, the gift you are giving, and your absolute commitment to giving this gift to the world in the Highest Light and best of your abilities. Whenever you receive money from an employer or anywhere, not only give thanks and gratitude in the receiving of it but stand in recognition of the service you provided so that this wealth and abundance could come to you.

It is all exchange you see. Nature is not holding one another up in resentment or ingratitude because it didn’t feel like it got a “fair deal”. Nature is not holding back or withdrawing because it is convinced it could have gotten more for less. No, nature gives in service to the cycle of life.

So it is with your money exchange. It is an exchange that is part of the cycle of life. And how fun it is! Some of you argue adamantly in favor of trading services and argue that money should be eliminated. And we say – lighten up, don’t you see how perfect this really is?! Don’t you see the freedom that is allotted to you beyond trading? Trading services always and for everything enslaves you – with the addition of money you are free.

Let us explain more.

If bartering or trading were the only form of economy – that would mean you would have to align with each, separate individual to provide for you everything that you could give in direct proportion and alignment with. It would be near impossible for you to give at the same rate as others could give to keep things equal and “fair”. With the advent of money or cash-money as Heather likes to call it – you receive money and give money which allows the provider to be free to spend it however he/she would like and with ease. You are not bound to give your lifeblood in that moment or in a moment in the future. You are immediately free to receive said service, pay with cash-money and the transaction is complete! It simplifies things tremendously and frees all involved up to have more of the experiences they crave and desire, and to be free to spend their money in any way that feels most aligned for them.

You see the advent of money created freedom, it created spaciousness, it expanded what was possible for you. And so, despite there being many who gnash their teeth and complain about the use of money in your cultures, we say you would be so much better served by embracing the evolution and using powerful alchemical focuses of gratitude, blessing and more gratitude to attract all that you desire (& more!) to you.

You would feel so much freer if you would just embrace the beauty of money and the possibilities it brings into your life. If you would take the time to line up your energy and your gratitude with anything and everything you spend money on – you would experience a deeper joy with those items and aspects and you would thrive in a new way in your life.

Deeper joy and peace, greater and more expanded experiences in life – aren’t those the things you all desire? And is it no surprise that money leads to all of this when you take the time and energy to line up with it? When you make it a priority to appreciate and be in gratitude to that which comes to you – it allows you to have a higher quality of your life experience. And don’t you all desire that?

The money then becomes a part of this divine journey that you are on. It is not the means it is not the end it is not everything. It is a fun and distinct part of the journey. It needn’t be a focus of stress or worry or even the enslavement that occurs when that is all that one focuses on. Money is meant to be part of your expansive journey. It responds like all of nature and all Spirit’s in a body to gratitude, to enthusiasm, to positive talk. Money, just like nature & all things is energy and so it responds in kind to your focus and attention on it – positive or heavy (negative).

In fact, as we take this a bit further for you – everything responds to your focus and attention on it. So what you think about your government organizations as you write those checks, what you think about the services you receive form the companies you do business with, your beliefs about the people you are receiving products/services form – all of that energy goes out and comes back to you. So what are you putting out there? Bless your transactions, bless the organizations, bless the governments (no matter what country or area you live in), bless the people you are giving the money to because all of that blessing goes to them and comes back to you. This is a Universe of exchange, energy flows out and flows back in. If the energy and focus you are giving anything – money, organizations, people, etc. is negative or heavy or dark or sarcastic or cynical – that energy will come right back to you. If it is light and positive and happy and supportive and in gratitude – that energy will come right back to you.

The fantastic thing about all of this is – you get to choose. You are choosing. In every moment you are choosing what energy you are putting out there, which helps you know the energy that is coming back to you. You can argue with this, you can disagree, you can scoff that it’s not fair, but it does not matter what you say – it is law. It is how this blessed Universe works that you are in and we will encourage you to follow and work with the laws of the Universe because only then can you experience the life you so desire and that you so deserve.

All that you put out will come back to you a million-fold. We suggest, encourage and ask that you make it as high-vibrating, beautiful, as in gratitude as possible. And when you do that, your life will be one beyond your wildest dreams.

