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Okay, this is my favorite message yet – despite the fact that I also learned that my offerings will be changing even more so now.  Thanks guys. 😉 However, this practice is awesome. The JOGs have guided me and many of my clients to use it and it is so powerful. I love how they are empowering us to our best lives. Enjoy! Xo

Check out the audio recording here.

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When someone tells you something that feels awful to you, it affects you. It short circuits parts of your brain and activates other parts. It puts you in a response that is not of your Highest Light. And depending on your level of respect and trust for the other it can take you some time to work yourself out of whatever it is they have created in the dynamic between you.

This is why we encourage you to keep your awful feeling stories to yourselves. This is why we have guided Heather in her groups that only the Highest Light is to be shared. Because when not-aligned energy is shared, it proliferates. It simply creates more of that out into the world. And you have to ask yourself – is that what I want to put out into the world? Is that the contribution that I want to make to the planet?

Social media has been an interesting unfolding to witness. Some use it for the Highest Light, we admonished Heather from the very beginning that anything she posted had to have that frequency. And there are times when she would love to post a sarcastic comment out into the stratosphere because that’s the –we must share with you here sarcasm is not of the Highest Light although we know many enjoy it – place that she was in, but we would not let her. She is very clear as we have told her that what you put out into the world matters.

We talk about this ripple effect of positive alignment and the same is true with out-of-alignment-ness.

When you tell your awful feeling story to your loved ones, friends or to your therapist or to anyone – you are putting that story out into the world to ripple on. Healers that want to deal with not aligned energy can support you in diversifying that energy and re-appropriating it, but we still would not encourage it. And of course we would not encourage you to keep things inside of you for all of eternity because that will in turn only then harm your body. This is why the news is so damaging to so many, it’s in print, it’s in audio, it’s in video and it’s filled with a frequency of mis-alignment. Your Highest Self does not want to watch others proliferate the ripples of non-aligned actions and occurrences. And when it happens and when you do, the whole of the world is impacted by the mis-alignment.

So, we will bring it back to you – what is the solution /what do you do when you feel awful? Well, really there are so many wonderful things you can do, but we will give you our highest recommendations so you can convert mis-aligned energy into an aligned vibration, into the vibration of divine love – the most beneficial vibration to the planet.

If you feel awful, that is your first indicator that you have gotten out of alignment with who you really are. Maybe you know how this happened, maybe you don’t. No need to go back and try to figure it out or rehash anything. Just notice where you are at and acknowledge it. Then, get out whatever those feelings are that need to be released from within you. The best way we can say to do this is: write it out. Use your body to get rid of what is inside. Write a letter to the person who has allegedly harmed/wronged or made you angry or write a letter to no one in particular to tell the story and get it out. Go into all of the details and get it out. You’ll notice you feel awful-er still because you are bringing up, drudging up the non-alignment. Then, stop when you are finished and affirm that this is now fully out of you and you are ready to move on. Burn the sheet of paper – in a safe place, Heather wants us to admonish, she does not want to be responsible for any out of alignment burnings.

Tap Cortices she would add to re-align your vibration. Yes, that’s all fine.

Then move your body. You’ve got to shake off what you purged. It can be any form of exercise you are drawn to, and as you do it, imagine that you are shaking off this vibration that does not serve you as you move your body. Saging is always a very helpful practice in clearing the energy that has been brought up and needs to be fully released. We recommend doing this after you’ve burned the paper and after you’ve moved your body.

Then, when you talk to your loved ones you can let them know about what happened from a non-charged place and you can keep the details to the very minimum so that you are not polluting them or re-polluting yourself. Or perhaps not tell them anything at all. And you never, ever, ever, ever email about it or post about it on social media because then you are embedding forever more into consciousness this pollution. Can you see how over time there are layers of built-up non-alignment energy? Can you see how homes and offices and communities – online or in-person can become weighted down by non-aligned energy?

And what is it? It is merely sloppy emotions. Emotions that were not healthily processed that were instead projected that are getting stuck in environments. And it’s completely unnecessary. Sage your homes, open your windows, sage your offices and cars, open your windows, bring in high vibrating quartz crystals. Sage after every argument and disagreement. Take sea salt baths. All of these are ways to keep yourself re-aligned after mis-alignment.

Feel your emotions and release. Feel your emotions and release and then clean up where the mess had taken place. It’s like if you are cooking and make a mess or painting and make a mess – you clean it up.

It’s the same energetically and with your emotions. Over time, when these emotions build up they create energy fields of non-aligned energy and you can feel it when you walk into a room or a home or an office or a restaurant or any place of business or when you talk to someone who has not allowed themselves to feel and release their non-aligned energy. You intuitively will know and feel it. And you are not feeling anything “bad” – what you are feeling is non-aligned energy that is stuck.

All Spirit’s in a body will have moments of non-alignment. There is nothing to be ashamed of or worried about. However, what you do with it is everything. If you are having non-aligned dreams or day dreams or you don’t feel good most of the time – that is simply your indicator that you are in need of some alignment “work”. And your alignment work is your personal “job” so to speak. No one can do this for you.

This is why healing works for some and not others. Not everyone is receptive. Not everyone truly is ready to release their non-aligned states even though they may pay for sessions or ask for sessions. This is why Heather will be offering less and less “healing” sessions – what she is calling Soul Alignment sessions – and more and more of these messages of upliftment.

She is concerned and worried about how all of this will work of course and yet she cannot deny what she has seen over the years of operating a healing practice, and what we have shown here. It is always up to the individual. And these messages and the future offerings that we are guiding her to begin sharing will be the best path for those in greater and greater quantities to choose their alignment and to watch as they are able to shift for themselves through the practices they are given and the messages we provide.

JOGsMakeTheWorldBetterPlaceThe role of upliftment is really at the root of what it is needed and it is really at the heart of what Heather’s Highest Path and Purpose is. It is not for her to do for you what you can do for yourself and in fact what she “does” for you will not last long if you are not willing to fully accept and align to your Highest Self. And so, there are simpler ways to go about it. And there are ways that will lift you up and so many more higher in the offering of it.

We want you to know and accept and rejoice in the knowing that you are the key to your happiness. That you can choose to read these messages and tap in to these practices and you can receive alignment in ways that are so much more empowering to the core of who you really are. You all need one another to remind each other of who you really are and no doubt mentors and the like are important, but no one can nor ever will do it for you. And in this way we want you to embrace and accept this so that you can experience a grander version of your life than you have ever known.

We are complete.

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I love the guidance from the JOGs to view everything from this perspective. What a life changer! I also love that this reminds us of what is truly true at the heart of every living thing. Would love to hear your comments and thoughts too! Enjoy! Xo

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We love you very much. And it is with great compassion that we share with you our message today. We see many of you suffering unnecessarily and suffering at the hands of your own thoughts and we wish to set you free from this affliction. For it is only in your deepest connection with who you really are that you discover the truth of all. The truth of the Light of all, the truth that there is no thing on this planet than can ever harm or hurt you.

