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“BodyTalk with Heather has been one of the most important and life-changing steps I have taken to live my greatest and fullest life and to heal my body. Heather has a wonderful and accepting presence, and sharing BodyTalk with her seems to unlock unhealthy aspects of my thinking that I did not even know were there and that were causing disharmony in my body. I noticed a drastic positive change after only one session! Through the BodyTalk process, my life seems to be falling perfectly and effortlessly into place, and I am now the most healthy, confident, and peaceful that I can ever remember being – thank you to Heather!”
by S.N., 38

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Featured Recipe of the Week for National Foundation for Celiac Awareness

My Vegetarian, Wheat-free & Dairy-free recipe made it as Recipe of the Week for the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness.


Check it out here.

Happy Eating!
Heather :)

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