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“Do you know or are you feeling the amount of gratitude and appreciation for the magnitude of the work you're channeling? Seriously. This is earth/universe altering work! You are helping people to shift consciousness, raise the vibration and step into their soul purpose AND more and more!!! I have so much love for you Heather.”
by M.M, 38

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NaPoWriMo: Day 20

Random Attempt at Positivity I love the Oregon rain because: It makes everything so beautifully green It's water and hey, everything needs water It makes the sun seem like a superstar that we want to follow around and worship It gives me an excuse to curl up on the couch and watch Sex & The City reruns, followed by movies 1 and 2 It's the reason why I feel like eating 5 cookies, not just 1 (And cookies taste good.) It's a perfect setting for a dramatic make-out session Even better if it's on top of a car after a day spent wine tasting It reminds us that we aren't the Wicked Witch of the West It makes the Earth smell good, at least first thing in the morning or right after a long rain storm It forces us to cuddle up with strangers under awnings and bus stops It gives us a reason to buy crazy polka dotted umbrellas It makes galoshes seem cool, and like a good idea It keeps a wet t-shirt contest going, even if there is no formal contest It reminds us that we spend too much time fixing our hair anyway It brought us to skinny jeans (bootcut isn't worth the puddle drama) It gives men the opportunity to show the ladies chivalry - And yes, you can dry clean your jacket later Rain reminds us that we can be happy, even when Mother Earth isn't. Copyright 2011 Heather Strang
  • Gail from SoDeliciousDairyFree

    Happy New Year, Heather! Thank you for including So Delicious in your roundup of the best coconut snacks! We’re thrilled to hear that you are enjoying our holiday coconut milk nog!

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