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“The shifts that occurred only a few hours after my BodyTalk session with Heather were Inspired. We worked on clearing my attraction and repulsion to money and releasing the thought that I have to work hard to make money. We also worked with the energy of attracting money and not having to earn money - which is a huge shift for me. I awoke from my post BodyTalk nap with a whole new plan for my business that is my Soul's true expression and is fueled by a passion that I haven't felt in a while. I know that my business will expand and the money will flow. Thank you Heather.”
by J.P., 38

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NaPoWriMo Day 8: The Tea

The Tea

The tea will not keep.
It cannot, actually.
Instead it will disintegrate,
dissolve, disappear.
It can no longer bother
with indifference, rude chatter
and the isolation that only
being a sole tea bag in a huge,
boiling cup can bring.
The tea ponders its future
seeing no viable options.
It is done, it sighs
and bids the world good-bye.

-Heather Strang