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“From a Run a Spirit-Led Biz Participant: Thank you for having a course that speaks to me directly and to who I am! Thank you for a course that forces me to challenge myself even more and come out of my comfort zone even more because anything else wouldn't hold my attention! This is certainly setting me up for a lifestyle change that is what I have struggled with for over 20 years!”
by L.P., 41

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Learn Intimate Communication in Portland, Ore.

You have to check out this incredible workshop coming up in November. I took the class in July and since then my relationship with myself, and with the man (or men) in my life has shifted to a much higher frequency. You will love it! Gilly is amazing. :) Let her know Heather sent you.

Intimate Communication – 11.11 – 11.13.2010

Whether single or in partnership, you will:
-Learn simple yet profound techniques to help guide the journey back to self.
-Improve communication skills.
-Develop tools for exploring your edges.

… so you can live in greater harmony, awareness, openness and authenticity.

WHEN: NOV 11 – 13, 2010 (9 am – 5 pm)
Multnomah Village, Portland, Oe.
COST: $450.00
TO REGISTER: or call 503-680-7020

“Our gratitude is immense…. You gave us the exact tool we needed to keep our commitment of developing a spiritual relationship on track.” – S.J.

“This workshop helped me see through the illusion of romance and open to the possibility of a deeper and more authentic love.” – E.T.

Gilly, a senior instructor in the BodyTalk System, is a gifted teacher who uses humor and compassion to facilitate deep personal work. “Intimate Communication with Self” evolved out of her own need to gain clarity in these areas of life.

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