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“I totally loved the last Money Magnet healing series! I honestly feel so much more clarity and I feel like myself is residing in my body again!! It's an amazing feeling.”
by T.K., 32

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NaPoWriMo Day 18: Alison


You are the perfect girl
Olive skin, blue eyes, model features

From the beginning you were the one
And I, I could never compare

Beautiful and sweet
Not obnoxious and awkward

You were everything I could never be
I blamed you, blamed them, but knew inside it was me

What a domestic tragedy
And now, 20 years have passed – look at you

Olive skin, sparkling green eyes and yes, those model features
Only now I see you, truly see you

The loveliness of your perfection
The sweetness, intelligance, radiance

No more jealousy,
Only honor, reverence

Of the beauty, of the perfection
that is you, my dear sister.

-Heather Strang

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