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“Heather and her work as a BT practitioner have been instrumental in overcoming challenges related to my past hyper-thyroid condition. Heather is a healer. She is a rare individual with the power to listen. Her knowledge of her craft is made potent by what she brings to it as a person.”
by Josh, 40

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NaPoWriMo: Day 14

To Heal

Healing is hard
when I insist
that it look like
total annihilation.
When I insist it means
removal of the very thing
that is here to teach me.

Healing is hard
When I want it my way
and not the way of those before me.
Of those who are whispering softly
for me to wake up
for me to remember that my physical body is wise.
And knows all my secrets.

Copyright 2011 Heather Strang

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