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“When I joined Heather's Manifest Love Course I initially thought I was on a quest to find a partner. However not even two weeks into the workshop, I realized I was discovering a deep profound love for myself. Through BodyTalk and Heathers magical energy I was able to start to find the love and compassion I had been giving out to others and direct it towards at myself. This work allowed me to become more whole and has been one of the fundamental blocks to my awakening. I love Heather and would highly recommend her workshops and one-on-one sessions, she is an inspiring and motivational healer that has helped me realize anything is possible when we work towards our highest good.”
by A.C., 31

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Five years ago I heard a song.
It spoke of a man
Loving a woman so completely
That my whole heart melted.

Today I heard that song again
And knew my heart had melted for you.
Five years ago you were near -
Only my soul could feel you.

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  • pdxbella

    Wow. I have SO been hit by this one before. Heather I love your work! I ran across your article in the WW and your very savvy, tasteful responses and I am a fan! I look forward to reading more of your work!

  • admin

    Thank you for the lovely, lovely comments. I believe the song that inspired this was by The Fray.

    Do you write poetry? If so, share!

    Much love,