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“As per usual, the distance sessions with you are invigorating, depth defying, and safely exposing of myself, to myself, with space for tenderness and change to occur...Much love and light to you dear one...such a precious gift you are to my life, the lives of my family, and all the others you touch with the Truth.”
by R.R., 48

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My Love

My love From sun up until sun down Your face sits before me I dream of you, sleeping and waking It's a sure sign I'm crazy But I simply cannot help it I am in love.
  • Sheikhhasmat

    We know that health is wealth. I am a health constious person and I avoid sugar and using natvia. Natvia is a natural product which is produced from a plant called stevia and It is 300% sweeter than sugar. Natvia contains only .6 calories which is much lessnthan sugar.