Now we can hear many of you protesting that you have been hurt or harmed or you feel hurt and harm and we know. We acknowledge that that has been your experience that you have observed and interacted with aspects of this life experience that have caused you great pain. We understand. And we want to expand your framework, expand the lens with which you are viewing this world so as to call forth what is most aligned with the highest frequency of who you really are, the highest frequency that is available to all of you on this planet and in this time and space.

You may have felt like or thought that “bad” things or people existed. And those beliefs about “badness” may be directly related to having experiences that felt like what you may call “bad” or “dark” or “wrong”. But we want you to lean in and listen carefully here as we tell you that those aspects were simply thought forms that were created by others. That as they were fed more and more energy they began to take on a life of their own and perpetuate what was uncomfortable or unwanted. So imagine if the thought forms that you give energy to are thought forms that expand you, that bring light into you and that despite what might be near or around you – you do not allow your thoughts to go anywhere else but to the Light. Imagine what happens then? What happens then is that those once seen as “bad” or untoward aspects no longer exist.

It is the focus that creates and summons what you do not desire to come into your experience. Now this is not meant in any way to create a means with which you can blame yourself. We will explain further. As young children, you did not conjure or dwell on harmful aspects. Yet the adults around you might have. And where you are currently, you may not have conjured up harmful aspects, but those around you might have. And there are all various levels of this. Heather is asking us repeatedly about this right now. Because she came from a background that believed in God (good) and the Devil (bad). And then she finds herself in a spiritual framework with healers and teachers that are saying something similar – that there must be dark if there is Light. And we say not true. Duality is simply another creation of the mind. Why ever would you think there has to be something “bad” or “wrong” to validate or justify what is Light?

And it is all perspective and perception anyway. One of you may view something as “good” and the other feels it is “bad”. The husband gets a big promotion and pay increase which he feels is “good” while the wife feels it’s “bad” because she views it as more stress and less time at home. Who is “right” here? Who is “wrong?” Who is to say what is “good” and what is “bad”? Really there is only that which feels aligned to the whole of who you are and that which does not. We would rather you threw out those “good” and “bad” labels altogether.

Yes, there can be all Light or what you would call “good” all of the time but it is up to you if that is where you choose to focus. It is up to you where you focus. And if you are having seemingly “not good” or “dark” or “bad” things coming into your experience, you get to ask yourself – do I choose to see this through the lens of “bad” or “wrong” or “dark”? Or can I view it as aligned or not aligned? And if someone is bringing me something “bad” or “dark” and they are wanting me to take it, like, “here, here is this thing that I do not want and you need to take it” – and you know they do this by telling you in significant detail all about it. You can simply say, “no thank you”. You can simply say, “please do not bring that into my experience”. You can simply say, “I am a beacon and a believer of the Light and I will not for one minute allow anything that does not feel aligned to me to enter my experience. And if such thing does, I know that it is simply an opportunity to choose a more aligned to who I really am path.”

And in this way the whole world can be transformed. In this way if all practiced this you would realize that there is nothing, not one thing to fear and that in any moment you can choose whatever perception you desire and you can allow yourself to feel the alignment of it or not. It is not up to you to sort it all out. There are all sorts of thought projections out there that people have given enough credence to that has made it into something much larger than it ever needed to be. Just turn on your television and you’ll see it.

And all of that only exists because enough people gave their attention to it. We are wanting you to give your attention to what is true, to what is truly you. To what your Higher Self, your Source Self, your God self knows to be true. It is all Light and you can choose to be aligned with that or not – the choice is up to you. But trying to figure out what went wrong and how to shift the “dark/bad” or whatever you call it is unnecessary. Stay focused on the Highest Light and only the Highest Light will come to you. Allow every not Light opportunity to be a further clarifying point, a clarification on your alignment and what is truly aligned for you and what is not. You can transmute all that you do not enjoy by connecting to the Light essence that is available to you in any moment. How do you access the Light you may ask – you simply feel love, you take a deep breath and inhale the sweetness of a flower, you place your bare feet in the grass, you stand before your glorious ocean. You connect to the Love, to the Light that surrounds you in any given moment. The Light that many are not seeing simply because – their focus is elsewhere. We are encouraging you to come back to that which you intended to be. To return back to the wholeness that is naturally you. And it is not natural to be focused on “bad/dark/non-aligned” energy. We are using those terms because they are terms we know you will understand. And we will further clarify that really the filter needs to be “aligned with me energy” and “not aligned with me energy”. And the answers to that question will be different for every person because every person is interacting with the path and the world that they intended to. So bonus for you – you do not have to figure out if so and so is on the “right” path, you only have to concern yourself with your path which is the only path you ever need to know anything about.

So do not fear. Do not worry. Do not beat yourself up trying to figure it all out. Surrender to the knowing that it is all so much simpler than you could have ever imagined and that you can engage whatever thought forms feel aligned to you and say “no thank you” to those that do not. And that in doing so you cleanse your vibration, you cleanse your mind, you release yourself from your restrictions. Because you are free. Life is Light. All is always working in your favor.

The only component that we cannot control is You. You must be willing to allow this to be your reality and get out of the conversations that say to the contrary. Stop talking about things that do not feel aligned. Stop watching things that do not feel aligned. Stop reading things that do not feel aligned. Stop trying to convince people who are not aligned to be aligned. Let it all go. Give it all up. And enjoy the splendor of who you really are which is Light. Every single one of you. The degree of the Light is different for each but you are all Light and the best way we could ever see you spending any of your time is nurturing that Light.

And so it is.

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I sat down this morning to receive a message from the JOGs. I thought we would pick up where we left off on the Love audio (which is seriously blowing my mind!), but instead this came through. And oh wow did I need this. Those guys, they are so smart! :) Going to do this practice now, let us know how this unfolds for you too! Love! Xo

# # #

Today we want to talk to you about an aspect of your Spirit in a body lives that you cannot escape, nor would you want to. It is an aspect that when aligned and when connected to Source every area of your life begins to flow with more ease. And when it is not in your Highest alignment, the bumps and potholes it creates on your road of life are immense.

This is the area of personal relationships. Whether with family, friends or romantic partners or even the checker at the grocery store, you cannot avoid this meaningful and important aspect of your life experience. And yet there can be much struggle for you as you seek to find the ways to best align with who you really are and love these blessed ones around you.

And so our intention today is to support you in being able to interact, intersect and dance this life dance with these ones with more ease and certainly more joy. And it is our intention that through your powerful knowing of this information and your powerful connection to who you really are you can soar far beyond your current realm of personal relating.

