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“"By my third BodyTalk session I felt like I was floating on water and had entered a new world. My life had completely changed - and in ways even my friends and family could not deny. I finally felt secure, knowing I held all the power I needed within and that I did not have to carry the burden and shame from previous actions or lives. BodyTalk has profoundly impacted my life's journey!"”
by T.W., 35

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Love Like This

Who can love like this?
I can said the fly
Who can sail the highest seas?
Oh, me replied the seagull
Who can recite their lovers name before millions?
Only I said the crow
Who will remind them of the magic?
It is I, said the ocean
And who will carry this great love into the hearts of all?
It is me, said the girl with pen in hand.

Copyright 2011 Heather Strang

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