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“Heather and her work as a BT practitioner have been instrumental in overcoming challenges related to my past hyper-thyroid condition. Heather is a healer. She is a rare individual with the power to listen. Her knowledge of her craft is made potent by what she brings to it as a person.”
by Josh, 40

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NaPoWriMo Day 18: Alison

Alison You are the perfect girl Olive skin, blue eyes, model features From the beginning you were the one And I, I could never compare Beautiful and sweet Not obnoxious and awkward You were everything I could never be I blamed you, blamed them, but knew inside it was me What a domestic tragedy And now, 20 years have passed - look at you Olive skin, sparkling green eyes and yes, those model features Only now I see you, truly see you The loveliness of your perfection The sweetness, intelligance, radiance No more jealousy, Only honor, reverence Of the beauty, of the perfection that is you, my dear sister. -Heather Strang