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“I love it when my eyes are opened to see the constant love and support I have around me on a daily basis. I felt so much love during our session...someone kissed my forehead while I was on your table...I feel as if I have an army behind me. So thankful for you and for sharing your gift.”
by S.O., 46

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  • Anthony Barber

    Thank you for sharing Heather, and thank you too for your smiles , you wear peace beautifully.

  • Hkstrang

    Thank you Anthony! So sweet of you! xoHeather

  • Spencer

    Do you know if we can buy it online in Australia? I wouldn’t mind trying it.

  • Hkstrang

    Hi Spencer,

    It looks like it’s only offered in stores in the U.S., but you can buy it online here:

    You won’t be disappointed!