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“I really have gotten so much out of the Be a Money Magnet course, thank you. I have a new budget and a totally new lightness – full of play, intention, ease. You are quite gifted at what you do. From my past work as an ontological coach I appreciate and understand that my being ready and willing to do the work meeting up with your skill/talent/love created this magical experience for me and I am quite, quite, above and above and beyond grateful. I look forward to more learning from you in our mutual journey’s. So glad that you have chosen to do your life’s work and taken it on. The ripples in the water go out and on…”
by K.S., 47

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Love this Poem By Sharon Esther Lampert – You Will Too

Success in the Twenty-First Century by Sharon Esther Lampert Be Born. Become Educated. Love Your Work. Make a Meaningful Contribution to Yourself, Your Family, and Humanity. Have Sex with Someone You Love. Make Time to Read the Funnies and Laugh. Save Enough Money to Visit the Popular, Pretty, and Peaceful Places of the World. Read Great Literature, Listen to Great Music, See Great Art, See the Great Movies, Play the Fun Sports, Dance till Dawn, Taste the Great Culinary Delights of the World - Eat Slowly, Enjoy Every Bite, and Stay in Shape. Plan One Great Adventure and Stick to the Plan. Enjoy Unconditional Love from Your Perfect Pet. Be a True Friend to Yourself First, Make Love with Complete Abandon, Leave Your Money to Someone You Love - Who Loves You Back. Die in Your Sleep.