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“Thanks so much again Heather for sharing your gifts! I am filled with gratitude right now that our paths have crossed and I've finally found the energy healing I was looking for.”
by S.L., 48

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NaPoWriMo Day 26: Facebook = Crack

Facebook = Crack facebook is like crack or at least, how i imagine crack would be. it is the rabbit hole of 2010 the time waster of all time wasters you cannot tear yourself from the updates the quizzes and the farm animals. facebook is a genius site invented by a 24-yr-old who is now a billionaire. jackass. facebook is crack for nerds for gossipers for those who want to know and for those desperate for a reprieve a break, two minutes to see what the ex is up to or the lovely friend whom we never have time for or that bitch from high school. facebook is crack crack for those of us who clearly need something useful to do. oh, and by "us," I mean me damn you, facebook i love you.