Happy check writing and blessings and bliss,

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I had the most amazing, beautiful day at the beach with my sister. And then, as is the case when these messages want to come through I felt the pull to connect more fully with the JOGs. Then, this came through! Enjoy it and allow this powerful transmission of high-vibing JOG energy support you on your miraculous life journey. Big Love to you! Xo

# # #

One of the aspects of your journey as a Spirit in a body that we watch time and again is that you all have moments where you get in your own way. You know this don’t you? You “know” or say you “know” the intended way to allow you to have and experience and be/do all that this magnificent life has in store for you and yet, and yet – you find yourself focusing on aspects that do not serve you. You find yourself asserting your will when you know that doing so blocks the energetic flow. You find yourself bad-mouthing another or yourself and yet in your heart of hearts you know – you know with absolute certainty and we know that you do know – these behaviors only hinder you.

And while some of you are prone to berate yourself – discouraging yourself, talking about yourself in a less than positive way when you notice the above behaviors in your life experience or just in general – that too only holds you back. There are so many ways that you do this unnecessarily to yourself. Focusing on another and their success and using that as a reason to feel bad – to make them or yourself wrong is yet another way. And all of this really serves you not one iota at all.

Again, you know this, but so many of you go to these behaviors again and again and they do not serve you.

And so we would like to ask of you something very, very important – we would like to ask you to stop doing that. And yes it seems as though this would be easy to do and yet you say it is not. We would like to ask you to do something else instead. We are going to make this easy for you and allow it to quickly replace the defeating behaviors we have already outlined here.

We want you to focus on one thing and one thing only – what feels good. “Ahh…you say – I already know about this. And if I could I would.” And we say, “Ahh…but you do not know about this in the way that it is intended, about it in the way that will serve you above all else.”

You have the powerful ability to shift energy through your focus. Many of you know this and if you’re reading this you probably work with this concept in your life. But your thoughts are powerful energy forms and when you can focus your thoughts on energy forms that feel good in your body – you literally can create new and more aligned and more magnificent external manifestations in your life.

So let’s say you see something that instantly takes you back to an old habit thought form of yours – it gets you beating up on yourself or looking down on yourself or another. All that is,is a mass of energy that has preceded it – a reactive programmed response – someone else is having success that makes me feel like not a success or whatever it may be. Who cares where it came from or when it started let’s just work with where you’re at right now. That information while mildly helpful usually throws you more off track than putting you on track. So you notice this and here’s what you can do in an instant to shift this – you can come up with a phrase that reminds you of what your true intention in this life is. For Heather this has been the word “fun” or “millionaire” – both words lighten things for her, they make her feel playful and light and easy.

Align with a word or phrase that makes you feel light and playful and easy. It doesn’t matter what it is. Maybe it’s a word that makes you laugh out loud – it doesn’t matter. What is most important is the vibration this word puts you in. So you say this word once you notice yourself doing the above non-helpful response and then maybe you tap Cortices or you dance or move your body in some way – imagining you are “shaking out” the old thought-forms and habit pattern of response. You use your word, you move your body in some way and you consciously choose to follow the thought pattern of the word you have chosen which calls forth easy and light and playful energy from you.

This is truly and really one of the best and easiest ways to reprogram those old thought-form patterns. You may notice them rearing up and trying to get your attention more once you start doing this – it’s only that vibrational frequency rising more to the surface before it completely expires. You literally can discard old thought-forms forever in this way. It needn’t be tedious or difficult or trying to do this. All of you have these quirks, these aspects of thought that do not serve you, these triggers as some may call them. This is a piece that you are again evolving forward not only for your journey but for the collective. The more who are choosing not to engage less than supportive thought-forms, the more they will not be accessible to other Spirit’s in a body. It diminishes the power of these lower vibrating or frequency thought-forms which makes them less accessible to the whole. That’s why the collective or group energy is so powerful. When many of you are focused in one particular way – it sends out a ripple of thought-form energy that others of similar vibration can be affected and influenced by if they choose to latch on to the thought.

If you notice thought-forms coming your way that do not feel in alignment with you – you can simply use this process to shift right around them and not take them on.

