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“Heather and her work as a BT practitioner have been instrumental in overcoming challenges related to my past hyper-thyroid condition. Heather is a healer. She is a rare individual with the power to listen. Her knowledge of her craft is made potent by what she brings to it as a person.”
by Josh, 40

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My favorite gluten-free/dairy-free breakfast: Kinnikinnick Foods

While I can't pronounce the name Kinnikinnick - I absolutely LOVE their gluten-free, dairy-free faire.  Right now, I'm in love with the following breakfast: SB&J -1 Tapioca Rice English Muffin, slice in half -2 T Sunflower Seed butter (I love Trader Joe's brand - it's the best!) -1 T organic raspberry jam Toast english muffin and top with sunflower seed butter and jam. Devour and enjoy! Happy Eating! xoHeather :)
  • Lauren Hoover

    I just wrote a post on alternative breads that are wheat or gluten, dairy and some yeast free too! Check it out and find some new faves!

  • Kathy

    Sure looks tasty. I’ve never had sunflower
    seed butter. Is it more like margarine or like peanut butter?

  • admin

    Sunflower seed butter is like peanut butter, but only better! :) Definitely check it out.

    Thanks for visiting Kathy!
    Heather :)

  • Julie

    I am so excited to have found this blog! I have lyme disease and am supposed to be grain free, dairy free and sugar free!

  • admin

    Yay! Welcome Julie. Look forward to reading your future comments. Feel free to share any of your discoveries as well.

    Happy Eating,
    Heather :)

  • Q.

    This looks AMAZING! I’m a reformed bake-a-holic just starting to experiment with gluten-free, low-sugar baking. Baking with traditional ingredients conflicted with my otherwise healthy and fit lifestyle! Look forward to reading more on your blog and getting great ideas!

  • admin


    There are sooo many great options!
    Enjoy the exploring and never hesitate to reach out if you have questions or recommendations.

    Happy eating!
    Heather :)