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“"My bank account is so in the flow!! I am working pretty much 7 days a week (note: after only having clients 1-2 days of the week prior). Between our sessions and the session homework I am just so damned happy and fulfilled and it shows in all aspects of my life."”
by J.C., 45

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NaPoWriMo Day 22: Ode to Mother Earth

Ode to Mother Earth Smooth lines Soft touches The blossom of the cherry Floats Past windows Past lives Past a whole world Effortlessly, it glides Acting as though it knows Exactly where it belongs It lands gently, on the wet asphalt Waiting patiently for notice for its lover for another blossom The world whips by A woman on foot with a screaming child A large yellow moving truck driven by two scruffy boys A siren bellows out into the distance All the while The blossom sits Taking it all in. -Heather Strang