Heather is wondering how anything could come to you if it is not in direct alignment with your own frequency. There are many reasons for this, in Heather’s case she is an Uplifter of others, so others may bring to her their experiences asking for support. Heather can feel the mis-alignment of the energy and yet it is her role to support the other in remembering who they are – someone who is not a true energetic match for whatever experience they are bringing her. These experiences may be called to you because as is the case with Heather it is part of your Soul path to support a certain group of other Spirit’s in a body. All of you need support in one form or the other. We do not encourage nor do we believe that anyone should ever have to do any or all of this journey solo. It was never meant to be that way.

So yes you may be a direct vibrational match to an experience because it’s part of your Soul’s path or journey, or because it’s something you have experienced previously in this lifetime or in a lifetime before and it is wanting to be fully released – and you can do so with this exercise we have given you and in other ways that we will share in the future as well. You may be a vibrational match because it is a reflection of something within you as well. There are so many possibilities before you and it helps for you to tune in to your own deep wisdom to know the perfect aligned response for you and to use a tool like the one we share here to support you in letting go of unhelpful thought-forms once and for all.

We want you to know that there are so many ways that you can shine more brightly in your experience. You can choose so very powerfully where you desire your intention to be, where you desire your focus to be. You can summon through your powerful focus all that you desire – if you have zero resistance to it coming to you. If you have some resistance it is okay and that’s where these tools come in handy for you.

Know your power, remember your power and remember that every piece of anything and everything that comes your way simply gives you an opportunity to remember the truth of who you are – without exception.

In Love,

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OH, how I Love this! I’ve been playing with this for a while (not always successfully as you’ll see below!) and I just love it. The JOGs address a full range here – using your Spirit Team, transitioning to non-physical, full-body yes – it’s GOOD. Enjoy! Xo

# # #

We are with you now. And in truth we are with you in every moment. Your Spirit Team is always by your side. We are always at the ready for you. So what’s the difference between someone who knows this and someone who does not? Well if you know it then you’re making requests, asking, working with us, asking for guidance, asking to be shown and you’re enjoying a host of magical occurrences and decoding fun messages and knowing that nothing is only what it seems at face value – there is always a beautiful message wrapped up in it. And if you’re not, you are missing out on a huge chunk of the brilliance that is this life.

If you’re not, you are like many people who walk around thinking they are alone and that the world is against them or that they don’t have anyone, and that could not be further from the truth. You actually are surrounded. You’re surrounded by loving energy and support that desires to be part of your experience in this lifetime. In fact – that was the plan all along. Do you really think your Soul would agree to incarnate with the hope of winging it? Do you really think anyone would think it a great idea to let you go at it alone? Your babies – and when you are a baby – you’ve got a whole host of people, in the most ideal of situations, but you have someone, you need someone to support you, to guide you, to show you the way. In this regard, it never changes, only that as you get older, and your parents or close supports also grow further on their journey you have an invisible, non-physical team surrounding you and supporting you at all times, and at the ready to guide you through the next chapter, the next moment, the next “bump” in the road or the next question that comes your way.

But so many, and it saddens us to see this (Heather is asking if we actually feel sadness and we say perhaps not in the same way one does when in the body, but we still have emotional responses and while we know it will always work out for you, we always want the best unfolding for you and when we see it not going that way it is not the best of feelings for us), so many have forgotten this truth. And so they go searching in things where support does not live and they have a much harder time of it than is necessary. But don’t you know – that somehow some way we often find a way to get to them as well? Don’t you notice all of those stories of people who “hit bottom” and then at bottom they have a transcendent experience and then they love life in a whole new way? It happens to a lot of you Spirit’s in a body doesn’t it? And while that isn’t us or anyone doing it to that person it is that person doing it to themselves so they can remember. And then when they remember – it is such a huge vibrational shift that they are like from another time and place, they are transformed. They are transformed back into the core of who they really are.

