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Happy Almost Thanksgiving! Your Guide to Gluten/Dairy-Free & Low Sugar Eatin’

Happy Thanksgiving 2011!

Happy Almost Thankgiving! Are you ready?

I went to the store already this week (in an attempt to beat the crowds) to stock up on my holiday recipes. This year I’m trying out a gluten/dairy/soy-free and low sugar pumpkin pie (inspired by health coach Jill Muhm) and can’t wait to share it with you.

In the meantime, below are a few links to some of my favorite holiday recipes:

-Gluten/dairy/soy-free Crockpot Stuffing
-Gluten/dairy/soy/sugar-free Sweet Potato Casserole
-Gluten/dairy/soy/sugar-free Pumpkin Bread
-Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
-Gluten/dairy/sugar-free Pumpkin Pie (there is soy)

Products I love for the holidays:

-Kinnikinnick Pumpkin Spice donuts
-Trader Joe’s Turkey Gravy (gluten/dairy/soy-free!)
-Trader Joe’s Cranberry sauce (simple, elegant and yummy! Some sugar added.)

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  • Sheikhhasmat

    We know that health is wealth. I am a health constious person and I avoid sugar and using natvia. Natvia is a natural product which is produced from a plant called stevia and It is 300% sweeter than sugar. Natvia contains only .6 calories which is much lessnthan sugar.