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“Heather Strang is a compassionate and committed BodyTalk Practitioner who has patience with clients even when they are going through a healing crisis. She maintains firm boundaries and has the ability to not become engaged in someone's drama so that she can support them through it. Heather's sessions have accessed areas of my energetic body that were blocked and constricted which sped up the flow in my life. I had difficulty letting old hurts go but thanks to Heather these old emotions resolved. Since I am in California I work with Heather by distance and see a practitioner in my city for in person sessions. The balance is great in terms of healing. I highly recommend Heather because she strengthens your trust in yourself. Which is what healing with integrity is supposed to do.”
by M.E., 29

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NaPoWriMo – Day 22 – Make-Up Poetry

I wanted to give everyone plenty of time to read the beautiful interview (and poem) from the lovely Sage Cohen. And guess what? I turned in my first book – of poetry – to the publisher last week. Sage actually inspired me – she encouraged me to trust myself, my voice and to believe that modern day poets are absolutely relevant in today’s world. Thanks Sage!

Onto the poetry…


Whispers echo across the cliff
I turn with a start
And the ocean breaks ferociously
The red rock crumbles softly

My eyes close effortlessly
But then, the thoughts come
Fast and furious with fears
And hopes and dreams

Voices carry me through the fear
Into the quiet and deeper still
Suddenly, it stops
The ocean, rock and whispers on pause

I feel the universe shift
Shivers cover my body
And images flash before me
We go deeper still

Fear is gone
Peace is its replacement
I know what to do
I know exactly what to do.

I open my eyes.



In a group full of strangers
We all tell our sad, sad stories
We cry
And comfort one another.

I am not shaking.
I am watching them.
Careful to not be exposed
Careful so they do not see
the resonance within me.
It is my turn to talk and my voice
Cracks and breaks.
I will not cry
I will myself to stop the tears
I am not ashamed
I tell myself, but my face tells another
Sipping my tea
Hands cupped around it
As though it were my last hope,
I lie.
I say that I am fine.

We all know I am not.
Shaking our heads in silent
We continue on.

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