Depending on where you’re at, the bump UP or over or whatever you want to call it- the bump back into alignment feels so breathtakingly exuberant it’s just the best thing that ever happened to them. And some, some Souls just decide it’s easier to make their transition into non-physical rather than go through all of that. Of course we are simplifying it here because there is a whole team (that individual’s non-physical Spirit team) that make the decisions around when to transition and when to stay in the physical. One person’s choice to make their transition isn’t only about them, it’s about the individuals in their lives who also will be transformed and will go into a deeper alignment with who they are.

So, it’s like this and it’s like this with everything and we’ve said it before and alluded to it in other messages and we’ll go into it now further still.

You aren’t only here for you.

It isn’t that your path, that your vibrational path or trajectory is just for you – it is for you – and in its is-ness for you it is also serving the collective. It is also serving the people around you and the generations to come and if you are aware and desiring to live at a higher frequency, your path can have a ripple effect that extends much further than you can imagine. Because we are all in this together, we are all connected, we are all so very much impacting one another with everything we do.

So when one decides to make their transition or “hit bottom” and bounce back – it is for that individual and it’s for all of the ripples that extend out. All of the lives it impacts. And we hear some of you saying – well that’s not fair. I didn’t need to be affected by my parents or partners (or sometimes both if that’s the vibrational pattern you’re here to evolve forward) alcoholism or drug addiction of whatever their “bottom” was. And we say – yes you did. Yes you did and yes you do. Because the ripple from them was setting you up for the ripples that you will send out into the Universe. And if you’re aware and if you’re asking and if you’re willing you will rise to a new level of you from that experience. You will transcend that pain, you will transcend what happened and all of the implications that it could mean for you that would not be of the highest light.

You set yourself up. You are setting yourself up for success though and many forget that and they believe that “this “bad” thing is happening to me”. And we shout at you – and really we are shouting sometimes but you can’t hear us if you’re not willing to ask for us – so we are shouting “only good is happening for you!” This situation or this person transitioning or this addiction or whatever it is – is supporting you in becoming more you. It’s supporting you in remembering the you that you are, the you that you came here to be.

Heather wrote about this today in the email to her community and she talked about this concept of becoming more fully you. This you that you are is the you at the core of you. And when you can be that core you and be in a body – oh well now – you are doing exactly what you all came here to do. And when 1 of you does it – that ripple is far reaching. It supports generations in being able to rise to the same frequency. It shifts whole consciousness aspects and pieces and thought-forms.

You being you is what you came for – it’s the simplest way we can ever say it. And it is a journey, it’s a journey where every person, every situation, every occurrence in your life is showing up all with the tall order of allowing you to become more you.

So how do you make the choice to become more you?

First you start by committing to it and committing to being you no matter who it upsets, disappoints or pisses off. Because remember – you being you is going to support them in being them. So you do no one any favors when you do anything for their benefit. You must do anything because it feels like a full “yes” to you. It has to be a full-body, in every cell yes – if it’s not – don’t bother. Hold out for the full-body yes. And when you demonstrate that – no matter what another may think/say/do in response – you are holding now a frequency that opens the space for them to live from this vantage point. Now they can live from their full-body yes, or be inspired at some level – no matter how big or small to do the same.

Let’s start there. Only do the full-body yes. You feel the right-ness of it within you. And some of you are so used to living from the mind or the subject/topic has so many threads of others thoughts attached to it that you will need to stop yourself wherever you are and close your eyes and get quiet and feel into your body. Ask, “is this a full-body yes?”

We have been doing that with Heather. Literally unless it’s a full-body yes, she’s not doing it. And it frustrates her at times because well, she has “obligations” she has people waiting on her, she has people expecting things from her and she has spent the majority of her life seeking not to disappoint any people in her life. And yet, here she is – on the Spirit-led path and she knows this is her commitment above all else and so there are perfectly nice people asking her to do things and perfectly nice opportunities coming her way and yet, unless it’s a full-body yes, she can’t do it.

