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“From a healing series/course participant: What I keep realizing is that I just love this community of loving and supportive people. I look at these FB profiles, photos, and posts and feel so welcomed, inspired, energized, connected, and uplifted from you all. I sink into the comfort of belonging. I feel that my next (scary) step will be held by all of you with love and articulate support and wisdom. I want you all over to my place!”
by M.H.,54

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NaPoWriMo – Day 12 – Where I Come From

Where I Come From

That’s where I come from.
Top Ramen
Kraft Mac-n-cheese
Hostess Suzie Q’s
That’s where I come from.
Small town
Big trucks
Little ambition
That’s where I come from.
Bonfires at the beach
Camping by the river
Slices of Main Street Pizza
That’s where I come from.
Spiral perms
Leg warmers
Aqua blue scrunchies
There is no end to where I come from.

© 2009 Heather Strang
All rights reserved.

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  • Barrett

    oh my god, I love it. Thanks HS, this made my day.

  • Barrett

    ps. Thank you for writing — I enjoy reading your work!

  • HStrang

    Thank you for the shout-out! I’m not sure this made sense to anyone unless they ware from T-town. But, it was fun to write.

    Thanks for reading!