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“Heather told me that Body Talk would be a game changer and I couldn't agree more. Body Talk opened my eyes to belief systems that were destructive to my inner peace and relationships. I am more calm and am better at controlling my anxiety than ever before, and I definitely attribute this to my Body Talk experience. Heather has been so supportive and always welcomes my reaching out with open arms, reassurance and good advice. I feel very fortunate to have found her and Body Talk.”
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NaPoWriMo – Day 30 – Wouldn’t Publish! 2nd Try

I tried to get this to publish all day yesterday and today. Sorry folks! But here's the anti-climatic last poem for National Poetry Month. xo

Sleep No More

4:30am on a
Thursday morning.
Sound asleep
A scratch on
My arm.
A nightmare
flits through my
I fling it across the room
Suddenly awake,



No more sleep
for me.
planning my return to
Where there are no

© 2009 Heather Strang
All rights reserved.

Today marks the end of NaPoWriMo. :(
I can't believe I wrote a poem, almost every day of the month. Almost.
It was fun, although challenging and I think I actually wrote some good ones.

I'm going back to my regular one week blog schedule to write about my journey in the tropics (which as you can see from above, took a dramatic turn for the worse), my writing and anything else that is on my mind.

I'm such an Oregon girl. Damn!

Much love,
Heather :)
  • Courtney

    Was this poem a true life account? Cockroach on your arm for real?

  • HStrang

    Yes! This is totally true. Scared me half to death and literally I was ready to go back to Oregon. I’ve heard other stories from people here about them waking up and having a cockroach on their face!!! That just doesn’t work for me. I don’t do bugs. The exterminator came out again – they spray every 2 months, I told them it has to be every month as long as I live here. :)