The first piece we must make clear here is that no one on this planet is here solely for you. True, the Love of your Life came specifically to meet up with you as you did for them. Even so, they are not here to solely make you happy nor are you here for solely their happiness. Your children also chose to specifically come in through you but again, they are not here for you – you are a vehicle, a conduit, a guide on their path – you are not the path or the only way for them to have all that they desire. It is ultimately their connection to their Highest Self and Source that provides the gateway to all they truly are here for and truly desire.

And so, no one came just for you. No one is here solely to make you happy and to serve your needs. And this is a very good thing because it is solely your responsibility, all Spirit’s in a body’s responsibility to make their happiness their primary focus. When this is done everything in life can smooth out with more ease. So now you know the basis you are here for – you – and the others in your life are all here for them. You all agreed to meet up because you had specific gifts and messages and support and fun and joy and bliss to offer one another in this lifetime that would not be available otherwise.

Then what is your responsibility as it were to the others around you? What is your role in their life unfolding? And of course it is different depending on the relationship but always for every single one it’s to bring more joy and love into their life. To, from your connected to Source place, let your own joy and love shine to them. Now, let us be clear here because there of those of you who have a proclivity to over-do it. Over-give. You suffer from what Heather and her Soul Alignment sessions would call Over-responsibility syndrome. You do not do this for them, you BE it, you radiate it. You are it. You are so fully emanating your own connection to love and joy that everyone who comes into contact with you has this experience of love and joy.

So that’s the first bit with others and yourself. But what happens when they are not connected to their love & joy (and perhaps you are not either at that time) and they annoy you, when they push your buttons so to speak, when they are goading you or have an agenda and you are not certain how to stand shining your beauteous Light around them?

And we say in all cases, walk away. When someone is not in their full Light and in fact they are angry at you for being in yours, there is nothing more to do than walk away. Walk away and maybe come back at another time. Say a blessing – call on your Guides and Angels of the Highest Light to bless the person and yourself and the situation and then walk away. There is no need to engage in anything that is not of the Highest Light.

So let’s say you walk away but you are angry or hurt or vengeful or filled with grief. You can feel the emotion within you and you know that you don’t want to do anything to hurt or harm another yet there is still that intense, not good feeling emotion right there.

And we say that is a very good thing. Because your emotion has a message for you. So we want you to sit with your emotion. Feel it boiling in your body and begin to breathe into it – begin to with your inhale through the nose – we have guided Heather to teach this to others in her sessions and we are sharing it here now – your inhale is gathering up that emotion and as you feel it you exhale out your mouth to release it. Just keep sitting with that emotion and work with it in this way – feeling, inhaling it up and exhaling it out.

Some of you are going to want to write out your emotions to fully release them. You are going to want to write the expletives and anger and rage and grief and whatever else is there. Do it, get it out. But before you do this set your intention. Be clear that this energy that is emanating from you is yours and yours alone and that you are not sending it to anyone, it is not meant to be an attack, it is not to hurt anyone, it is simply stymied within you and it needs to be released because it cannot stay in your body-mind. If it stays in your body-mind it hurts you, it harms your body, it breaks down your systems and delivers to you what you would call dis-ease.

So set your boundaries and intentions so that no form of attack or harm is done to another. When you do this releasing without setting those boundaries, you send energy to another that bounces back to you and hurts you 100-fold. It is not worth it dear ones, we assure you. You may when in a more unconscious vibration think that speaking words of venom about another or harboring thoughts of hurt and venom towards another felt like release, but really what that was doing all along was poisoning you, poisoning those you were speaking to and sending ill intent to another. And any time you harbor ill will towards another you bring on the ill intent on yourself in greater quantities. This is how the Universe is set up and it’s set up as such so that you are supported, so that you can truly remember what is most important – you are here for you. And your connection to the non-physical energy around you and your ability to “work” with it is what can deliver to you the utmost of life happiness and fulfilment.

So use this process when you get angry or sad or hurt or any intense life emotions. Do not engage with the other until you can come back in a more solid, grounded, aligned place. Take the time and space you need to process your intense emotions and then come back to the situation. Sometimes you will return to the situation – depending on the relationship – and the response will be “I love you, I bless you and I can no longer stay intimately connected with you.”

Other times you will be gifted with seeing fully that there is a path to harmony in that relationship. But you will get to neither if you do not first let yourself feel the emotions and then release it. We know this is uncomfortable for many of you. It is extremely uncomfortable for Heather. Anger is an emotion she does not like to feel or let herself feel. She does not want to feel hate in her heart, she does not want to know that it is even possible for it to be there.

But dear ones, it is there in some form or another for all of you. It is from the collective lack of love that has built up over time, it is from previous lifetimes when you have journeyed with that other and resentments have built, it’s from this lifetime and resentments have built. And all that anger or hatred or sadness or grief is simply where Light has not been shined on it. The feelings have not been allowed to be felt in a way that allows them to release. And what those feelings need is room to breathe and release.

And dear ones, when you allow yourself to do this, there you find the truth of it all, of all things. And in that truth you realize your one-ness and you realize the perfection of all that is. And even when the answer is to distance yourself from the other, to leave the other, to end the relationship, you are flying Higher than you’ve ever done because you are setting yourself free by truly feeling and releasing

Enjoy this practice. Use it as often as you need to and let us know in your prayers, in your letters, in your comments, in your emails to Heather what is unfolding for you as you set yourself free and bring more Light in.

In Love,

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I love how the JOGs continually remind us that we are always being supported, that things are set up to work out in our favor and how the support we need and the messages that will most serve us do and will come to us. They will be the messages – the 1 out of thousands perhaps – that cause us to pause and pay attention. Why? Because we intended it to be so, we intended it to be like this. Love this – it just feels like a deep sigh of “yes” in my body. How about you? And…I’m so thrilled we decided to show up for each other in this lifetime together. 😉 Enjoy! Xo

Here is also the audio link to listen to this message if you so choose.

# # #

There is much to be known that we want to share with you and much of which you know already – in fact, as you read our messages you will often feel as though you are remembering what we are sharing with you from long ago. In truth, you are because locked within each of you is this clarity, is this knowing and above all is this ability to connect with the Source within you, with your core self, with your non-physical self who is intimately connected to your Spirit Team and there you have an incredible wealth of knowledge that is available to you. So few realize this or feel they cannot access this wisdom and so we find ways to come in to share with you to bring to you messages and nudges and clarity that will support the ease and flow of your life experience. We know it may be challenging at times to fully hear or disseminate the information being brought to you but we assure you that your Spirit Team, that Source, that your Higher Self are all united in their deep desire for you to know the fullness of who you really are and the path with which you are here to experience in the most aligned ways.

