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“I came to BodyTalk with Heather because of a chronic pain condition. Through our work together I have an increased consciousness of the triggers that lead to flare-ups, and my overall pain has been minimized. It’s often surprising to me what comes to the surface during our Body Talk sessions. Fortunately, Heather is a poised and gentle practitioner who follows the sometimes-curving paths with patience and understanding.”
by Nicole, 30

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Vlog: My Wild, Rule-Breaking Experience at John of God

Integrating from my second journey to John of God (JOG) has been a  fun ride! My whole JOG experience this time around was filled with a lot of light, joy and thousands of insights. In this video I share with you some more of the guidance I received while in Brazil, along with a hilarious story of what happens when the Universe works to give you an unexpected prescription (hint: it involves wine).

This v-log is pretty long – 20 minutes in length – so my suggestion is to put me on while you finish up those dishes or while doing some yoga asanas. I promise that you’re gonna love it! It’s friggin hilarious!


Be sure to leave your comments below – I would love to know about the times when you’ve had to listen to your guidance above and beyond what everyone else was saying.


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