She tried recently to overstep this, because she had signed up for something several months back before we had her in this position where this was the only way. And so she bargained with us and hemmed and hawed about how she couldn’t go back now, she had spent a pretty big chunk of money on this thing and so she would just “make the best of it”. And as she lay in bed the night before, she knew – this was not good, she wouldn’t be able to do it because her Soul was not in full alignment with it. And we watched her, she tried, she went back to efforting and it just felt so awful to her. Sure enough her body let her know she was out of alignment, she started having some interesting body sensations and she knew immediately what it was. So she walked away, she did the hard thing that she needed to do all along and from that experience she got this at a whole new level. No more. Never again. Can’t do it. Full body yes or she won’t and can’t do it.

And you see, sometimes you’re not going to catch it in time. Like in this case with Heather, she just caught it too late. The message was there, if she had really let herself hone in more deeply she may have caught it. But it’s okay because it’s always being recalibrated for you. It’s always being repositioned. So, you catch it late –you find yourself in the middle of an experience and you realize “oh, this is not a full-body yes” – no big deal – get up and walk out. Be polite, be nice or not – it’s up to you – but go. And then in a time when you are feeling more relaxed or in meditation you can go back to that experience and see – oh yeah, that’s where it was, that’s where I chose to hurry past the lack of full-body yes and dive in anyway. And then sure enough another opportunity will come your way and then you can try it out again.

That’s all this life thing really is – you’re remembering as you go, you’ve got up-lifters around you with words like this to remind you, you’ve got books and podcasts and radio shows and the Internet – all filled with – well, filled with lots of things but if you are in alignment with your Soul you’ll find those that are here to remind you of this truth.

So now you have a new practice. Do you like it? Full-body yes or it’s a no. Play with this, enjoy this – we will enjoy watching you. Watch how it shifts your world. Watch how you react to it shifting your world. And then really let yourself sink into the expansion and the new adventures and the spaciousness that results from this. Oh, you’re really, really going to love it.

Until next time,

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Okay, I stand corrected THIS is my favorite message. I have a feeling I’m going to keep saying that over and over again. Chills and tears as it came through AND as I read it. So excited for you all to get in on this too. So Much Love beaming from my heart to yours! Xo

# # #

There is something especially important for us to share with you today. It’s so important and today is the day because the energy in your cosmos is making it ripe for this to come through. Your asking has been strong and we have heard you loud and clear and we have felt you too. You have powerful desire because you are powerful creators and your powerful desire aligns you ever further towards your desire. But sometimes this powerful desire serves as a block for you, it actually seems to push away that which you desire.

Why is this you might ask? Well, we’re going to tell you. We are going to clearly share this with you in a way we have never shared it with anyone at any time before. It acts as a block because wrapped up in that desire is this –is your belief that you cannot have that thing which you desire.

It’s contradictory we know – you want something at a deep level which you must know means you are meant to have it and experience it. Yet somewhere along the lines of this lifetime and trust us in other lifetimes too you have picked up this belief that says “I can’t have what I want”, “I’m not worthy of having what I want,” “There’s something wrong with me which is not allowing me to have what I want.” And none of this is true of course and in your logical mind even now reading those words you know that this is not true. You know that there is no way for that to be true, because deep, deep inside there is a part of you – bigger and brighter for some more than others – that says I am Divine. I am here for a Divine Purpose. I am a Divine Creator, I come from Source. I am Source because we are all connected in this universally magnificent way.” But you choose to ignore this a lot of the time.

So these creepy crawly fears, those whispers that say “you can’t have this” “you don’t deserve this” – oh my – what a bunch of hogwash that is. And we love using these words that are coming through – we had malarkey in the last message and now hogwash and Heather is asking us very gently in her thoughts “where are you guys from anyway – the 50‘s?” And we say – oh, much, much further back than that my dear.

In any regard – there is this part of you that knows and yet a part of you that denies. What is that? Why is that there? Here’s what we can tell you – it is part of this game of Life. It is part of what you came for. There has been this evolution of humankind, of Spirit’s in a body. And there has been much desire along the path of the physical that has built and built and built. And each one of you are carrying pieces of this amassed – over eons – of desire because you are all come from the same Source. And because you all come from the same Source, you are connected with many of these same/similar beliefs and fears. Why? Because you all agreed to evolve them forward. You all agreed that you would come here and you would expand and align whatever piece(s) that you are carrying. Some of you are carrying it for an ancestral line, others it’s just something you (aka your Higher Self) agreed prior to incarnating in this life that you would help us all out with. This is why it is so powerful and so important when you show up for your life fully. When you commit to living an extraordinary life or what Heather calls the life of your dreams. Because you contain within you many pieces of the puzzle in this game of life. We are calling it a game because we want you to realize that it’s meant to be fun. For a long while many people were calling life a School where you’re here to learn “lessons” and we just say “ick” – who wants anything to do with that? Doesn’t that sound limited?

