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“"By my third BodyTalk session I felt like I was floating on water and had entered a new world. My life had completely changed - and in ways even my friends and family could not deny. I finally felt secure, knowing I held all the power I needed within and that I did not have to carry the burden and shame from previous actions or lives. BodyTalk has profoundly impacted my life's journey!"”
by T.W., 35

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NaPoWriMo: Day 16 & 17

Self-Serve With chocolate and vanilla smeared on our lips we sit in cluttered silence. Prom queens corsages and 30-pound babies surround us. What can we say? Strawberries and coconut fill the emptiness while a clock announces - it is time to go. ---------------------------- Airport Love I am dropping you off at the airport Again. But this time, is the last time The last time until you're home. Cozy and warm in 700 square feet of love Of waking up at 5am to feel your strong arms around me To dinners and breakfasts and snacks of massive variety Stumptown for one and green tea for another Honey on our tongues Kissing in parking lots, shopping malls, cars, bars, bathrooms, stadiums and lawns The airport is our sign of almost being home Of being so close to the very thing we desire the most, each other. Copyright 2011 Heather Strang