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“BodyTalk is completely changing my life on so many levels...I feel like everything I focus on and touch is turning to gold lately. I feel more open and confident and like a new me is evolving. Friends and clients notice the changes and shifts in my life and ask me what I have been doing as there is something new with me.”
by T.K., 31

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Modalert For Sale, These cookies were a BIG hit at the Superbowl party I attended. Modalert alternatives, And you will absolutely love them. Tip: put half the batch in ziplock bags and freeze (this will keep you from eating the entire batch and give you a fun frozen treat in the future!), kjøpe Modalert på nett, köpa Modalert online. Effects of Modalert, [caption id="attachment_359" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="Cookie Heaven"][/caption]

Gluten/Dairy/Soy-free, Low-Sugar Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

3 cups gluten-free flour blend (LOVE Bob's Red Mill)1 c gluten-free rolled oats (recommend Legacy Valley brand)1 t baking powder1 t baking soda1 t salt2/3 c Erythritol (all natural sweetener - zero on glycemic index!)2/3 c canola oil2/3 c unsweetened vanilla almond milk (recommend Blue Diamond)1 t vanilla extract2 ripe organic bananas1/2 c chopped organic raw walnuts1 pkg Enjoy Life dairy/soy/gluten-free chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350, Modalert interactions. Modalert used for, Mix wet ingredients, add in dry ingredients, buy cheap Modalert. Stir until fully blended, Modalert For Sale. Where can i cheapest Modalert online, Feel free to add more flour or vanilla almond milk to get desired consistency. Bake 10-15 minutes or until golden brown, Modalert treatment. After Modalert, Happy Eating.
xoHeather :)

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  • Aurea

    Have you tried the Chia seed flour? It’s like wheat flour, but gluten-free, its flavor is completely normal. You can substitute regular flour in recipes like cake, cookies or muffing. I used this product and recommend it 100%, my grandkids love cookies and brownies. This is a very good product for the whole family. There are many articles on You Tube for preparing all kinds of recipes (Nuchia Food) is an excellent product that offers Nuchia Foods.

  • admin

    Thanks Aurea!
    I’ve heard of Chia seed flour, but have not baked with it yet. I will definitely check it out!

    Happy Eating!
    xoHeather :)

  • Bella

    Those sound delicious, but I wonder if I could substitute stevia instead? Erythritol gives me horrible intestinal problems and puts a strange metallic taste in my mouth.

  • admin


    I wonder if you are thinking of the same sweetener that I used – it’s from a Chinese herb – so no metallic taste. You could most definitely use Stevia. I don’t like baking with Stevia due to a weird plant-like aftertaste. So, each sweetener to his/her own!
    Let me know how they turn out with Stevia.

    Happy Eating!
    xoHeather :)

  • Gluten Free

    WOW ! this is yummy , delicious dish . I love chocolate chip , thanks for sharing this recipe……
    gluten free

  • Laura

    Do you have any recommendations for a substitute for the sweetener? Is there a conversion for brown rice syrup or honey? My family is on a very limited diet and has to be careful with sweeteners. Thank you so much for your amazing recipes!!

  • Hkstrang

    Laura, great question! Honey actually spikes blood sugar levels and is not recommended for individuals with sugar issues. Erythritol is all natural and has zero impact on blood sugar levels. It is the only sweetener I recommend! It’s completely Paleo too! Thanks for reading!