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“Re: Distance Sessions: I love the MP3 format! I can listen and take notes and focus on everything that came out of the session. Thank you!”
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Gluten-Free Easter Breakfast

If you prefer to prepare your own Easter Sunday breakfast, there’s a great healthy option for you to try – gluten-free waffles with fresh fruit. It’s rich, decadent and totally healthy. Even better, it’s simple to create!

Here’s the scoop:

-Use Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Pancake mix.

-Be sure to use organic/vegetarian fed eggs.

-Try unsweetened almond milk as a healthy milk option. I love Blue Diamond Natural.

-Add organic frozen blueberries (like Cascadian Farm) or fresh strawberries. You can add these to the mix, or serve on the side.

-Slather with Smart Balance butter and organic maple syrup.

-Serve wit herbal tea – peppermint is a fantastic option.

Happy Easter & Happy Eating!

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