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“Wow. And first of all - THANK YOU! Everything that came up in my distance session were things that I had been thinking about or had shown up in the past week!!! The fact that you had no conscious awareness of this and that it all came out in the session and resulted in healing - is incredible. I'm in complete awe of how quickly things shift with BodyTalk. WOW. Thank you!!! I can't say that enough - I am deeply grateful.”
by S.N., 38

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NaPoWriMo – Day 5 – Island Days

Island Days

Hits my
and forehead
Birds chirp
and roosters scream
The water
in the pool
is cool against my
I yawn
while palm trees
Singing me a
private song
The plumeria trees
whisper their secrets
And the hybiscus
blush with embarrassment
I step in deeper
The water tickles my
Now I'm swaying
with the palm trees
Mimicking their dance
As I become one
with the island.

-Heather Strang
© 2009