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“I am so grateful for you and your gift. I am much more peaceful, quit blaming everyone else for my unhappiness, I see how controlled I have been with my own anger. I am eating better, sleeping better, and I love the tapping. With gratitude & love!”
by S.L., 75

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Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Sugar-Free Breakfast – Eggs & More

On the gluten/dairy/soy/refined sugar-free path, creativity is essential. I just created this tasty number a couple of weeks ago and then proceeded to make it everyday for lunch until I decided I wanted something else. Yes, I’m one of those. If I love something I’ll eat it until I’m totally over it. :) Try this out as a quick and easy breakfast or lunch dish.

Great breakfast or lunch option - easy too!

2 organic, cage-free eggs
1-2 slices of pepper jack almond cheese (or goat mozzarella is delish too!)
1 c fresh spinach
2-3 slices of organic turkey meat

Heat skillet to medium heat and crack two eggs into the pan. Season with sea salt. Cook eggs until they are ready to flip, turn over and place cheese on top. Let cook for 1 min. Then add spinach, begin to saute around eggs and cheese. Next, lay down turkey slices until they are seared and warm. Once eggs are done, put them on a plate, followed by the sauted spinach and turkey. Voila!

Happy Eating!

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  • Plinton528

    This is my all time favorite breakfast,it’s so delicious,and filling.I also fixes myself a virgin bloody Mary,and it’s like being at a nice restaurant,but never leaving the house

  • Hkstrang

    Oh, I love this! How do you make a virgin Bloody Mary? That would go perfectly with this. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Eating!