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“Re: Distance Sessions: I love the MP3 format! I can listen and take notes and focus on everything that came out of the session. Thank you!”
by K.M., 44

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Five years ago I heard a song. It spoke of a man Loving a woman so completely That my whole heart melted. Today I heard that song again And knew my heart had melted for you. Five years ago you were near - Only my soul could feel you.
  • pdxbella

    Wow. I have SO been hit by this one before. Heather I love your work! I ran across your article in the WW and your very savvy, tasteful responses and I am a fan! I look forward to reading more of your work!

  • admin

    Thank you for the lovely, lovely comments. I believe the song that inspired this was by The Fray.

    Do you write poetry? If so, share!

    Much love,