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“Heathers ability to listen and hear the whispers of the body's Innate Wisdom, is profound and moving. Somehow she manages to hear messages from ones own body and higher self, to help clear, heal, correct and realign the cells, memory and emotional levels of the body. I have had 3 profound and deeply moving sessions with Heather and her BodyTalk technique, and it is truly incredible. I would never had believed it without experiencing it. I can't recommend her loveliness and gifts enough!”
by J.J., 40

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NaPoWriMo Day 30: Scales

Scales The number holds power It dictates The length of the day, Chocolate chips Or shriveled raisins. The number decides A scowl in the mirror or a proud pose. It is only a number But it holds the key To withholding Or consuming. Everyday is different And one can never know Which way it will swing Will food be the enemy Or a friend? Will this obsession ever end? Only the number knows. -Heather Strang