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“I have experienced so many wonderful shifts in your Sexual Healing series, including more softness, more awareness, more connection to my divine feminine, all of which I am enjoying & appreciating. I am SO grateful for this sisterhood, this journey, & Heather.”
by C.K.,51

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NaPoWriMo: Day 7

The Conversation

It has been a year since we last spoke.
Do you remember?
Today, finally, I felt brave enough.
Quite naturally,
we picked up right where we left off -
Polite. Quiet. Content.
I imagine this is how life works, in all regards
how the pain of lost love fades
Give it time, give it quiet, give it peace
Then it ceases to exist.
Before you know it, you’re having a conversation
with an old friend.

Copyright 2011 Heather Strang

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