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“Heather Strang is a compassionate and committed BodyTalk Practitioner who has patience with clients even when they are going through a healing crisis. She maintains firm boundaries and has the ability to not become engaged in someone's drama so that she can support them through it. Heather's sessions have accessed areas of my energetic body that were blocked and constricted which sped up the flow in my life. I had difficulty letting old hurts go but thanks to Heather these old emotions resolved. Since I am in California I work with Heather by distance and see a practitioner in my city for in person sessions. The balance is great in terms of healing. I highly recommend Heather because she strengthens your trust in yourself. Which is what healing with integrity is supposed to do.”
by M.E., 29

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  • MHK

    Hi, I like this blog for the rich of content on gluten free.

    Sugar Free Birthday Cakes for Diabetics

  • Xean

    hmm.. looks delicious and a healthy bar snack perfect for everyone. Great post! :)

  • Cathy

    This is good! A healthy delicious snack bars. Love it!

  • Lily

    Having this kind of snack bars makes my day perfect.

  • Annie

    This bar is definitely the bomb taste and texture-wise, however, it does contain sugar–refined sugar at that. Both brown rice syrup and agave syrup are refined sugar products. I like to avoid those things too but THIS bar is just SO good and just so full of mostly great stuff I won’t be denying myself very often when I want a goody and this Millionaire bar shows up in front of my face!