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“I have been working with Heather for the past several months on opening myself up to finding my Beloved. I met a new guy and we went on a 10 hour first date! This has never happened to me before and I felt so relaxed and comfortable, open and connected. I could remain grounded in my own body, stay present (and not move into crazy mind chatter), and yet connect in a fun and flirtatious way with this new man. I am feeling the release of old layers of fear around being hurt in relationship and the need to protect myself falling away. Who knows where this new connection will lead but being able to connect in this way and follow my heart and my inner knowing is POWERFUL!”
by L.D., 36

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Anatomy of the Heart Featured in Oregon Bookstores

Anatomy of the Heart: Love Poems was a true work of my heart. It feels pretty amazing to have it out in the world right now!

I've received incredible responses from readers across all demographics - from a 27-year-old editor who's heart ached when reading The Weekend to a 40ish writer who spent an evening reading my poetry out loud with his girlfriend and a good bottle of wine. Thank you for all the lovely words - it still blows me away when I hear people are reading (and enjoying) my work!

I thought you should also know that Anatomy of the Heart: Love Poems is available at two bookstores right now - in addition to being featured on Amazon, and

Pick up your copy of Anatomy of the Heart at:

Godfather's Books in Astoria, Ore.
New Renaissance in Portland, Ore.

Soon to be featured (as of Aug. 20th) in:
Tea Party Bookshop in Salem, Ore.

Oh, and check out this lovely post from coach (and upcoming author of Oh, Shift! Jennifer Powers).

Spread the love!
Order your copy today and pass it along.

Much love & Happy Writing,
xoHeather :)