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“Through the gentle work of BodyTalk, not only did I find a path to manage my chronic pain, but I cleared the obstacles and old patterns that were keeping me from finding love. As my BodyTalk sessions progressed, Heather and I both recognized the shift and could feel my partner moving into my life. When he finally appeared, I knew that I was ready and was able to embrace the risk to reap the reward of love. For the past several months I have been enjoying a relationship built on mutual respect, affection, fun and true partnership. I know that I would not have been open to this kind of love without BodyTalk.”
by N.S., 34

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NaPoWriMo: Day 8

Fantasy Meets Reality In my fantasy, You do everything I say. You adore me, Worship me Are committed to what I want to create. In reality, It is nothing like this And I think - How could I be so wrong? Except, I'm not wrong It is all happening exactly as I intended it, So very long ago. You are playing your role and I am playing mine - Brilliantly. It is exactly what I need Pure and simple And I can never ask it to be more Or less. It isn't worth it to question life, it won't ever be wrong. Of this I can always be sure. Copyright 2011 Heather Strang