And so there are those that bring these messages forth. Those who have agreed before they incarnated that this would be part of their path. There are those highly and completely and fully dedicated solely to this path who are here to support as many as they have agreed to support and who have agreed to be called forth by them to be seen and heard and expanded through the voice and the messages of Spirit.

Each individual who brings these messages through has a specific flavor we would call it or a specific aptitude to bring forth messages that are more clear, concise and applicable to those they are here to serve. There is never any need to worry or fear about not receiving the “right” messages at the “right” time or missing a part of your path that is critical to your overall happiness and purpose. Because it has been decided on and you were part of that decision that you would intersect with specific messengers and messages at specific times that would allow you to remember what needed to be remembered so that you could experience greater alignment and joy and bliss on your path.

You also agreed before incarnating that you would be drawn to a Spirit-led path – which Heather refers to it as – although we would like it if you all just called the Spirit-led path the path because really and truly it is the only path worth living. Oh, you can and many of you have tried and tried to do life on your own and tried doing things the way you think you should and the way you’ve been taught and conditioned to believe things should be but it is not worth it we tell you. Too much hardship. Too much pain. Too much strife. We say it is not worth it and we would request that instead you make it your sole aim to live the life that you fully intended to live, the life that the core of you came here for. There is so much for you to experience, there is no sense letting the collective mind non-sense pull you out of your true, unwavering alignment.

And yet so many do, so many are thinking that it is all up to them. And we have told you and will continue to tell you that you have an entire team of non-physical beings around you just waiting, like really and truly just hoping and praying you are going to request something of them, that an opportunity will arise for them to jump in and support you and watch as you flourish in a new unfolding on your path. Yes, that is really and truly how it works.

And even so, even with your team and even with those of you who are aware and are connected to your Higher Self and your path, there is still a need for upLiftment, for support, for reminders of that which you know within you to be true. And that is why we are bringing these messages through and why others also bring in messages from their Spirit Team. It is because you all need one another and you are all in this together in many regards. You all have days that feel not so good and when those days occur it is so very helpful to receive those reminders that remind you above all else what you are here for and who you are here for and how it all is really meant to go for you and how you really and truly can and should delight in the Magic of this existence.

There are times when you will be soaring, absolutely soaring in the Magic and in the Love and in the abundance that is YOURS. It is so truly and completely yours. And we love watching this, we celebrate and soar with you when you are in that state. Can’t you feel us with you? Can’t you feel the crowds of us cheering and the delight that is emanating from us to you? We hope that you can and we ask that you tune in to this more. In your most joyful moments – stop and tune in – what do you feel and where do you feel it?

Tonight Heather was having the experience of sitting on her deck and she was so happy. Overjoyed really. And she was watching the boats floating around and listening to the birds singing and then the neighbor cats all wanted to be out with her and she was reflecting on how happy she feels and there is no reason. No reason at all. Nothing particularly out of this world happened today and yet her heart is beaming wide open. And she can feel this pulsing within her heart and then all around her heart. And that is us. That is us feeling her happiness too and rejoicing in her now moment in which she – a once self-proclaimed go-getter and doer is simply happy because she is and she is doing nothing to have the experience. It is simply occurring through and around and within her.

And those moments – whether they occur when what you would call big or magnificent things are happening – or when you are simply like Heather sitting outside feeling happy for no reason – we are there celebrating with you.

We would love for you to be in your body more to really feel the pulsing, feel the energy swirling around you. Feeling the loving hugs and support there for you. So often you all on this path are feeling chills and yes that is your Soul saying yes and it’s also all of us hugging you too! We are hugging you and so happy for you as you have aligned with another core truth or action that is part of your Destiny. That is part of what you came here for – to delight in your YES in this lifetime. You know when one of you says something to the other of you and you are covered in chills – yes we are saying yes, yes, yes – you’ve got it! Follow that knowing, follow that guidance, follow that offering – you are on the path of your Destiny.

We will continue to share with you all of the delightful ways we all get to play together. Our intention is that in reading these messages you will have a newfound appreciation for the power of this relationship between you and your Spirit Team and that you will expand the ways you work with your Team and the ways you ask for your Team to be present and to be part of your life experience. We always sneak – not exactly the right word choice here because we really want you to find them so they aren’t that sneaky – new practices and techniques and knowings that will further support your evolution and further support you on being on the path that is most aligned, most fulfilling and most fun for you.

Our intention in bringing these messages through Heather is so another segment of the population that were perhaps untouched by our messages in earlier years or in previous incarnations are touched now. Are supported now. Go higher now.

And it is so.

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This is a beautiful clarification on free will, how we can use it, how we can parent with it and how we can expand into greater realms of awesome. Wow. So excited to hear how this practice supports your life’s Highest unfolding.

I have also been guided to audio-record these messages as many are wanting to listen to them again and again. In a couple of weeks we will release a new way for you to receive this goodness. Stay tuned! For now, enjoy the audio recording here. Xo

# # #

There are many things that you can know that will serve you well. And there are many things floating about and around you that do not serve you well. And you have a choice. You have a choice in each moment of where you put your focus. Your focus can expand your experience and your focus can diminish your experience – it really is up to you.

In fact this entire life experience is up to you. But not in the way that you think. It is up to you in the way that you get to choose what you let in. Your free will is – will I let this thing/person/opportunity in or won’t I? Whether it be what you classify “good” or “bad” – what you allow into your life is the hallmark of what your free will choice represents.

And that leads us to an important aspect of choice, a pinnacle that all will reach in their free will choice ability. And that is the role of your Spirit Team and how you can better utilize this important, powerful, always here for you aspect of your Spirit in a body – or human – experience.

You have a team around you. It’s a team that has been with you since the day you entered this physical plane. A team that has been waiting patiently for your acknowledgement and for your permission to work with you more actively in your life experience.

When you are a little one in this life experience you can see us and play with us and you are aware of our presence. You know that you have an incredible support system around you because you can see it, you can feel it, you just know it. You have your mother and father – in many scenarios that is – and you have a whole slew of non-physical energies around you cheering you on as you take your first steps, begin to enjoy and experience food, as you begin to explore with more vigor this physical domain all around you.

Over time, your ability to perceive us becomes less and less. Since your physical eyes can only see that which refracts light off of it and that which you expect to see, your conditioning over time from your family or home environment teaches you that those are “imaginary” friends and that who you see and talk to that is unseen is actually not real. And so your ability to connect with us becomes less and less.

This is how it was meant to be for many of you, so do not mourn this. You currently live in a very exciting time where now greater and greater numbers of you are waking up to this truth about your non-physical team. Many of you will be or are parents and can encourage your children from an early age in this area that no one supported you with – that you are meant to enjoy and evolve and enhance a strong relationship between you and your non-physical team that is all around you, that is here for you. In fact, you can and will be most served by consciously and intentionally “working” with this team to create a masterful life experience.

