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“You are an absolute joy and inspiration for everyone!! Thank you for this wonderful work that you are doing. If I never listened to the recordings, I still feel it all!! Tonight we will listen but the magic has already started for both of us (after 19 years!!).”
by M.F. 50

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Cold River Potato Vodka – Great Gluten-Free Option

Drinking gluten-free can be a bit tricky. Potato vodka is a-okay (and I love it with some club soda and lime), but unfortunately, not all bars/restaurants carry it. Which is why it’s always a good idea to have some at home, so you aren’t left drinking club soda all night long.

I recently discovered Cold River Potato Vodka. It’s crystal clear and totally smooth. Watch out for their blueberry flavored vodka though – you won’t want to drink it by itself like you will the regular flavor. It’s best paired with an all natural juice or iced green tea (my favorite option). Add some lime and you’re good to go!

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