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Portland Gluten-Free Treat Eats

I feel really blessed to live in Portland, Oregon – not only does it claim home to the nicest people in the world (I’m not kidding here – people smile at you everywhere and say “hi” – just because!) but it’s also filled with delicious gluten/dairy/soy-free treats. Below are two that I recently discovered and loved (and know you will too!).

Veritable Quandary (VQ as us locals call it)
Happy Hour – Malbec (only $6 – even off of HH) and bacon wrapped dates with chevre.
It is a small slice of heaven and I’m virtually speechless everytime I eat them.

My kyptonite: VQ Malbec & bacon wrapped dates with chevre.

Via Chicago Pizza – at the PSU Farmer’s Market
This gluten-free crust rivals my usual favorite at Mississippi Pizza. Thick, doughy goodness makes it so worth it I didn’t mind eating the cheese (it is dairy – but you can ask them to go light!). I had an asparagus pepperoni slice and it was pure HEAVEN. You gotta get to the Farmer’s Market this weekend and order one.

The most delicious gluten-free pizza you have not yet eaten.

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