And so for most of you as you grow and evolve in your Spirit in a body experience time goes on and you go through a host of life experiences – some of which serve you, some of which do not. And if you place your focus and what you talk about and what you think about on the experiences that do not serve you – the heartbreak, the pain, etc. – you begin to attract more and more experiences like that. The same goes for if you choose to place your focus, attention and what you talk about on experiences that light you up and do serve you.

When you get to the point where you are reading or listening to a message like this – you have come full circle, you have anchored back into the truth that there is non-physical around you that is here to support you. You recognize that life becomes richer, sweeter and a lot more fun when you stop going at it alone and instead choose to align with the non-physical team that you have around you.

So now how this works is that you must ask for our participation in your life. When you are not asking we are there and we are throwing in nudges and shifting things this way and that to support you in recognizing us and recognizing your divinity, but that’s as much as we can do. We cannot become overtly involved because we do not have your permission to and that is what free will choice is about.

Often, you’ll have a major health crisis to wake you up and get you to open to working with non-physical energy. That is what happened for Heather. She wasn’t going to get here without that. And now she can see what an absolute blessing that so-called health crisis was. It was her opening into who she really is. Many of you go through the major loss or what you call death of a loved one and that is part of their gift to you – to wake you up. Others of you have a major love relationship crumble or lose a job that was an identity to you – all of these are ways that you are being opened up to your true truth. All of these are ways that you get the opportunity to meet your Spirit Team and really rely on your non-physical support to live the life you were meant to live, the life of your dreams as Heather often calls it.

So what do you do now that you know all of this you may ask?

The first piece is consistent and regular connection with your Spirit Team through prayer and meditation. Every day we ask that you meditate – as little as 11-minutes – and Heather has many 11-minute meditations to share with you as needed.

11 minutes you sit and your intention is to know yourself more fully and to be connected to your guides and Angels of the Highest Light. That’s all you need. Breathe. Relax. Be open.

After you meditate, state a prayer – give gratitude, thank Source for all of the good and abundance in your life. Bless those you love and who are around you. Then ask that you know your Highest Good and that the way be made known to you with ease and grace.

It is quite simple, and the above practice opens the door for greater goodness in your life experience.

Recently someone Heather has been working with on this said to her after a powerful 11-minute meditation, “it’s the best feeling I’ve ever felt in my life” to connect with non-physical in this way. Tears ran down her face.

This is what we wish for all of you – the best feeling in the entire world and when you connect with us when you make a focused intention daily to be led by the Highest Light of Spirit there is no stopping what is possible for you.

In Heather’s own life she has experienced this to a new degree as more and more of her control is released and she surrenders into living a truly Spirit-led life. Tears of joy. Deep gratitude. The best feelings of her entire life. More flow than she can realistically understand. More Magic at every turn.

You have a team of non-physical beings that is here for you. Here for you. All for you. You don’t have to know everything about them – you often will get hung up on what your Spirit Team’s names are and who they are and blah blah blah – it does not matter we tell you. Over time that information may or may not come to you, but that is not the place to start. And if it never comes to you that’s okay too. Set your intention to connect to the Highest Light energy and allow it to flow to you, trusting that it will come in in exactly the way that serves you the Highest.

For those who are connecting with your Spirit Team on a regular basis we want to add this to your practice – we want you to ask your team to show you what you need to know that you have been unwilling to know up until now. You all have those areas that feel scary or frightening or like you would rather not know. But that is no way to live – hiding out from your true truth. Ask to be shown with ease and grace what you have been avoiding knowing so that the knowing comes to you effortlessly and with ease. And then commit to taking whatever action you are guided to when this knowing comes through.

And be prepared. Be ready. Open your arms wide to receive. Because your life has now taken a dramatic turn to more goodness than you can currently now imagine.

It is so.

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This is seriously the best way to make any decision and it’s simple & to the point! Enjoy! Xo

# # #

There is no question that the most important focus for each of you is to remember your divinity. And from this place of remembering your divinity you can affect all manner of aspects of your life experience. No area of your life will not blossom and expand when you know and honor your divinity. And this you often say to us is challenging because of the requests and demands of you as well as balancing your emotional stimuli and responses. And we understand. We too have been a Spirit in a body at one time. We too can hear your concerns and have also been there ourselves.

However, true spiritual mastery, true mastery of self is what you all came to experience and it is most certainly the journey you are all on whether you consciously acknowledge it or not. To be in your body, to have the “challenges” arise and to not beat yourself up over them but instead to actually stand in glorious delight and honor of them because they are leading you forward. They are opening new doors that you cannot even imagine just yet. They are providing you with an opportunity to know yourself on new levels and to know us, to know Spirit, to know Source on entirely new levels. This is both exciting and refreshing and exhilarating for you.

What would it be like if you could look at your so-called problems this way? What if you could look at everything that occurred in your life as Magic? As what is allowing you to become more you? We want you to play with this. We want you to look at your life through this lens. As it is the lens with which Source and all in the Spirit realms see what is occurring for you. We know that you have your emotional experience and we say also look at your emotions from this vantage point. Observe them, feel them flood through your body, watch and witness them – and do so with the eyes of Source and in doing so you will remember so much more about your divinity.

From this practice, you will know with even more certainty that you are divine. That this life experience you are on is divine. That you have no choice but to continue forward as a divine being of Light. If you so choose.

You see, you can choose not to follow this path. You can resist it. You can drag your feet so to speak to avoid it. But it is always available to you. It is always an option for you to choose YOU, to choose your divinity to choose your highest and most expanded path.

Take a look around right now. Who do you know who is fully living their divinity? Who is living a life of Spirit, of being lit up by the power of being a Spirit in a body, of being so connected, so entwined with their Source self and their Spirit team? And look at those who are not. Do you feel the difference? Can you see the difference?

We would describe it as merely an absence of light or a heavy feeling when you encounter one who is not embracing their divinity. In truth, they are believing the lie, the illusion, the silliness – we want to make it as light as possible here – that says there is something wrong with them or with life or with the world or with those around them. They are focused on problems to fix and people to fix and on things going wrong.

And we encourage you to choose a higher path. To choose the path filled with Light. When making decisions choose the option that has the most Light attached to it. You are trying to decide – do I do this or do I do that and we say – choose that which feels Light. Which feels full of Life and vitality and just like you could float on a cloud along with that decision? These decisions will serve your highest and best good. These decisions will make all of the difference in the world for you.

We so want to see more of you living in this manner because all things can be made available to you – that are on your vibrational trajectory – when you give yourself this gift. We love you and we are forever holding the space for your highest and most profound alignment.

