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“After Manifest Your Dream, I feel weightless! Which feels amazing after the baggage I've been carrying and the burdens that have bogged me down. Feels so free! Like a quantum leap into the now. I feel the old stuff linger but I'm aware of it and operating from a different space to where I'm not limited. Just understanding that the change is in motion. Expecting nothing but great things. Thank you SO much for your dedication! I am empowered to have these new set of tools in my go to bag. Incredibly helpful!

I'm so looking forward to what is coming and thanks to this amazing work I'm in such an amazing place to receive with open arms!”
by M.M., 30

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NaPoWriMo Day 23: The Moon

The Moon the moon beamed so brilliantly so bright as we wandered through gardens through trees so tall they disappeared from sight through fragrant grasses and flowers the moon cradled us in its ever loving arms as we wound our way up endless paths amidst a forest of sorts our laughter could be heard for miles bellies full, hearts overflowing the moon gave us love and we, we gave it right back. -Heather Strang