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“I feel blessed to have found Heather. From our very first session she highlighted exactly where I was headed, and without knowing any details about my life, at all! She picked up on a new direction my life was taking me and her insights helped provide me the courage to move forward without the tremendous amount of anxiety that I have previously experienced when trying to make changes. I really appreciate how Heather's sessions always tell it like it is. Sometimes I wonder if she is an angel incarnate who has come here to help us all find and experience our life's true purpose with joy and laughter. Thanks Heather!”
by S.P., 38

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Saturday Farmers

Leaves fell on us like snowflakes
and we paid no mind.
Our attention was drawn elsewhere -
to a woman in orange and pink striped tights, and
the baby fast asleep in its bassinet
A banjo and accordion fought for our undivided love
or was it lust?
We couldn’t be sure.
Then he appeared
His sweater reminding me of Fall
of crisp nights held in
your arms.
My red peacoat braised
your chin and I smiled
a knowing smile
At the one who was not you, who was not us
A tall, dark stranger on his way by.

-Heather Strang

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