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Gluten/Dairy/Soy-Free Adult Holiday Beverage

My guy and I discovered this weekend an absolutely delicious gluten/dairy/soy-free holiday milk by So Delicious. We decided to jazz it up with 2 shots of rum. It’s a perfect sitting-by-the-fire, listening-to-Christmas-music and spending-time-with-loved-ones beverage. Enjoy!

So Delicious Makes a SOOOO Delicious Holiday Drink

1 10 oz coffee mug
1 c of So Delicious Coconut Chocolate Mint Milk
2 shots of light rum

Steam milk on stovetop until to the desired level of warmth (I like mine hot!). Pour milk into mug, add rum. Stir. Top with Rice Whip if feeling very festive!

Happy Eating!

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  • Only1aurora1997

    I recently discovered the joys of unsweetred carton cocnut milk and canned cocnut milk for receipes which call for cream. and all I can say is omg!! it si back to reall cooking. and i had eggnos for the first time in years. I had given up because the Soy nog is terrible and frankly soy milk tastes funny to me. LOL. I only recently found your site as my 8 month old has shown not only to be allergic to milk she is also allergic to wheat ( like i was as a child) and i love what i have found!

  • Sheikhhasmat

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