In Love,

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I love the additional detail they are giving to us on the topic of Love. When it came through that the Love of our Life relationship is an eternal journey that we continue to evolve forward in each lifetime and that he/she will be a FULL Body YES I felt my whole Soul relax deeper into my body. A big “thank you Jesus” she is getting the messages loud and clear! :) It is my hope this does the same for you.  Enjoy Loves! Please leave your comments or further questions for the JOGs below (they just said we can open it up for questions now – cool!). Xo

# # #

We are going to pick back up the topic of Love today. It is a topic that impacts every single one of you and some you don’t even realize how deeply it touches and affects your world. Because when you willingly and opening choose to Love – even those who appear or may see unlovable, then you are transformed by a power that is greater than yourself. Almost all of you have had the experience of deeply loving another, some of you may guard up or self-protect but in every instance every one of you knows what it feels like to love another in a deep and profound way to some extent or the other. And love is something that all become better in the having of it.

It is something that many of you are actively seeking – whether you are in a relationship or currently looking to be in one. And we have discussed with you previously how Love is at the heart of everything and that means that you must Love yourself first and foremost and then radiate that love to all you encounter – again whether you are in a relationship or not. And also we have shared with you that every single one of you has one Love of your Life. And that has lifted some of you up and triggered a whole storm of worry and convoluted thoughts for others about your ability to “keep” this Love of your Life when you come together or other still are worrying that perhaps you have messed it up and have already met and rejected the Love of your Life.

Oh, and we have much to say to you on this. First, there is no keeping of anyone or anything. There is your divinely aligned path with the people, places, opportunities and the like that are exactly for you and there are those that are not. You are not here to keep anyone or anything – ever. They are aligned and you dance together in this life, or you do not.

And we want to remind you as we will repeatedly, again and again – there is no messing anything up. Because the Universe is always recalibrating for you. So let’s say you are disconnected from your true Self long enough to end the relationship with the Love of your Life, and let’s say that your Beloved is also disconnected from who they really are – because it will take both of you being disconnected from the Source within for the relationship to ever end. One person may be disconnected and try to end the relationship in a state of total misalignment but there will always be the other who will hold the Light for the partnership so that it may stay intact. So, let’s say you are both sufficiently disconnected from your Source Selves and the relationship must end.

That’s okay. It’s not great, but if you’re disconnected from your Source self, you’re not feeling so great as it is. So what then? You then embark on a journey to return back to who you really are. And depending on how much resistance you have around this, it can take any length of time. Once you return back to who you really are, you will feel the call and the pull of the love of your Life again. Now depending on how connected or not your partner is from his/her Source self, they will be able to hear and respond to the call or they will not and it will take more time. But we are telling you – it will always come around.

How will you know? Well, you are intuitive beings, remember you are Spirit already – so you have access to an incredible wealth of knowledge. If the Love of your Life is already in your life and you return to your Source self you will just know and there will not be anything that can or will possibly deter you from aligning with them again. This happens all of the time. And so again, there is never any need to worry about messing it up. There is always the time factor because you can delay things significantly for yourself when you are disconnected from you’re the truest version of you, but again, it’s okay, you can always, and we mean always, re-align and hop back on to that place of utter easeful streaming alignment.

When you meet the Love of your Life you know. It is a return to who you have known all along was yours. Many of you have had this experience or are in that relationship now. There is just no parting from it because the knowing is too strong. You will want things you never knew you wanted because this individual and the two of you coming together aligns you both so beautifully, so effortlessly that there is simply no denying what is occurring. It is beautiful and we love to witness this.

What we really want to encourage you to and ask of you is to connect to where you are right now. Are you feeling mostly aligned with the core of who you really are? If you have a partner, is your partner mostly aligned to the core of who he/she is? Do you know with a deepness within that your partner is the Love of your Life? If you are unsure we want to encourage you to make your full connection with who you really are your #1 priority so that clarity can come. Because when you are fully connected with this aspect of you and you maintain it the majority of the time, that individual and you will go Higher together into Loving, and if you are not, one or both of you will know it is time to go separate ways.

For those of you who’s Love of your Life made his/her transition into non-physical, what you are calling death or passing on – earlier than you would have liked, you too follow the same practice. Are you connected to the core of who you really are the majority of the time? If so, does that deeper part of you desire for a Great Love to share the rest of your physical experience with in this lifetime? Tune in and see. If the answer is yes, open yourself up to experiencing the beauty of two Spirit’s in a body coming together to experience the wonder of Loving.

Now there is another matter of importance here that we must address when it comes to Love and deeply loving. It is regret. We see and feel so many of you with such severe and serious regret about how you treated this one, or what happened with that one or how you are with your current partner even. And we want you to know that that feeling of regret weighs you down, it weights you down, it makes you heavier and it does not allow you to connect to the true love that is before you and within you. So we want you to tap, breathe and consciously release the regret because it does not serve you one iota. When you can clear that heaviness from your body-mind you have the exceptional opportunity to free yourself into deeper Loving – of yourself first and then of a partner – whether he/she is the Love of your Life or a Great Love.

This life that you came here for is worth living and living fully. Loving is a big piece of this experience that you purposefully came here for. You all know this inherently which is why there are millions of dating sites on the Internet and millions more eyes open at grocery stores and restaurants and bars and festivals, seeking ad wondering – are you my one? And the seeking and trying is unnecessary because when you see the Love of your Life, you know. And there is no denying it. Depending on how connected you are to the core of who you are that is – you will feel and know it immediately and as we said before nothing could or will stop you from taking action.

If you are not deeply connected to the core of you – your Higher Self will be whispering in a shout to get your attention to alert you to this person you will love and have loved for lifetimes prior. That is why making your alignment with your Source self your utmost priority is what makes all of the difference in any area and facet of your life experience. Then you will, then you can be guided. Then love will bless you instead of frustrate you.

Know that this love is eternal. We shared this with Heather recently and she so just loved this. The Love of your Life is your eternal love. That means you have come together lifetime after lifetime loving in new and surprising and sometimes unusual ways. Sometimes romantic, sometimes as friends or family but always a special, special bond. And in each lifetime you evolve that bond forward, you experience a new, deeper dimension of this great, profound love. And since you are on an everlasting journey – which means your Soul will continue on for all of eternity, each time you meet up with the Love of your Life, it will grow or evolve in new ways that it had not before. That is why this one feels like no other one feels. That’s why there is a softness, a relaxing, a knowing, a feeling of home, an ease, a flow. It is like everything that comes into your experience that is aligned – it feels right in your body. It is, this person is, a full body YES.

So no need to push or force – you will evolve as much forward with the Love of your Life as you are both able to in this lifetime and then you’ll meet up in the next and get to “work” on some other new depth of Loving that you came to uncover. And as you do, you evolve the Spirit in a body’s or what you call humans capacity for Loving forward. Every couple who ascends Higher and deeper into Loving not only evolves this forward for their Soul’s journey –as individuals and as a couple – but for the collective. This is how you have grown into love, this is what it means to grow deeper into Loving.