Well we can tell you it’s far, far, far from the truth. You aren’t truly learning anything – it’s more of a remembering and a co-creating. And it’s meant to be fun, in fact, fun was built into it all on purpose. But we watch you get so serious and so worried and so concerned. And we are saying to you – you have your pieces that you’re here for. You’re going to have fun along the way – at least that’s what our desire is for you and what your Higher Self desires as well, and you are going to evolve it forward. Some of you will evolve all of the pieces forward that you came for. Others just a few – it all depends on your desire and willingness and awareness.

And if you’re reading this and you’ve been following Heather’s “work” – you are definitely evolving all of your pieces forward. It’s not hard you see. It wasn’t set up to be hard or to be a trick you can’t figure out. It was set up to be fun – for you to discover this and delight in it and be like, “Wow, this is the coolest ever – I get to eat, drink, have sex, experience all of the momentous beauty of life AND I get to support the whole consciousness of being a Spirit in a body to become more of its Source self? And that by my noticing what the shadow is in myself (which is really just various aspects of the shadow within the whole of humankind) and giving it to Source and also turning away my focus on the shadow in the world or in others, by doing this alignment, by making Soul alignment my primary intention – I bring more light to the world, to Spirit’s in a body for the generations to come – wow – what a cool deal!”

And it really is the coolest deal we want you to know.

You are surrounded by beauty everywhere you turn. Your incredible minds have brought forth so much advancement in technology and medicine and travel and all the wonder of what is possible when you focus and apply the wisdom of the ages and of the here and now to your desires. It’s truly magnificent. It’s truly and utterly awe-inspiring.

And then the way you Love and the way you can Love and the people you get to Love. Oh my, do you know, do you know how this feeling is unlike any other feeling anywhere? That when you are Spirit in a body feeling a feeling of Love it is one of the most transcendent feelings you can have? Of course you know this and that’s why Love is so important. It’s why you have phrases like, “love makes the world go round” You know, it’s the best. And when you have moments where you feel and allow yourself to feel the Love that Source and/your Spirit Team, and that the Higher Self part of you has for you – oh, it is utterly … we are speechless – Heather is searching for the word that could encapsulate the vibration we are sending her on this. She had that experience just now before this message came through. She was sitting here meditating and we were just hugging her and wrapping her up in love and she could feel it so strongly and tears came to her eyes like they are right now and her heart expanded and she feels waves and waves of chills everywhere and knows she is loved more than life itself. She is loved more than anything on the planet in that moment.

Of course you all are. And you all have your Spirit Team and your Higher Self and Source beaming that love to you at all times. It’s just whether or not you’ll allow yourself to feel it. And feeling it is one of Heather’s favorite things in the world. She tells us how much she loves us – she tells us she would love to hug us to pieces and we quote, “kiss our faces off” if we had faces. It’s so much love you just want to do something with it because it’s expanding and pulsing through every cell in your body.

And when you’re a Spirit in a body you get to show another how you feel. You do get to physically hug them and kiss them and wrap them up in your love and warmth. And we would like more of you to do this more of the time with one another. Hug more, kiss more, touch more with the people you love. Let yourself express this love, let yourself show this love in the delicious ways that only you as Spirit in a body can. Enjoy this experience, enjoy all that is here for you in this experience.

There is so much here, so much here for you right now in this moment. And we love you so very much and we see you and feel you and hear you. And your Spirit Team – they are with you (that’s the we we are talking about) and they are wanting to wrap you up with kisses and hugs and warmth. And that translates into chills and tears and this deep knowing that you are loved beyond compare. Because you are.

We are complete.

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