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“I feel stronger and into myself so much more! And I loveeee it!! I was missing from myself for such a long time!! Thank you for all the help on this journey with me!!!”
by T.K.K., 33

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NaPoWriMo Day 21: About Words

About Words

Everything, it seems, is about words
The words used, and the words unused

The intention exists to share a kind word
But, nothing comes out – fear overtakes

And so, the moment passes
He lives on never knowing how much you cared

The words fly out in a fury
In a mad, crazed reaction to a hurt

Before you know it
Only silence exists, all from feeble words

Words matter, in fact, they make all the difference
Cover yours with love

Surrender them to the magic
In love, in kindness, in wonderment

In the glory of being here, of having this experience
With all the incredible people we are so truly gifted to meet

Words, they are our power
Use them carefully, very, very carefully.

-Heather Strang

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