It is magnificent. It is divine. It is exactly what you called forth for yourself on this life journey you are on.

We are loving you ever so much.

We are complete.

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Oh, this is soooooo good! This answers like 10 questions about “manifesting” in 1-shot. Enjoy every morsel of it. Love. You. Xo

# # #

Hear this – almost always when you are trying to make anything happen, it simply cannot happen. Do you hear that? Do you understand what this means? What we are calling forth from you here is a way of holding and carrying energy that will allow you to experience that which you desire, and we want you to get this very, very clearly. When you want something so badly, when you are trying to make something happen, when you need this something to happen – it cannot, and will not come to you. The very act of needing and wanting repels that thing that you want.

We are asking of you, we are asking of you kindly but firmly – to stop doing that to yourselves. Instead what we are suggesting to you is this – have the presence of who you really are with you so firmly held that the minute you find yourself needily wanting something you stop what you’re doing and you acknowledge – this energy, this vibration will not allow me to experience that which I am wanting.

So we know you are asking – well how am I supposed to manifest anything if I can’t have anything I really, really want?

And we are saying – no – you did not hear us correctly then. You can absolutely have everything you want, but when you are trying or efforting to make something happen – it cannot come to you.

We are also clarifying here and this is something we shared with Heather a few moons ago – you are not manifesting anything. You do not manifest anything. You co-create everything. So even if you are not aware or not conscious, everything that has manifested in your experience was a co-creative process because you have a team that is working with you whether you know it or not. And you can disavow that team and ignore it and push it aside but your team will do whatever it can to support you whenever it can. And when you consciously begin working with your team, when you are actively co-creating together that is when the magic happens. That is when things flow to you. That is when life just keeps getting more and more and more and more of what you truly desire and will continue to do so for as long as you will allow it to.

So let’s say – you want something. And we know you do and you cannot help but want it because after all you incarnated here in this lifetime because you had things you wanted to experience. You had a plan of sorts, a vibrational trajectory that was and is carrying you forward. So you didn’t come here to stay inside all day and watch TV. No, you came here to live fully your purpose and experience the magnificence of every moment. And yes, we know there are occasionally those moments on TV, we are not saying TV is wrong but we are saying that if that’s all you’re doing – you are missing so so so much of what is here for you.

So, to continue, let’s say this thing that you want does not seem to be coming to you. All of you have something like this because you were not meant to experience everything you desire by now. Because you cannot. Because everything you desire continues to shift and change and expand and unfold in new and surprising ways. We did not want you to get bored after all. We are kidding here, for anyone who is bored is simply unconscious to the light within them and is simply avoiding the power of what is all around them and within them.

So if it is not coming and you are trying to decide how to make it come, you are already off track.

Here is what you do instead;

You say to your Spirit Team, very clearly – Heather does this with us all of the time and it works so very beautifully, “You know that I want this thing. You know I desire it from a deep and powerful place (and if you do not desire it from a deep and powerful place it’s most likely not actually yours to have, so let it go as soon as you identify this truth). And I am now surrendering this thing to you my guides and angles of the Highest Light. If it is Divine Will and if it serves my Highest Good to have this thing – then please bring it to me with ease and grace. If it is simply not the Divinely inspired perfect time for me to experience said thing – please send me a sign by tomorrow night at ___ (name your time here) to let me know you hear me, you understand and to let me know that it is en route to me. If it is not in my Highest Good to have this thing, please release my desire for it with ease and grace. And so it is. Amen.”

And there you have it. You will then receive communication if this thing is part of your path and if you are open to receiving from us – which if you are making this prayer, then you certainly are – that will let you know that this thing is en route you.

For example, Heather loves the radio. She loves it so much. We gave this to her early on, in fact it has been with her since she was a teen. She wanted to go to Mt. Hood Community College’s radio broadcasting school program, but her religion would not allow her. She married a radio morning show host. She has been on the radio in so many different formats and ways and she absolutely loves it. And so we have been giving this to her throughout her life in varying manners and again we are bringing it back around – she has been doing all sorts of interviews and just loving loving loving it. And she says to us as we have been nudge her “maybe I should have my own show?” This is actually not something she has ever considered before until now. And we of course know that this is in her destiny that this will happen for her. And so…it starts showing up in her dreams, opportunities flow to her, and recently an opportunity came in that felt like it might be it. And she really felt alignment in many ways but not completely. And she asked our permission to investigate it more and we gave her the yes, which gave her a lot of excitement because we hadn’t given that before when she had asked. So now she is thinking – this is it – this is possibly the opportunity to allow me to expand in this way that I have been desiring since I was a teen but didn’t even really know or understand that I was desiring. And she investigates and talks with some people and does her research only to find – no it was not the opportunity for her.

And she was a little irritated with us. “Don’t send me on wild goose chases” she said to us. And we said to her – that opportunity coming in was the most closely matched to any opportunity that has come your way. And we gave you the all clear to move forward with it because we wanted you to feel the joy of that and the delight of it and we also wanted you to see what made it not right for you so that when it is the Divine timing for this – you will know it so clearly there will be not one shred of doubt in your body-mind-Spirit.

So sometimes dear ones you get the all clear and you are delighted and excited and you are like, “this is it!” and it IS it, but not in the way you always think it is. You do this with relationships and jobs and all manners of opportunities.

Relax. Everything that is coming to you is coming to you for a reason, it is giving you information that will serve you very very well. And some of the opportunities will last a lifetime and other opportunities will not and both are perfectly okay.

Now Heather could have efforted, she could have tried to make this opportunity that came in work for her because she wants and desires this experience. But that would have put her down a road that she eventually would have had to bail on because it was not fully aligned with her Highest Good and it would have been really bumpy and not the joyful experience that is really here for her. So just don’t do that. Just wait it out for the full and complete alignment. It is so much better for you when you do. You feel so much better when you do. Your life is filled with joy after joy after joy when you do.

We are complete.

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Oh, I love this message so very much. They are giving it to us so straight, so aligned, so YES. I can feel it in every cell of my body. Can you? I can’t believe how I spent most of my life making it all so ridiculously dramatic – unnecessarily so. Wow. Love this & Love you! Xo

# # #

When you’re in the world that you’re in you are often trying so hard to manage so many different aspects of your existence that you forget about what truly matters. You get caught up in things going wrong or potentially going wrong or what this one said or what the other one said and we want you to know that we can understand how it catches your attention and yet we want you to know this very truth – it does not matter.

Here is actually what does matter:

  • 1- How do you feel in your body right now in this here and now moment?
  • 2- What would make you feel more joyful than you feel right now?
  • 3- What thoughts do you need to focus on right now to align with this joy?

That is what matters.

