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“"By my third BodyTalk session I felt like I was floating on water and had entered a new world. My life had completely changed - and in ways even my friends and family could not deny. I finally felt secure, knowing I held all the power I needed within and that I did not have to carry the burden and shame from previous actions or lives. BodyTalk has profoundly impacted my life's journey!"”
by T.W., 35

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NaPoWriMo Day 24: Cascading


cascading down down down
over rivers
there is but one you
there is but one this
and isn’t it lovely?
isn’t it overwhelming?
isn’t it everything we could ever have hoped for?

cascading down down down
through shooting stars
through glorious insights
we are love
we keep returning to this place
this place that keeps our hearts attached
and our minds in the distance
it lets us remember why we are here
and what we are here for.

we are cascading
and it is the loveliest of all lovely experiences
to partake in.

-Heather Strang

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