Without a connection to the truth and core of who you really are – there is no way to really know the answer to any of those questions. There are so many people and they want to tell you what to do and which way to go and what program to take and what tips and tricks will make you perfect and fabulous and then others who are closer to you who want you to make this choice or that choice because they believe it will serve you (and them).

And so, so many of you are running yourselves right into the ground doing doing, doing, doing for everyone but yourself. And we want to encourage you, to ask of you, to entreat you to really take this time and take time every day to connect with what your true desires truly are.

And we know and we hear you as you say “but there are new tires to get and kids to pick up and this deadline, and they demand that I do that which I do not desire to do”. And we say – that is your work. Right there. Your work is to create a life that does not demand of you aspects that are not in full alignment and full harmony with your Soul and the path for which you are here for. Your job if there truly was one is to identify and know and create all that lights you up and takes you higher.

But some of you – some of you – just let yourself get so taken out by the things you perceive are going wrong or not taking you Higher. And we get it and yet – it is not meant to take you out. It is meant to incite you to powerful, creative, joyous action.

“Oh, I’m sick”, you say .
“Yes”, says the doctor.

“Oh, okay now this is really something else. Think of all of the trouble my body has gone to to get this message to me. Think of what it must be trying to tell me. Think of the joyous-ness that must be on the other side of THIS.”

That is the response we are desiring from you.

And when your lover leaves.

“Oh wow, would you look at that. Look at what must be in store for me if this Lover had to leave like THAT. Oh wow, it must be something really amazing because I know that it and all is always working out in my Highest Good. So this – this apparent, alleged drama is only an indicator that I am one step closer to the all that I so desire from the very core and heart and Soul of me.”

And we say “yes! Now you’ve got it, now you get it. Now you understand. You understand that tuning in to YOU is the most important piece of this life journey. And sometimes there will be pieces of You that you are not so readily and easily tuned in to. Aspects that seem to be hidden from you. Others would call this your “shadow” self and all we would call it are the parts that still await your acknowledgment and attention and Light. That is all it is. And sometimes the ways these aspects get your attention is a sickness or a Lover leaving or a job leaving or a new person showing up.

But whatever way it happens you can be assured that if you are attuned to the core of you – the more you would know this truth we are giving to you now and so no matter how annoying or aggravating or saddening – you would know that those emotions were not necessary. You would stand in the middle of this said wrong thing happening – this is the calm in the storm that we have talked about previously – and you would know with absolute certainty – “well this must be happening so that my life can get even better. Something really fantastic is certainly in store for me now.”

It can be as “simple” as your electronics not working properly or a driver cutting you off in traffic. All of it, every single bit of it is just one step or a few short steps or maybe some long steps – it all depends on your trajectory – but either way – it’s on its way to your bliss. Every single time. But you miss this because you take yourself down so many tough roads with the stories that you tell. Stories that say you are less than or unworthy or somehow you have screwed things up. And you listen to experts tell you about diagnosis of what is wrong with you and what it means if you have what you have and if you act as you act and it’s just twisting you into a knot. And we say – it’s within you. Your Soul and your connection to your non-physical – what we are calling your Spirit Team – is what will anchor you into your truth, into your joy, into your bliss far more than anything else.

So for the love of us, for the love of Source, please ask yourselves the 3 questions we started with today. Remember that it’s all on the other side of wonderful. Even the wonderful things are just showing you that more wonderful is in store. Don’t worry – we’ll pick up the “other shoe dropping” topic soon (Heather is wanting us to go there now) but we will leave it here, in the perfect spot that it needed to be in. Soak this up and we will be with you again very soon.


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This message came in first thing this morning. However, I did not receive the “yes” to post it until just now. I am not entirely sure “why” in all detail of course but I do know that whatever the reason it’s being posted now so that those most aligned with this message will be able to receive it. Enjoy and I look forward to your comments & Love! Xo

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There is an important message that we have for you today. And you may notice we say repeatedly that these are important messages. They are. Every single one of them has the ability to allow you to remember the core of who you really are, to remember your divinity, to remember why you came here at this time on this planet. You incarnated in this lifetime for a reason, for a purpose, for a divine unfolding. It was something you set into motion long ago – a strong desire to come forth and manifest in the physical. A strong desire to see what was possible as a Spirit in a body. A strong desire to support all of the energy that is here on this planet as well as others in becoming more aligned with Source while in a body. It’s not a test or a challenge or a school even as some have thought. It’s a strong desire. It’s a pull that you may not even be able to understand fully. But it is core within you. This desire to create. This desire to play with possibilities, the desire to experience deep emotions and to let them flood your body.

All of this lights you up, all of this is why you are here and why you came.

And you will notice, if you let yourself, that there are other individuals around you that you resonate with deeply. This again is part of this divine journey you are on. These are Souls that you have traveled with for many, many lifetimes and who many of you will continue to travel with in future lifetimes.

We have said this before and we most likely will say it again and again and again and again. You did not come here just for your trajectory, in fact, not one of you did. It is always to support all in becoming and embodying more of their Source self.

Some of you are holding particular strong anchors for a number of Spirit’s in a body. Some of you agreed before you came that you would be so fully focused, so fully focused on supporting the collective that your life would be a testament to this, that your life would showcase what is possible as a Spirit in a body. That you would with the support of Source, you would shine a light brighter than had been previously shown before and you would inspire those around you to remember their true path and their true divinity. And in doing so – all go higher, in doing so, all know more fully what it means to work with energy and to be in a body and to “work” with Spirit. And this is a path that lights up so many, including the Soul it is in. And many of you are carriers of this and you know who you are, you know it fully and you can feel it within you. You’ve had it within you from an early age, this knowing, this pull, this undeniable thirst for the why, for the healing, for the alignment, for the support of so many as you too rise to a new level of understanding of what it means to be a Spirit being and to have a body.

It’s is our wish, our desire, our deep hope for you – that you will heed these words. That you will take these words to heart and will allow them to imprint upon you the call that is deep within you. You have many distractions – you have people telling you what you should be doing in the media, on TV, on the Internet – oh wow – there are so many distractions there – your family and friends, magazines and movies.

There are distractions a plenty but those who are listening to the call of their Soul finds a way amidst the distractions to stay connected with their Soul and with their Spirit Team. We aren’t suggesting you abandon all media (although we would like you to abandon anything that is not in the Highest Light, that is not uplifting), we are asking that you make your #1 focus living fully the trajectory, the path, the YOU that you are here to live fully. Each of you know deep within – some more deeply than others – what this is.

Check in with yourself regularly – are you living the life your Soul came here to live? Do you feel expanded and open and filled with joy most of the time? Do you feel guided? Do you experience magic daily? These are the questions to ask. Ask to know what your Soul truly desires and then begin to follow those steps. Doing so will open doors and open possibilities that you could not have imagined previously.

Until next time,

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